Piridoxine injections: instructions for use, reviews

How to use and how can I replace the drug "Pyridoxine"?Instructions for use, analogues and its indications will be presented later. Also, you will learn about the general characteristics of this drug, its contraindications and unwanted reactions. injections pyridoxine

Components of the preparation and its form of release

Piridoxine injections, instructions for use in a pack of paper, go on sale in glass ampoules. The active ingredient of this solution is pyridoxine hydrochloride. Also in the composition of the injection drug is an additional substance, such as water d / u.

We can not say that the drug in question can be purchased in the form of tablets( in banks of 50 pieces).

Main characteristics of

What is the drug "Pyridoxine-Vial"?Instructions for use( injections should be prescribed only by a doctor) states that this is a preparation that replenishes the vitamin B6 deficiency in the body.

It is not a secret for anyone that this element is an indispensable participant in all metabolic processes in the human body. He supports and normalizes the activities of the National Assembly.

The phosphorylated form of this drug is a coenzyme of a huge number of enzymes that affect the non-oxidative exchange of amino acids( including reamination and decarboxylation).pyridoxine injection instruction

How do «Pyridoxine» injections work? Instructions for use asserts that vitamin B6 affects the metabolic processes of cysteine, tryptophan and methionine, as well as glutamic and other amino acids. In addition, it is extremely important for histamine metabolism and normalization of fat.

Kinetic properties of

How is pyridoxine hydrochloride distributed in the human body? Instructions for use( injections are most often prescribed for intramuscular administration) states that after getting this substance into the human body, it is immediately metabolized in the liver. As a result, such pharmacologically active derivatives as pyridoxamino phosphate and pyridoxal phosphate are formed. These components are distributed mainly in muscle tissues, as well as in the nervous system and liver.

Specialists note that this drug is able to penetrate into the mother's milk and through the placenta. It is excreted through the kidneys and along with the bile.

pyridoxine instructions for use

Indications for the administration of the solution

In what cases do patients get injections of "Pyridoxine"?Instruction for use informs that this remedy is actively used for the prevention and treatment of vitamin B6 deficiency with:

  • B6-hypovitaminosis, sideroblastic anemia, toxicosis in pregnant women;
  • diabetes mellitus, leukopenia, dermatitis;
  • diseases of the nervous system, herpes zoster, neurodermatitis;
  • for airborne and seasickness, exudative diathesis;
  • atherosclerosis, psoriasis and other conditions.

Contraindications to the administration of the solution

In what cases can not do injections of "Pyridoxine"?Instructions for use do not contain a large list of contraindications. However, it should be noted that it says that this medication is forbidden to use for those patients who show high sensitivity to vitamin B6, and also it is intolerant.

Preparation "Pyridoxine": instruction on the use of

The injections, which we will discuss about a little later, should be put only after consulting a specialist.

As a rule, vitamins are recommended to be used in a daily dose equal to 50-150 mg. It should also be noted that this drug can be administered not only intramuscularly, but also subcutaneously, intravenously. pyridoxine hydrochloride

The duration of therapy with vitamin B6 is determined by the severity of the disease and the type of disorder.

With the preventive purpose this agent is prescribed in an amount of 40 mg per day.

How should I take the oral drug "Pyridoxine"?Instructions for use( injections and tablets have the same indication) states that such a remedy is also used to treat hypovitaminosis. Adult patients are appointed at a dose of 80 mg four times a day.

Side effects after drug application

In most cases, the drug "Pyridoxine" is tolerated by patients very well. In some cases, vitamin B6 can cause allergic reactions, and also contribute to hypersecretion of hydrochloric acid.

Interaction, overdose

In the medical practice of cases of overdose this agent has not been established.

Parallel use of this drug with "Cycloserine", "Isoniazid" and "Penicillamine" may reduce its effectiveness.

The incompatibility( pharmaceutical) of vitamin B6 with B12 and B1 was noted.

This drug significantly reduces the antiparkinsonian activity of the drug "Levodopa".pyridoxine vial instructions for use

The combination of this agent with hormonal contraceptives can increase the concentration of pyridoxine in the plasma.

The use of "pyridoxine" with phenobarbital and phenytoin reduces the concentration of these elements in the blood.

Special Information

With special care, the medication in question is used in IHD, as well as in the ulcer of the digestive tract.

In severe liver disorders, vitamin B6 in high dosages can cause deterioration in its function.

Similar tools

How can I replace the drug "Pyridoxine"?Instructions for use( injections often replace the tablet form of this remedy) does not answer this question. Therefore, in the selection of analogues, one should consult a doctor.

Pyridoxine is a vitamin B6.It is included in a variety of combined agents, including such as "Magne B6", "Hepasteril-A", "Pernexin Elixir", "Essentiale", "Gepasteril-B" and "Lipostabil."It should also be noted that the analogues of this drug are: "Pyridobene", "Vitamin B6", "Becilan", "Adermin", "Pirivitol", "Benadon", "Bedoxin", "Hexabetaline", "Hexavibex", "Hexabion"and others. pyridoxine instruction manual


Reviews about this tool are mostly positive. Specialists note that the drug under consideration is often prescribed to patients in the course of complex treatment of various disorders, including hypovitaminosis B6, diabetes mellitus, leukopenia, atherosclerosis and so on. In most cases, "Pyridoxine" significantly improves the therapeutic effect of other medicines, and also speeds up the recovery process of the patient.

As for the patients, they are also satisfied with the results of the treatment. Among the many positive reports, there are also those who talk about the development of negative effects( for example, increased acidity of gastric contents, which causes severe pain in people with gastritis).