Nasal wash with genyantritis

Nasal flushing is a traditional method of treatment of nasopharyngeal diseases, which are of a cold-inflammatory nature. Naturopaths believe that some people in the lungs and scalp area accumulate mucus, the excess of which leads to inflammation. The main reasons for increasing its level - the wrong combination of foods and eating right before bed. In some cases, mucus thickens and is compressed. As a result, colds become more frequent, immunity decreases, and headaches and, in particular, sinusitis appear.

Sinusitis is an infectious disease of the nose and its paranasal sinuses. As a rule, it occurs during the period of flu, pneumonia, measles, etc. Rinsing the nose with sinusitis helps to remove mucus from the body. This procedure allows you to easily remove from the gancorrhalic sinuses purulent contents.

Than to rinse or gargle a nose at a genyantritis?

Nasal flushing can be carried out with the help of ordinary warm water, but the result will be more pronounced if it is dissolved in substances that have antiviral and antimicrobial properties, for example propolis. To conduct the procedure in a glass of warm water, you should dissolve 15 drops of tincture together with a teaspoon of table salt. Rinse the nasopharynx with the resulting solution at intervals 3-4 times a day.

Also often a nose wash with sinusitis is carried out using iodine and manganese. Several crystals of potassium permanganate must be dissolved in a glass with water, so that it is painted to pink. Iodine should be taken in the amount of twenty drops per glass of water with the addition of a teaspoon of salt. These solutions can not only dilute the mucus, but also stop the reproduction of microbes, so recovery comes after seven days of using the funds. It is best if the potassium permanganate and iodine are alternated - for each variant for one day.

Another popular and effective component by which the nose is washed with sinusitis is baking soda. To do this, it is necessary to dissolve in a glass of water 1/2 teaspoon of ordinary baking soda. Rinse the nose with this solution is recommended for 3 or 5 days. Among other things, soda eliminates the swelling of the mucous nasal cavity. Also an excellent tool is the addition of a few spoons of any vegetable juice into the water. Thanks to the huge amount of trace elements and vitamins, juices perfectly cope with puffiness and allow to improve mucous membranes.

In some cases, the nasal wash with sinusitis is not water, but with special herbal infusions or decoctions. For this purpose, plants that have antiseptic properties, for example, sage or chamomile, are suitable. Cleansing of the maxillary sinuses and increasing immunity is also facilitated by the use of field horsetail. Mixtures of herbs can be used, for example, a mixture of plantain and tansy. A tablespoon of each type of raw material must be filled with a glass of steep boiling water, cooled to a pleasant temperature and applied until the solution is over.

Among other things, there are some general rules that apply to washing the nasal cavity. To wash the nose with sinusitis was performed properly, the prepared solution should be poured into the palm and pulled in one of the nostrils. After it is over, the nostril should be immediately pressed with your hand and tilted your head in the opposite direction. In this case, the mixture comes out from the other nostril. To get the solution into your mouth and wash, thus, the nasopharynx, you need to tilt your head back slightly. As a rule, the process of full recovery takes from 5 to 7 days.