Methylprednisolone Aceponate: preparations, trade name, instructions for use, analogues

Severe forms of chronically occuring dermatoses require complex treatment. And one of the methods of therapy is the appointment of external hormonal drugs. They are shown in the case when the patient has a strong inflammation that does not pass through the itch, and the usual drugs do not help. Many now have a negative attitude to hormonal drugs, but there are also such drugs that do not have their negative properties. For example, methylprednisolone aceponate. Drugs based on it are much more effective than the previously popular hydrocortisone, but are safer for health.

Characteristics of methylprednisolone aceponate

At the current stage of development of medical science, there are no more effective drugs than glucocorticosteroids. But most of them have many side effects. Against the background of other hormonal drugs methylprednisolone aceponate has many advantages:

  • has high efficiency and quickly removes inflammation;
  • does not contain chlorine and fluorine, so it rarely provokes side effects;
  • its action lasts for 24 hours, therefore only one application is enough;
  • has a variety of release forms for ease of use at different stages of the disease;
  • is convenient in application: it does not smell, does not spoil clothes;
  • is safe at any age, as it is almost not absorbed into the blood.

methylprednisolone aceponate preparations Therefore, now one of the most popular glucocorticosteroids for external use has become methylprednisolone aceponate. Its trade name can be repeated by the main active substance, but the "Advantan" ointment on its basis is most often used.

Its useful properties

This steroid hormone preparation does not contain halogens, which cause most of the side effects. Due to the special structure of the active substance, it does not penetrate into the blood, but acts directly in the focus of inflammation. When applied to the skin of methylprednisolone aceponate, the following effects are observed:

  • decreases the production of prostaglandins and other mediators of the inflammatory process;
  • is itching and burning;
  • pain decreases;
  • reduces edema and redness of tissues;
  • decreases the formation of collagen;
  • decreases capillary permeability;
  • normalizes the composition of the blood: the number of lymphocytes and eosinophils decreases.

When such drugs are prescribed

Like other hormones, only with severe forms of inflammation is used methylprednisolone aceponate. Ointment and other forms of the drug are prescribed under such conditions:

  • various types of eczema: bacterial, professional or nursery;
  • atopic dermatitis;
  • neurodermatitis;
  • seborrhea;
  • allergic or contact dermatitis;
  • psoriasis;
  • solar and chemical burns.

methylprednisolone aceponate ointment

In addition, methylprednisolone aceponate is used after endoprosthetics, implant placement and organ transplantation. He helps their engraftment, suppressing the body's immune response to foreign tissue.

Forms of preparations based on methylprednisolone aceponate

Another advantage of preparations based on this substance is that they are produced in different forms. This increases their effectiveness.

  • For dermatitis with dry and flaky skin, ointment with a high fat content is used. It does not contain water at all and is effective for the treatment of long-term chronic diseases.
  • If the inflammation does not change the moisture of the skin, use the usual ointment "Methylprednisolone aceponate" 0.1%.It not only eliminates inflammation, but also effectively moisturizes the skin.
  • The preparation is applied as an emulsion under the dressing. This form is convenient for sunburn, atopic dermatitis. It is the emulsion that is most often used in the treatment of children. methylprednisolone aceponate instructions for use
  • With mocclosing eczema and severe inflammatory processes, Methylprednisolone Aceponate is used - a cream with a low fat content. It can also be used on the scalp.

Where is Methylprednisolone Aceponate

Drugs based on this substance are known to dermatologists, but not all patients are familiar with them. Among cheaper agents, an ointment with the same name or called "Aceponate of methylprednisolone" can be noted. It costs about 60 rubles. A cream based on this substance - Depo-Medrol can be purchased for 80 rubles. In addition to the anti-inflammatory effect, this drug affects the metabolism and improves the condition of bone tissue. There is still ointment "Komfoderm".It costs an average of about 300 rubles. But the most popular ointment is "Advantan".It is more effective than other glucocorticosteroids and rarely causes allergic reactions. Although it costs more than 400 rubles, many prefer to choose it for treatment.

Methylprednisolone Aceponate: Instruction for use

Use preparations based on this substance only if prescribed by a physician. Do not exceed the indicated dosage and frequency of ointment application. To prevent the occurrence of side effects, you can not use the drug on large surfaces of the skin( more than 50%) and next to the mucous membranes. methylprednisolone aceponate cream

Rules for the use of "Advantan" and similar preparations do not depend on the form of release. Apply ointment or cream a thin layer on the affected skin 1 time per day. It is possible to use it under a bandage. Duration of treatment should be observed: children older than 4 months - not more than 30 days, and adults - 3 months.

Side effects of

This unique preparation, unlike other hormonal agents, very rarely causes negative reactions. It does not penetrate into the blood and does not accumulate in the tissues. Therefore, when applying ointments based on it, there is no change in the level of cortisol and skin atrophy does not develop. But in some cases, with prolonged use or overdose, there are possible side effects:

  • burning sensation on the skin;
  • appearance of rash and acne;
  • allergic reaction;
  • depigmentation of skin areas;
  • in rare cases, atrophy of the skin, erythema, hypertrichosis or folliculitis;
  • in case of eye contact or frequent application to the area near them, glaucoma may develop.

Contraindications to the use of such tools

Not all patients can use drugs based on methylprednisolone aceponate. In pregnancy, he is appointed with great care, only if it is impossible to cope with the disease without it. If the inflammatory process is caused by bacteria or fungi, then methylprednisolone aceponate can be used only in combination with antibiotics or mycotic drugs.

methylprednisolone aceponate

And hormonal treatment is contraindicated in such diseases:

  • viral infections;
  • of an allergic reaction after vaccination;
  • tuberculosis, syphilis and other serious illnesses;
  • chicken pox, lichen and herpes;
  • if there are rosacea on the body or rosacea;
  • of individual intolerance;
  • for children under 4 months.

Errors when using methylprenisolone aceponate

These modern hormonal drugs are different from those used previously for their safety. They do not contain chlorine and fluorine, so they can be prescribed even to small children and applied on the face. Because of this, many physicians consider the means based on methylprednisolone aceponate to be weak and prefer them to others. In fact, the effectiveness of "Advantanus" and similar preparations is proved clinically. Some dermatologists and patients make other mistakes when using methylprednisolone aceponate in treatment.

methylprednisolone aceponate trade name

  • It is recommended to apply it during the remission period for prophylaxis. But this drug is active only with inflammation, on healthy skin it is useless.
  • Many believe that with repeated application of the cream will increase its effectiveness. However, methylprednisolone aceponate accumulates in the tissues, and its effect lasts 24 hours.
  • To increase effectiveness, some doctors together with these drugs prescribe antibiotics. But methylprednisolone aceponate due to the unique composition itself has bactericidal properties. Antibacterial drugs are needed only if the disease is caused by microorganisms.
  • Sometimes patients who are afraid of side effects, dilute the drug with neutral ointments. But this can lead to a change in the pharmacological properties of the drug and to a decrease in its effectiveness.

Methylprednisolone Aceponate:

analogs Despite the benefits of a drug based on this substance and its high efficacy, not everyone can use it for treatment. Even if the patient does not have individual intolerance to methylprednisolone aceponate and contraindications to its use, the price of ointment for many is very high: "Advantan" costs 450-500 rubles. Therefore, some ask the doctor to recommend a cheaper drug that has a similar effect.

methylprednisolone aceponate analogues

There are several such funds: "Sterocort", "Metipred", "Medrol", "Urbazon" and others. But we must remember that they are not all as effective as, say, Advantan. A similar effect has drugs based on betamethasone. These ointments are Betasalik, Diprospan, Celeston, Triderm and others. If these drugs are intolerant, you can use "Flucinar", which costs about 200 rubles, or "Acriderm" - about 120 rubles.

All hormone preparations can be used only as directed by a physician. Even if they do not have side effects, like "Advantan", the usual acne or skin irritation is best anointed with a safer means.