Pharmacy Chamomile: instructions for use, contraindications

The medicinal daisy has been known to people for a very long time. This herb is a family of Compositae. It is widely used in various branches of medicine. You can buy a medicine chamomile in the form of powder( shredded dried grass) or in tea bags for brewing. In ancient times, women themselves collected chamomile in the fields and made medicinal preparations. The plant perfectly helps to remove inflammation, is used as a prophylaxis of colds. However, there are contraindications. Before using a chemist's daisy, it is worth studying the instructions to her.

Composition and properties of

Has other names and pharmacy chamomile. Instructions for use contain a botanical name - Chamomilla recutita. Also, the plant is called the uterine, or noval, grass. In the composition of the blossom chamomile is essential oil, organic acids, bitterness, coumarins, vitamins and minerals. The plant helps to suppress fermentation in the intestines, improves digestion, removes inflammatory processes in the body. Daily use of chamomile tea helps strengthen the immune system.

pharmacy chamomile The ideal tool for the prevention of diseases of the gastric mucosa is the camomile chamomile. Instructions for use describe the dosage of the drug. Below you can read more about this. Chamomile infusion can be used both externally and internally.

How should the chamomile be used?

The instruction manual describes several methods. Widely used infusion for compresses and baths. In diseases of the oral cavity, rinses are indicated with therapeutic tea. With pain in the stomach, it is worth preparing a drink based on this plant and consuming it several times a day.

Widely used for colds pharmacy chamomile. The instructions for use indicate that the medicine can be used for inhalations. When the flu is inhaled, a couple of chamomile. It is worth remembering that this is not the only method of treating a particular disease. With infectious pathologies, antibacterial drugs can not be avoided. The plant only helps to restore normal health faster.

chamomile pharmacy instructions for use

In case of diseases of the central nervous system, a camomile chamomile in bags is also widely used. Instructions for use indicate that such a tea for the night will be useful for people suffering from insomnia. Excellent infusion helps with migraines and convulsions. You should take the medicine on a teaspoon 3-4 times a day.

Drugs based on chamomile

In the manufacture of various medications, pharmacy chamomile is widely used. The instructions for use describe the diseases in which a particular drug should be used. In gynecology, the "Recutan" remedy is often prescribed. The solution has a local anti-inflammatory effect. Can be used for erosions of the cervix, colitis.

In the dental practice, the Rotokan solution is used. This drug is also intended for topical use. With its help, it is possible to remove inflammation of the gums and to carry out prophylaxis after tooth extraction.

chamomile pharmacy instruction for children

Chamomile essential oil is considered to be a strong bactericidal agent. The drug is often prescribed for the treatment of a cold, accompanied by a cough and runny nose. With local use, you can achieve excellent results in the therapy of acne, burns, herpes.

Who does not prescribe a camomile?

Instructions for use, contraindications, dosage - all this information should definitely be studied. It must be remembered that chamomile suppresses the activity of the central nervous system. Therefore, the use of drugs in excessive doses can lead to dizziness and weakness. To small patients only the pediatrician can be appointed or nominated a camomile chemist's. Instruction for use for children describes the doses in which it is worth using tincture.

Drugs based on chamomile are contraindicated in diarrhea, an anatomic gastritis. In some patients, individual intolerance may develop. It will appear as skin reactions.

Application in folk medicine

Physicians often prescribe a pharmacy chamomile. Instructions for use indicate which diseases a medicinal plant can use. However, experts argue that the grass can not serve as the sole means of therapy. But folk healers are sure that with the help of just one chemist's chamomile can get rid of many health problems.

chamomile in bags

For gastritis, flatulence and colitis, it is recommended to use chamomile infusion inside. Three tablespoons of dry herbs pour boiling water and insist for 3 hours. Next, the infusion is filtered and drunk in the form of tea. It is enough to consume 100 ml of this drink several times a day.

Cold infusion

This infusion of chamomile can be used to rinse the mouth with inflammation of the gums or throat diseases. Two spoons of dry herbs pour a glass of cold water and insist for at least 8 hours. This medicine can also be used by women for douching. In this case, do not forget that any treatment should be done in consultation with the doctor.


Medicinal herb has a positive effect also on the hair. You can not only strengthen the roots, but also lighten the strands. In order to prepare a conditioner, 200 grams of dried flowers should be filled with a liter of hot water. The solution should be boiled for 5 minutes. Once the broth cools, you can use it. The hair is rinsed immediately after washing. If you regularly use this recipe, you can see that the roots have become stronger. Her hair becomes lighter and shiny.

chamomile pharmacy instructions for the use of contraindications Decoction can be used for the preparation of various therapeutic masks. Two tablespoons of the pre-made chamomile infusion is combined with a tablespoon of honey. The resulting mixture is applied to the hair for several hours. To achieve the best result, wrap the hair with a food film and then with a towel. The mask can also be applied overnight.

Pharmacy Chamomile and Pregnancy

Can Chamomile Damage Harm? Instructions for use during pregnancy should be studied necessarily. The problem is that any medicine can have both benefit and harm. Especially it is important to remember this during the gestation period. Chamomile of a future mother should be prescribed only by a doctor. Self-medication can not be done! It is necessary to refrain from using plants to women who have a tendency to develop allergic reactions.

chamomile pharmacy instructions for use in pregnancy If there are no direct contraindications, you should take no more than two cups of chamomile tea per day. Excess dosage often leads to uterine tone. And this is one of the most common causes of premature birth.

Pharmacy chamomile is a wonderful medicine! But it's worth using it, having carefully studied the instructions!