Than to treat a throat to the child or a little about accessible agents

It's no secret that with cold, windy weather, the number of sick children increases, especially in schools and kindergartens, where one child suffers sneezing, immediately picks up another, and so on the chain. If this is a cold, the baby will complain of general weakness and sore throat. All parents should have "magic" remedies in their stocks - than to treat a child's throat.

To begin with, one must understand one rule: a child with strong immunity is much sicker than a child with immunity weakened. Than to treat a throat to the child with tablets, it is better try to strengthen its or his immunity. Strengthening the immune system must occur from the very birth of the baby, is to meet certain conditions:

- a diverse diet of the child, the products must contain vitamins and other useful substances;

- give the child a decoction of dogrose, which has a very beneficial effect on immunity;

- allow the child to run barefoot - on the soles of a person there is a huge number of active points, affecting which, it has a beneficial effect on the human body as a whole. It is especially useful to walk on sea pebbles and sand;

- add a little garlic to the food, it also has a strengthening effect on immunity.

If a child complains of sore throat and parents do not know how to quickly cure a child's throat, then there are several useful recommendations:

- take some sunflower oil, mix with sea buckthorn oil and dip into the baby's nose. This remedy is especially effective if you perform the procedure at the first symptoms of the disease;

- in the absence of high temperature, you can pinch the baby's legs;

- do not think that a "handful" of tablets will instantly cure the baby. Than to treat a throat to the child various medicines, it is better try to give often warm milk with honey( it is possible to add a little soda).If you create an alkaline environment for viruses, they will die faster;

- boil the potatoes( in the peel), let the baby breathe the potato steam. You need to breathe with your mouth, so that the steam acts as efficiently as possible, cover the baby with a towel.

If you do not know how to treat a child's throat, then be sure to take note of the excellent properties of ginger. Ginger is known since antiquity for its rich content of nutrients, it can increase the body's resistance to various infections, helps relieve the pain in the throat. Also, ginger acts as an analgesic, expectorant, antiemetic. At home, ginger can be prepared as follows:

- for tea you need a piece of ginger root or half a teaspoon of ginger powder, half a teaspoon of cinnamon and a little( pinch) of cloves. All the ingredients boil for about five minutes in a small amount of water, give a drink, slightly chilling.

- in one liter of boiling water, brew one tablespoon of licorice( root), one teaspoon of cinnamon( powder), ginger( two teaspoons) or grate the root. Insist 10 minutes. Drink twice during the day.

Let's look at how to gargle a child with cold and viral infections:

- the herbal infusions help, it can be a calendula tincture, chamomile broth, eucalyptus, fruits or raspberry leaves, echinacea and much more. To small children who can not gargle yet, the procedure is performed using a syringe. Rinse your mouth every hour for more effect;

- soda and saline solutions relieve soreness, help in mucus separation, clean the oral cavity of microbes, and remove puffiness. A solution is prepared simply - one or two teaspoons of salt or soda for a glass of warm boiled water;

- you can use potassium permanganate, diluted to a slightly pink color.

However, do not forget that the child must definitely show the doctor.