What is the difference between a protein's heiner and what's better: a description, composition, application features and feedback

The opinions of amateurs and professionals of bodybuilding regarding the intake of various auxiliary substances for training substances vary considerably. Someone is sure that taking any non-natural products only harms, and some people consider harmless even serious drugs that are not absolutely, and sometimes even not intended for use in sports. Beginners often ask the question: "What is the difference between a geyner and a protein?"

What is the difference between a heiner from protein and what is the difference


It should be noted that even though each human body functions in a similar way, but still people have significant differences. For example, it can be: the initial data( growth, weight), the metabolism, the presence of various allergic reactions, individual characteristics and tolerability of certain products, the presence or absence of problems with the musculoskeletal system, a tendency to thinness or fatness, as well as manyother factors. Therefore, before you start taking various supplements, medicines or vitamins, you should consult a specialist, personal trainer, and ideally a person with a medical background, because what is useful for one person can harm another.

Basic excipients

than the geyner from proteine ​​is different

So, if you still decided to drink any dietary supplements or vitamins, then you probably have a sharp question about what to choose. First of all you should know what are the main differences between the protein and the weight gainer, the most popular substances in bodybuilding. In general, both substances are designed to gain weight and are harmless, if not abused by them( however, this can be said about any product).

In addition, there are many different pre-training and restorative complexes, vitamins, dietary supplements, such as calcium, iodine, multivitamins, as well as serious medications, but even the professionals try not to contact the latter, since the side effects of using various medications can not only cross out the sportsprogress, but also spoil your health.

As for vitamins and excipients, this case is useful, again - if not to abuse, because from large dosages there will be no effect. In addition, it is better not to swallow everything, and consult with a knowledgeable person. For example, someone can use a complex to strengthen bones and joints, and another athlete may experience a deficiency of some vitamin, which will affect fatigue. What is the difference between a protein and a heiner, and what is better?

Proteins Names in a foreign language can frighten unaware consumers, but in fact it is just an ordinary protein, simply in concentrated and dry form. If you do not dig deep into the details of production and technological processes - the protein is made from milk. The method of production is similar to the preparation of cottage cheese and cheese, but it is deeper, in this case the product is split into various serums and other substances that are no less useful and harmless.

Why is protein needed?

What is the difference between a heiner from protein

Protein is one of the key building components in the body of a living being. In particular, he is responsible for the growth of muscle tissue. The organism receives it naturally by eating meat products, eggs, some plant food. However, in conditions of active training, and the general modern rhythm of life, when a person hardly has time to have lunch, the protein may not be enough.

Symptoms of severe deficiency are expressed by severe clinical manifestations in the form of skin problems, stomach pains, as well as problems with the hair and nail condition, but as a rule this is a rarity and is not typical for most people. In addition, it is caused by systematic malnutrition, complete absence of meat products in the diet, and general malnutrition. Such conditions require medical care and monitoring.

For many beginning bodybuilders, a small deficiency of proteins is often characteristic, which is expressed in a longer recovery after training, increased fatigue and an increased sense of hunger. To achieve the full effect of sports, more frequent meals are required, for example, five times a day, more meat and slow carbohydrates, compliance with special diets and programs written by the trainer. In this regard, a person may not have the opportunity to eat the optimal amount of protein for muscle growth and weight gain, then sports supplements such as protein help and come to help. The way of its preparation is simple enough, besides, it can have various flavoring and aromatic additives that will make its reception not only useful, but also pleasant.


what are the main differences between protein and heiner

Like protein, it serves to gain weight, but it has a different composition and purpose. The word itself came from the English gain and means "increase, increase."What is the difference between a geyner and a protein? The supplement itself consists not only of protein, but also of carbohydrates. The latter, as a rule, are the key components of this product. The percentage of carbohydrates in this additive is much higher than that of protein, and they are different in composition and appearance. Something will give you energy, and something will speed up the process of gaining weight. What is the difference between a protein gainer and a protein during use? The answer is simple - nothing. It is very convenient: dilute the right amount of powder in a shaker or convenient dishes, pour milk, juice or water. The product is ready for use.

What are carbohydrates used for?

What is the difference between a protein and a heiner, and what is better

If protein is a building material for muscles, carbohydrates are power plants or fuel for their work. During training, an athlete needs a large amount of carbohydrates. They, in turn, are converted into energy and burned. The lack of carbohydrates is expressed in thinness and increased fatigue. In nature are found in plant foods, cereals, cereals, flour products, sweets. They are divided into fast and slow. The former are practically useless to humans and even harmful. This is mainly sugar, sweets, carbonated drinks, snacks, etc. They harm the pancreas and quickly become fat. However, in moderate amounts, there are no threats, and glucose is necessary for the brain to work.

Slow carbohydrates are more useful, they break down more slowly into fats and give more energy during the day. Energy is needed to maintain physical activity and general tone. You can consume a lot of protein, however, if the body does not have enough carbohydrates, a person will quickly get tired, and training will bring less benefit.

And yet: how does the heiner from the protein differ?

what is better is the gainer or protein reviews

As described above, both products are designed for weight gain and muscle mass. You should take what is missing in the general diet. As a rule, modern man uses more carbohydrates than proteins, but everything is individual. Gainers are suitable for those who want to quickly gain weight, they balance the balance of both proteins and carbohydrates. Due to the composition, they are great for people who consider their weight is not high enough and want to quickly get it.

Proteins are more suitable for more experienced athletes. This is due to the fact that seasoned bodybuilders have some progress and are aimed at further increase in muscle mass. In addition, some initially have a tendency to fullness and want to bring the weight to the required rate, but after dropping excess kilograms the body will need construction material, then protein comes to the rescue. Proceeding from this, we can say that the protein will suit those who are overweight. Fat is burned, but the muscles need building material. Now we answered the questions about what is different about the heiner from protein, what is the difference between these substances.

Both additives are useful and in own way good. What is better - a gainer or protein? Reviews of one and the other substance are often positive. They liked both professionals and bodybuilders. The most important thing is to choose the product that suits you. When selecting the necessary additive, you should consult your personal trainer or doctor, and carefully study the composition of the substance you purchase.