The toe is itching: possible causes and characteristics of the treatment

In most cases, we go to doctors only when the situation becomes serious, or a sick leave sheet is required. For some small reasons, I do not want to get out of work, and there is no time, especially if it does not hurt, but just a finger on my leg itches. However, time passes, the itching becomes unbearable, and we have to look for the reasons.

the toe is itching

What's going on? Why can my fingers be itchy? Can I do it on my own, or do I have to write to a doctor? Let's try to understand.

The most common causes of the itch of the toes

The right palm itches to the money, and the feet itch to the long road. And whether this road will be profitable depends on which leg is itching - left or right. If everything was so simple, there would be no problems. Unfortunately, itching on the feet, and especially between the toes indicates that there are problems that have nothing to do with the signs.

What does the body signal if all or at least one finger on the leg itches? Here is a short list of possible causes of this unpleasant itch:

  • fungal diseases;
  • scabies mite;
  • allergy;
  • neurological reaction;
  • consequences of injury.

toes are itching to heal

It is also worth noting that itching is a debilitating phenomenon that spoils the mood, increases nervousness, prevents concentration. Before treatment, it is necessary to find out the diagnosis, and for this it is desirable to apply first of all to a dermatologist. It is this specialist who will check you on the first three items from the list.

Fungal diseases

If on the feet, toes and especially between the fingers you feel itching and burning, the skin seems reddened, and the nails look like something unhealthy, then with a high degree of probability this is a fungal disease. It is very simple to catch a bad one - just enough to put on other people's shoes at a party, walk around with no shoes in the shower room at the gym or pool. Wherever the leg of the infected person has theoretically visited, you can populate the uninvited "lodgers" with yourself. And now the toes are itching. To treat it is necessary, since mycoses do not pass by themselves!

the bubbles on the toes are itchy

A dermatologist will diagnose and prescribe a treatment. Antifungal drugs are usually prescribed in a form convenient for application: spray or cream. In addition, in the treatment of persistent mycoses prescribed tablets, which must be taken simultaneously with local treatment.

The defeat of the itch mite

Symptoms of hitting the scabies at first glance are similar to a fungal infection: itching, redness of the skin. The tick is so small that the places of bites are not striking, and the sensations are really similar. However, when the tick is injured, the toes are strongly itchy, and then the bites become inflamed. In addition, as an allergy reaction, seriously complicating the situation, can begin.

Infection with an itch mite occurs in the same way as in a fungal infection - as a result of contact with infected surfaces. For diagnosis, the doctor will take a scraping of the skin, but in most cases the diagnosis is made by indirect evidence. Correctly prescribed treatment helps literally within a few days.


An allergic reaction can begin as an aggravating circumstance in mycosis, mite infection, or manifest in response to the presence of external allergens. Anything can provoke a reaction - new shoes, synthetic socks, badly rinsed laundry detergent.

itches the thumb on the right leg

An allergic reaction can manifest as urticaria, when redness and blisters on the toes are itchy and itchy. However, this condition can easily pass into eczema, which results in the appearance of wet red areas between the fingers. Antihistamines can alleviate the situation, but the best option is to eliminate the source of allergies. To do this, you can contact an allergist or try to eliminate the source by exclusion: change the washing powder, go to socks made of cotton.

Neurological itching

If the dermatologist excludes all three of the reasons listed above, the root of the problem may lie in neurology. For example, if the entire foot does not itch for no apparent reason, but the thumb is scratched on the right leg, and only it. If there were no injuries, the reason may be a neurological reaction caused by uncomfortable shoes, hypothermia, the initial stage of arthritis.

If one single finger on the leg itches and itches, while you are convinced that none of the above problems have anything to do with you, it may be worthwhile to go to a trauma doctor, because neurological reactions may also be a consequence of trauma.

Consequences of injury

Not all injuries are marked by a pronounced pain syndrome, sometimes the pain seems to masquerade as banal itching. If you see that the red finger on the leg itches, then we can assume such a microtrauma as an insect bite, a prick of a poisonous plant, or a banal splinter. Localized redness and edema do not allow examining the site of the injection or bite, and not every person is able to bring the foot to the face so closely that the problem should be studied properly.

why the toes are toked

The rubbing, puffiness, ingrown corner of the nail may not hurt, but the toe is itching and as if aching, and when examined there are no bruises or bright reddening. Perhaps, the inflammation has a somewhat blurred character, and the whole foot flushes slightly. Be sure to go to the doctor. Finally, itching can and healing fracture, microcrack. To start such damage is not worth it, because you can imperceptibly aggravate the situation.

If everything is in order, but the itch does not pass

You have visited the doctors, made sure that everything is in order, but the unpleasant sensations still torment you? This also happens. Why do you scratch your toes and how do you get rid of it?

It is possible that this is a reaction to sweat. Relief brings warm baths with decoction of the bark of oak. Tannins help reduce sweating, an unpleasant odor of sweat disappears, itching is removed. Well run the tub with oatmeal - a couple of spoons of oatmeal flakes should be ground in a coffee grinder, boil with boiling water and diluted with warm water of a comfortable temperature. Oat flour covers the skin with a very delicate layer of soft powder, soothes almost any skin inflammation.

the toes are very itchy

It is possible that itching is a secondary symptom of nervous tension. Observe yourself, these sensations, as a rule, have a wandering character. Today only the elbow is itchy, tomorrow - the toes, the day after tomorrow the knee can scratch. Phytotea from soothing herbs and, if possible, elimination of irritating factors, sometimes create real miracles.

Complex beneficial effects of sea salt for foot baths have already been noted by numerous specialists. If you can go to the sea - fine. An additional health effect is also the micromassage, if you walk along the sand and small pebbles barefoot in the surf band. If there is no such possibility, you can simply buy sea salt, preferably without flavoring agents and dyes, dilute in warm water and make a foot bath. Be attentive to yourself, just because the body will not signal, and everything has its own reason.