Good hookah: how to choose the right, reviews

The tradition of smoking a hookah originated in the East. Recently, this has become a kind of fashion trend among young people in our country. The smoking process looks aesthetically pleasing and even beautiful. How to buy a good hookah, which will last a long time? Perhaps, this is one of the main issues at the youth forums. After all, a lot depends on the quality of the product. There are the main points that should be considered when buying. About them and will be discussed in the article.

Determine the goals of

Before you buy a good hookah, you need to understand the purposes for which you need it. There are models that can only be used to decorate the apartment. This, so to speak, souvenir products. As a rule, they are made of silver or gold, decorated with precious stones. It will be very difficult to light such a hookah. The length of the tube will not allow you to enjoy the process of smoking, tobacco will give bitterness, and the required amount of smoke will simply not be.

Souvenir hookah, the price of which can reach several thousand dollars, is quite popular as a gift. It can become an excellent complement to the interior and take a place of honor among antiquarian products. In another way things are with those hookahs, which will be in constant use. In this case, you need to take more seriously. A beautiful appearance is not the main thing. In this case, you need functionality. good hookah

What should I look for when buying a hookah?

The main element in the hookah is the shaft. It is from this detail will depend on the process of smoking. Pay attention to the metal from which the element is made. It is desirable that the inner part be made of steel. In this case the hookah will last you a long time. Choose models in which the shaft is solid, nonseal, in order to achieve complete tightness.

Another important detail is the hose. The longer it is, the better the smoke. Do not buy models made of foil or polypropylene. They are short-lived. The best material is leather. A flask is preferable to choose a glass one. Metal models are reliable, do not beat, but they quickly oxidize, which gives an unpleasant taste when smoking. A bowl for tobacco must be purchased ceramic. They heat up quickly, while the foil does not burn and does not stick. When purchasing a hookah, check the tightness of the product. If one of the elements passes air, the process of smoking will be broken. electronic hookah

Debunking the myths

People have taken root opinions that experts are happy to refute. Among them there are such myths:

  1. The more - the better. It is not true. The height of the hookah in no way affects the process of smoking. Even a small quality device will smoke so that high Chinese models will envy it. Another issue is that producers very rarely produce hookahs of good quality, but small in size. If this happens, they are almost the same as high units of the goods.
  2. Country of origin is important. Absolute lie. You can buy a nice hookah, made in China. The main thing is to check all its elements and tightness. One of the best are the Egyptian models. They are relatively inexpensive, but in this case you can buy a fake. Remember: real Egyptian hookahs are sold without any packaging and can have some aesthetic flaws: greased painting, inaccurate soldering of parts and so on.
  3. The best shisha from copper. Not true! Specialists categorically disagree with this statement. Over time, this material changes color, turns green. Where it is more profitable and more practical to purchase models from stainless steel or brass.

There are a lot of similar myths. When choosing a hookah, remember that the main part in it is a mine. It depends on it, what will be the process of smoking. All other elements are secondary. hookah price

Novelty - electronic hookahs

Recently, it became fashionable to smoke an electronic hookah. It's all about its convenience. You do not need to kindle coal, prepare a flask, foil. .. The process takes only a couple of seconds. It is enough to insert a charged battery, press the button and start smoking. In addition, a significant plus is the fact that the flavors used in these models are completely safe for health.

Electronic hookah can be smoked in public places, which the young people like. Many supporters of traditional models condemn the novelty, but modern society is keeping pace with the times. This hookah is quite compact. Its length is from 15 to 17 cm. This allows you to take it with you on your travels. The most popular electronic hookah Starbuzz. It's all about the quality of the goods. Even avid lovers of traditional models found no difference in taste. Saturated steam, released during smoking, is absolutely harmless. The cost of electronic hookahs varies within 5 thousand rubles. hookah starbuzz

Customer Reviews

If we talk about traditional hookahs, the first place in the quality of the goods is occupied by models produced by Khalil Mamoon. They are produced in Egypt. Customers note the durability of the product. All elements are made of durable materials. The inner part of the shaft is made of steel, the width is about 15 mm. This allows the smoke to pass unhindered to the hose, while it turns out thick and saturated. Buying a hookah, whose price is about 7 thousand rubles, you can forget about such purchases once and for all. The firm guarantees the quality of the goods. Hookah will last you for many years. Also, recently, the Syrian models have been using good reviews. They are usually made of brass. The downside is a collapsible mine, which, after frequent unwinding, becomes leaky.

As a conclusion

Speaking about traditional models of hookahs, I once again want to note the main parameters, which should be noted:

  1. Check the tightness of the product.
  2. Make sure that the shaft was made of a strong material( stainless steel), there were no chips, adhesions, cracks.
  3. The longer the hose, the thicker and more saturated the smoke will be.
  4. It is better to choose a bowl for the bowl.
  5. The bulb is preferable to glass, rather than that made of metal. the best hookah

These rules need to be considered when purchasing. To buy a good hookah in our time is quite simple. It is not necessary to make an order through the Internet, it is better to contact a specialized store and check all the items on the spot.