Edema of the eyelids: causes and remedies

Many people are faced with such a problem, when in the morning there is swelling under the eyes. If this happens systematically, then there is a problem in the body itself, therefore, it is necessary to understand the cause and eliminate it.

Puffiness of the eyelids: causes of

Most often this problem overcomes people who drink plenty of fluids in the evening, especially before going to bed. At night, the work of all body systems is significantly slowed down, and excess fluid volume does not find an outlet and is collected in the subcutaneous layer.

Every person at least once in his life noticed that after a stormy night in a fun company with a variety of alcoholic beverages, the facial skin does not look the best, often puffiness of the eyelids arises. The reasons for this lie in the properties of alcohol, as its structure helps to retain fluid in the cells.

The same principle applies to salted products. If during the day you eat foods high in salt, especially smoked foods and various kinds of pickles, then the next morning, it should not be surprising that the puffiness of the eyelids has arisen. The causes of this phenomenon are the violation of the normal water-salt balance.

People with large enough bags under the eyes often observe swelling of the eyelids. The causes are often hidden in the stretching of the skin due to the development of hernial sacs. There is an easy way to determine their availability. Close your eyes and apply a slight pressure on the lower eyelid. If there are hernial sacs, then to the touch they will be soft, swollen. In this case, you can get rid of swelling by removing the bags surgically.

For people of advanced age, the appearance of edema is a normal process of skin aging. After all, with age, the skin loses its main properties - elasticity and elasticity, and eyelids are no exception.

As you know, the stability of the nervous system of a person depends on his physical well-being. When people are constantly in a stressful situation, many diseases start to develop, sometimes very serious. And if a person is crying from the experience of troubles, then this is reflected in the eyelids. Some of the liquid after tears remains in the skin of the eyes and is not removed for some time, which leads to the formation of edema.

The appearance of swelling in the eyes may indicate a lack of vitamin B5, which is a very important component that ensures the normal operation of all internal organs. Restoring the balance can be through careful selection of the diet. When compiling a daily menu, it is necessary to emphasize products such as meat, fish, liver, beans, beets, mushrooms, especially white, cauliflower. And, of course, we should not forget about sour-milk products, which are a storehouse of useful trace elements, and also choose quality bread, made from whole grains.

If we talk about health problems, swollen eyelids are a symptomatic manifestation of many pathologies of internal organs, for example, the liver, kidneys, and the cardiovascular system. In some cases, the swollen eyelid is the result of an inflammatory process due to a minor injury.

We should not exclude the possibility of a genetic cause of edema. After all, such a problem can be transmitted from generation to generation by inheritance, since it is inherent in the genotype.

If the health of the body is not in any doubt, then to eliminate this little trouble, it is enough to exclude the intake of liquid at a later time of the day, especially alcohol, and to fill the lack of vitamins.

In any case, do not ignore such a phenomenon as puffiness, the causes of which can be caused by the appearance of various disorders in the body.