Peony tincture: harm and benefit, properties, reviews. The use of pion tincture in gynecology

Peony dodging is listed in the Red Book - it is considered a vanishing species. But not only this is valuable perennial herb. It turns out that the powerful rhizome of the flower, as well as its stem and leaves, are actively used in folk medicine. This article will describe in detail the healing properties that the pion tincture possesses: the harm and benefit of the plant, its composition and the treatment of various diseases.

Application of tincture

Peony is not only a beautiful flower, but also an excellent healing remedy. With its help, you can try to eliminate various ailments or weaken their toxic effect on the body. For example, decoction from the rhizome of the plant is very helpful to women. He regulates their menstrual cycle, improves the work of the ovaries. Young mothers are recommended to drink a drink in order to improve lactation during breastfeeding.

tincture of peony In addition, the peony possesses diuretic and expectorant properties. It is indispensable for problems of the gastrointestinal tract: cancer, ulcers and colitis. The broth perfectly fights against colds, bronchitis, pneumonia and even tuberculosis. Its powerful disinfecting and sweating functions also know the tincture of the pion: the composition of various ointments for healing wounds and treating fractures of the bones is not without this component. Thanks tincture, you can improve your appetite and improve the quality of sleep. It perfectly suppresses irritability and nervousness, actively helps with other disorders of the nervous system.

Peony in epilepsy

To heal from this dangerous disease, tincture of the peony is also used. Benefits and harm, reviews about which are written not by one person, are inherent in this drink. Therefore, before taking it, it is better to seek the advice of experienced doctors. If contraindications do not occur, you can prepare a decoction from the plant. For these purposes, you need to take 30 grams of rhizomes and grind them well. The resulting powder must be filled with four glasses of water and brought to a boil, then removed from the fire. Take this drink as follows: three times a day for 100 milliliters. The course usually lasts a month, after which they take a break for 15 days. By the way, the same mixture can cure convulsions of the digestive tract, gout and nervous tension.

tincture of pion Alcohol tincture is prepared a little differently: 10 grams of crushed roots are poured into 100 ml of vodka. Insist for two weeks, after which filter. Forty drops of the drink are diluted with a small amount of water and taken as prescribed three times a day. Dosage must be observed very accurately, as increasing the portion of the drink can lead to poisoning.

Treatment of gynecological diseases

Helps those women diagnosed with cysts of various types or cervical cancer. They are recommended to take a tincture from the petals of the flower or the root of the plant. For its preparation, take three tablespoons of dried flowers, fill them with a liter of vodka. Keep the drink in a tightly closed container in a dark place for three weeks. After she is properly fed, you can take 25 drops three times a day - always half an hour before meals. Treatment lasts about a month.

Like any other folk remedy, the peony tincture has its own characteristics. Benefits and harm in gynecology in the plant are: on the one hand, it is good for problems with reproductive organs, on the other - it is not an independent means for their treatment. That is, the drink is an additional therapy for such ailments. In addition, it is very dangerous for pregnant women, since it is an abortifacient and promotes separation of the postpartum in the postpartum period.

Help with menopause

The peony tincture is also relevant in this case. Harm and benefit for women of old age are also available. Of course, there are more advantages. First, the drink significantly reduces the manifestations of menopause. If, however, the lady is eating right, leads a healthy and active lifestyle, then the healing fluid can completely rid her of hated tides, insomnia, a sharp change of mood and other manifestations of wilting. And what is most interesting, it helps remove signs of not only internal, but also external aging.

tincture peony good and bad reviews Secondly, the peony tincture "works" as a quality analgesic, and also as a sedative. Minus only one - an individual intolerance. Therefore, before starting the course of treatment, it is better to consult with a specialist. By the way, the therapy lasts from two to four weeks. If necessary, tincture is taken and for several months. For the treatment of menopause, it is recommended to drink 20 drops three times a day - before eating.


And in this case, women are useful tincture of the peony. The effect of the drink in this disease is sedative and anti-inflammatory, diuretic and anti-cancer. Also, peony is recommended as an excellent antioxidant. It is able to eliminate swelling and remove pain syndrome in the area of ​​mammary glands, remove toxins from the body and improve blood circulation. All this in the treatment of mastopathy is very important. Tincture has another "bonus": it positively affects the nervous system. This is also necessary, as painful breasts react very sharply to the woman's mental state.

Pion tincture, the harm and benefit of which are described in any guide to traditional medicine, has all of the above properties. It is important to remember that for the treatment of cancer it is used very carefully. First, the process of healing from the disease is under the control of a physician, and secondly - in conjunction with the professional help of an oncologist. To prepare the drink you will need two parts of the peony rhizome, as well as one part of the licorice and a penny of tea. Two hundred grams of this collection is poured with a liter of vodka and kept in a dark place for about two weeks. Drink filtered and consumed for two months: three times a day for one teaspoon.

What else is useful for tincture?

But this is not all the medicinal properties with which the peony tincture can boast. The use of the plant is invaluable in the case of metabolic disorders and obesity. In addition, it is able to solve a lot of other health problems:

  1. Improves human performance, returns the former vivacity and activity.
  2. Treats various phobias, anxieties, nervous states.
  3. Stimulates the production of hormones of endorphins, which improve the mood and give a sense of psychological comfort.
  4. Relieves spasms, cramps and painful muscle contractions.
  5. Eliminates bleeding and acidity in the stomach.

tincture of peony benefit and harm in gynecology Peony tincture is an antispasmodic, it is a part of numerous anticarcinogenic preparations. Excellent cope with skin diseases, vegetative dysfunction and even chronic alcoholism. Normalizes the mental state of a person, helps with insomnia, irritability, agitation and excess manifestations of aggression.


Before you start treatment, you need to know all the nuances about the harm of tincture of the peony. First, it is not recommended to take a drink to people suffering from an allergic reaction to the plant or to those individuals who are hypersensitive to its components. Secondly, patients who have liver and kidney disease are also worth keeping. There is also an opinion that an excessive dosage can cause a strong intoxication of the body.

In addition, tincture does not contribute to the healing of heart and vascular diseases. Moreover, it is dangerous for those people who have a very low blood pressure, since it contributes to an even greater drop in it. Hypotonics can not drink a decoction. The same applies to people complaining of the acidity of the stomach. Peony stimulates the secretion of this digestive organ, so you need to be very careful with it. Remember that the plant belongs to a poisonous family of buttercups, respectively, categorically prohibited for the treatment of children and pregnant women. The latter may suffer from miscarriage, as tincture provokes contraction of the uterus and premature labor.

Side Effects of

The general state of health of a person is influenced by the pion tincture. The properties of the plant sometimes have a depressing effect on the body, causing drowsiness, lethargy and absent-mindedness. Therefore, during the reception of tinctures, people are advised to give up driving and any other work, which requires increased coordination, clarity and concentration. In some people, the plant provokes allergic reactions in the form of red rashes on the skin, itching and burning. May cause irritation of the gastric mucosa, leading to nausea, vomiting and pain during digestion.

tincture of peony Peony is a plant that requires precise dosage from you. Usually, for any disease, 20-30 drops are prescribed before meals three times a day. But the figures may vary depending on the form of the disease and the degree of its severity. In addition, the appointment takes into account the individual characteristics of the body and the effect that can be achieved in the coming days. Tincture is often bought in pharmacies: it is a transparent liquid of a dark color, which has a specific flavor and bitter taste notes.

How to prepare the tincture yourself?

Make it very easy. Only two ingredients can boast a tincture of the peony: the composition is formed by the plant itself and vodka, which can be replaced with alcohol. The latter is used to enhance the effect of plants, while buying only 40 percent liquid. To prepare, you need to mix 100 milliliters of vodka or alcohol and 10 grams of peony pitted rhizomes. Insist drink in a tightly closed container: always in a cool and dark place. For example, in the basement or in the pantry, if, of course, they do not have dampness and mold, which adversely affect the quality of the liquid.

The solution is periodically recommended to shake. At the end of time, it is filtered and poured into a bottle of dark glass. The tincture should be stored away from sunlight and high temperatures. Better let it be in the fridge. As for the water tincture of the pion, it is done similarly. That's only instead of alcohol here is used boiling water, which is poured crushed plant.

Peony in cosmetology

In this area, a plant is used for general skin rejuvenation. Elasticity and silky gives the epidermis tincture of the pion: harm and benefit also take place in cosmetology, so you must know about the correct use of the liquid. To get rid of the fat content of the skin, it is recommended to make lotions. In this case, a decoction, consisting of two tablespoons of root and 400 ml of boiling water, helps a lot. Apply the lotions for 20 minutes, after which the face should be washed with running cool water.

damage to peony tincture To restore your appearance a healthy kind will help mask from peony, nettle and chamomile: take raw materials in the same proportions. The finished mixture is heated in a water bath and applied not only to your face, but also to the skin in the decollete zone, as well as to the hands. The mask needs to be done at least twice a week. In addition, the youth gives the skin a peony bath. The petals of the flower are mixed with roses, jasmine, chamomile and mint infused in boiling water, after which the broth is poured into the container for the procedure. Such baths help to relieve tension and relax after an active working day or a hard working week.

Aid to the hair

Peony tincture is able to warm up the crown well, contributing to the active functioning of the hair follicles. Thanks to it, normalization of sebum production takes place. Accordingly, the curls grow faster, look well-groomed, silky and shiny. A large number of amino acids that are in the tincture, eliminate dandruff and fatty strands, make the hair thick and strong. To achieve such an amazing effect, the pharmacy or homemade liquid is rubbed into the roots of the hair, preheated on fire. The mask is aged for about ten minutes, after which it is advised to wash off with boiled warm water.

tincture of peony Improves the appearance of curls and essential oil based on peony. It is the main component of anti-aging therapy. For cooking, flower petals are used: they are poured with olive oil and insisted for a month. The product is suitable for all sorts of procedures: it is smeared all over the body and hair. So, with many problems will help to cope with the peony tincture. The benefits and harms of the plants presented above will help to avoid mistakes, will implement the treatment and rejuvenation of the whole organism qualitatively, quickly and without consequences.