How often can I go to the sauna after a workout? How often should I go to the sauna?

How often can I go to the sauna? For sure, this question interests all those who consider themselves a newcomer in the "bath" business.

In our country, the tradition of walking "to bathe" has appeared for a very long time - everyone knows the Russian bath.

However, in modern conditions, citizens prefer to visit the sauna - this is not only a great way to relax, have a good time, but also to regain strength after a hard day's work. In addition, the Finnish sauna helps the fairer sex to preserve beauty and health. The popularity of this type of rest not only does not fade, but also grows steadily, in view of the fact that our body is tempered, and the work of the vital systems of the organism is put in order. In this connection, the question of how often one can go to a sauna becomes doubly relevant. It's no secret that water procedures - showers, baths, baths, baths, baths, are considered to be the most effective hygienic means in the care of the body.

They allow us to relax and relieve fatigue. After the third visit to the sauna, a person's tone rises, cheerfulness appears, the immune system strengthens, he becomes more resistant to changes in atmospheric pressure and temperatures. Moreover, staying in the steam room helps to reduce the risk of cold, infectious and rheumatic diseases.

It would seem that the question of how often it is possible to go to the sauna is not worth a damn and eggs - visit a Finnish sauna, how much you want. However, it conceals the pitfalls, so it requires more detailed consideration.

Is it possible to go to the sauna daily

? Of course, it is possible to steam bath in a sauna for at least every day, and in countries where this tradition is highly developed, that's exactly what they do.

However, it should be emphasized that in reality only those who have no health problems can use this pro-regress. If, for example, you suffer from disorders of the cardiovascular system, then hikes in the Finnish bath should be limited or discarded altogether. In any case, such people should consult their doctor about the possibility of going to steam.

And yet, how often can I go to the bath? Experts say that regular water procedures with a frequency of once a week( Saturday or Sunday) will ensure proper hygienic care for the body and relieve the fatigue that was accumulated during the week.

Recommendations for athletes

Physicians have long proven the benefits of bath procedures for people involved in sports. First, they contribute to tempering the body and restore strength. Secondly, by means of water procedures, athletes become more adapted to the surrounding conditions, in particular to low and high temperatures.

Thirdly, they are less susceptible to diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Fourth, staying in a sauna has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system of athletes. Fifth, water procedures normalize the mental state of persons who experience physical stress.

With all this said, it is interesting to ask how often you can go to the sauna after training?

It should be emphasized that immediately after a serious load( the phase of rapid recovery) stay in the sauna should be moderate.

When an athlete accepts water procedures

It is very important to remember that the regime of visiting a sauna largely depends on the specifics of the training periods. If we talk about the preparatory stage, it is optimal to steam 2-3 times a week after training. In normal times, a sportsman should not go to the bath more than once a week - the best time for this is Saturday or Sunday. Immediately before the start of the championship in the bath go 2 times a week.

In the transitional period of the training cycle, experts recommend to steam not more often and at least 3 times a week.

Athletes who do not experience serious loads and who have long intervals between training sessions, go to the sauna 1-2 times a week.

Some athletes, in particular boxers, when going to sauna, should remember the restrictions: you can not sweat earlier than a day after the competition, otherwise there is a high risk of internal hemorrhages.

Take water procedures best in the evening 1.5-2 hours before bedtime.

Athletes should not abuse bathing procedures, as it threatens to reduce body weight and dehydrate the body. It is also forbidden to go to the sauna directly after a plentiful meal. Only an hour after that you can safely go to the therma. An empty stomach to take water procedures is also not recommended.

Water procedures after fitness

A huge number of people are worried about how often it is possible to go to the sauna after fitness?

It should be remembered one thing: after physical exercises water procedures are permissible in a sparing mode. It is not recommended to resort to them immediately after the end of classes - let the body rest after a load( about 1-1.5 hours).

In certain cases, the trip to the Finnish bath is delayed not for an hour and a half, but for the whole day - everything depends on the person's well-being. If you practice fitness 2 times a week, then 1.5 hours after exercise, it is recommended to steam in the sauna.

Sauna for the stronger sex

Many representatives of the stronger sex, not indifferent to the "bath" business, also worried about how often it is possible to go to the sauna for a man? Again, everything depends on the health of this or that person. Scientists as a result of research concluded that too frequent trips to the sauna negatively affect the reproductive function of men.

All the fault is high air temperature, which does not allow to survive sperm with frequent and long-term stay in the steam room. It is also not recommended to go to the bath to those who are being treated for infertility. And yet, how often should you go to the sauna to the stronger sex? Experts say that the best option is once every three weeks.

Turkish bath

Russians with great pleasure go not only to the Finnish, but also the Turkish bath. The latter, by the way, is known for its curative effect: it heals both the body and the soul of a person. If you suffer from insomnia, your muscles ache, you experience a headache, then a Turkish bath is the best cure for these ailments. However, remember the contraindications: the Turkish bath is not recommended for cardiovascular, oncological diseases, inflammatory processes and pregnancy.

Do not know how often you can go to the sauna and hamam? Listen to your body - only he can give an answer, with what regularity you need to heal the soul and body.