Endoecology of health - what is it

Everyone knows that ecology is the science of the interaction of organisms among themselves and the environment. In everyday perception, it is almost always associated with environmental pollution. The term "endoecology" has recently appeared. This concept also has to do with pollution. But what exactly it means and what it relates to, find out in the article.

endoecology of health

Endoecology of health

First of all, we will understand what the term means."Endos" is translated from Greek, as "inside", and "eco" - the house. Consequently, "endoecology" literally means "inside the house".Endoecology of health is a complete inner life of our organism at the cellular level.

If the cells are in order, then the whole organism is healthy. Providing yourself with normal conditions in modern life is very difficult. Especially this applies to residents of large cities. Food, air and water are the most important components that ensure human health. Of course, the body can and must self-clean. However, when there are too many polluting factors, it is more and more difficult to ensure this.

People are looking for salvation in pharmacological preparations - vitamins, biological additives and so on. But, thus, fall into the trap of pharmacological companies.

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Causes of pollution

Do healthy people need a huge industry of modern medicine? Unfortunately, the answer suggests a negative one. Positive results can be achieved independently, painstakingly studying and applying an integrated approach in practice. An excellent theoretical basis is the "Endoecology of health".Neumyvakin IP, its author, offers a variety of ways that do not require large financial expenses, unlike official medicine, but even the most serious diseases recognized by official science, incurable, can fight and win.

Why does it become relevant especially today? At the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century, the number of patients with hepatitis and AIDS, oncological and cardiovascular diseases increased significantly. There are new deadly viruses, with which doctors struggle, but often to no avail. All this is the only reason - the human body can not cope with the tasks assigned to it because of the many harmful external factors.

How to be healthy in spite of everything

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The path to health begins with the cleansing of the body and, first of all, with the lymphatic system. Wastes of life are output through it. Therefore, if the system is contaminated, then treating other organs before this is sometimes useless. And on the contrary. Bring the lymphatic system back to normal, and the beneficial effect will be on the entire body.

Of course, starting treatment, you can not ignore the opinions of the doctors of official medicine. Many of them today advise patients, for example, to drink medicinal herbs, that is, to use phytotherapy. But even if your doctor does not belong to their number, for most methods of recovery there are contraindications with which a qualified specialist will help to understand. Then it will be much easier to choose the most suitable method of treatment.

"Endoecology of health" - a book that helped many people find health, gave hope and faith. Its author knows how to treat "incurable" diseases firsthand.

Very interesting and useful information can be gleaned from both the biography of the professor and from his book "Endoecology of health".


Today Ivan Pavlovich is a professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, a recognized and well-deserved inventor and founder of a wellness center. For many years he worked with astronauts and even created a whole hospital aboard the spaceship. Has Neumyvakin IPand many awards. But a lot in his life he met ill-wishers. Nevertheless, being a fighter in life, he boldly reflected the attacks of those who did not recognize his methods, proving in practice their case.

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And his health endoecology began when doctors diagnosed an incurable disease. At that time, Ivan Pavlovich almost could not walk. But, not paying attention to any barriers and diagnoses of doctors, he went to the sea and literally crawled to the water and swam there, becoming attached to a tree. He rose to his feet and recovered despite all the doctors who predicted his death in the coming months.

Having an example of miraculous healing in his own life, he knows more than anyone else and can bring to people what is the endoecology of health and how to follow it.


Neumyvakin claims that a person's recovery is possible at any stage of the disease. Only the right approach and conscious volitional efforts are necessary to follow the recommendations that the "Endoecology of Health" contains. Neumyvakin Ivan Pavlovich, who defeated the incurable disease in himself, now helps other people to gain health, and also bring harmony in life.