"DiDerm"( foot cream): instructions, reviews

Which ointment for the feet is the best? The answer to this question you will find below. Also we will tell you about what this means is needed for, how it should be applied, and how much it costs. diaderm cream

Composition, packing

"DiDerm" is a cream that can contain completely different components. The active substance of this agent is zinc oxide. However, some of its types may contain the following ingredients: propylene glycol, water, isopropyl palmitate, allantoin, castor oil, glycerin, urea, vitamin A, beeswax, vitamin E, carbamide, vitamin F, magnesium sulfate, sage oil, marigold phytoconcentrates, mintand castor oil.

This composition is a character for an emollient. It should be noted that the regenerating cream includes completely different elements: water, propylene glycol, cetearyl alcohol, castor oil, glyceryl stearate, beeswax, glycerin, lanolin, cyclopentasiloxane, larch resin, dimethiconol, badana extract, vinylpyrrolidone, sea buckthorn oil,triisononanone, cocoa butter, stearyl dimethicone, hips extract, ceteareth-20, sage extract, tocopherol, retinol and others.

In the sale of such funds come in tubes of aluminum, which are placed in cardboard packs.

Types and properties of

"DiDerm" is a cream that is produced in different types. Depending on its purpose, its composition also changes. Let's consider the main properties of this tool right now. ointment for feet

Protective preparation

Ointment for the feet of this species includes a fungicidal component such as diethanolamidouldecylenic acid. It has a detrimental effect on the pathogens of fungal diseases. Also, the antibacterial complex of this product( essential oils of lemon, tea tree and mint) shows pronounced antimicrobial and regenerating properties, promotes the rapid healing of microtrauma on the skin and prevents the attachment of bacterial infections.

The water-retaining components of this drug( glycerin and urea) soften the upper stratum corneum well, reduce hyperkeratosis and prevent its formation.

The metabolic ingredients of the cream( that is vitamins E and A) normalize the metabolic processes in the veils and accelerate their regeneration.

Softening Cream

"DiDerm" is an emollient cream that contains moisture retention ingredients( urea, allantoin and glycerin) that help reduce hyperkeratosis and prevent its formation. regenerating cream

The lipid-containing complex of this preparation( coconut and sunflower oil, avocado oil) delivers all the missing fats to the skin, and also prevents excessive loss of moisture. Antibacterial ingredients of the cream( camphor, sage oil and farnesol) protect the skin from bacterial infection, metabolic components( vitamins E, A and F) significantly improve metabolism and epithelization, and the regenerating complex( sage oil, phlegoconcentrates of castor oil, marigold and mint) contributes to the speedyhealing of tissues.

Regenerating Cream

The hemostatic complex of this drug( balm extract and sage oil) has a pronounced astringent and anti-inflammatory effect, and also helps to slow the capillary bleeding.

The film-forming components of the medicine( wax and larch resin) "seal" the wound and protect it from contamination.

Antibacterial ingredients( balm extract and sage nutmeg) protect the wound from bacterial infection, regenerating( allantoin, sea buckthorn oil, vitamin C complex, E and A) - effectively improve the processes of skin repair, and pain relievers( mint oil) - eliminate pain in placesdamage. diaderma instruction

Intensive Cream for lower extremities

DiDerm is a foot cream that includes a complex of urea and lactic acid, softening rough skin, eliminating dry calluses, and areas with thickening of the skin. Its metabolic ingredients( vitamins E, A and F) contribute to the improvement of epithelialization processes and metabolic processes. This water-retaining element, like urea, in combination with oils( avocado, olive, jojoba) softens well, and also provides an increased level of hydration of the skin of the legs for a long time.

Cream-talc intended for skin prone to chafing

This cream contains an antibacterial complex( tea tree oil and zinc oxide), which provides drying and bactericidal action. Restoring ingredients of this product( essential oil of lemon and allantoin) contribute to the normalization of the protective function of the skin, and painkillers( menthol) - noticeably soothe the inflamed or rubbed skin, giving it a feeling of coolness.

Diaderm Cream: instructions for using

Depending on the type, the drug in question can be used in different ways:

  • Regenerating ointment is used as needed. A small amount of the drug is applied to the sites of microdamages, and then slightly triturated.
  • Protective cream with light massage movements must be applied to the previously cleaned surface of the feet. Do this every day, after waking.
  • Cream "Intensive" for the feet apply every day, as needed. It is applied to clean skin with light massage movements until completely absorbed.
  • Softening cream is used daily in the morning and in the evening. It is applied to the clean skin of the legs, and then rubbed until completely absorbed.
  • Cream-talc intended for the skin, which is prone to diaper rash, is applied to clean skin in the mornings and during the day as needed.

Consumer reviews and cost

How much does Diaderm Foot Cream cost? The price of this drug may depend on its type. As a rule, it varies within the limits of 80-150 rubles. diaderm

According to consumer reviews, all types of this product for outdoor use completely cope with the task. Due to its natural composition, it practically does not cause side effects. Also, he has no contraindications to use, except for the patient's hypersensitivity.