Ear plug: treatment or prevention?

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First you need to clarify what is the cork, why in the ears, why you need to delete.

We treat our organism in a consumer way. Rather - no way. Only when something collapses or hurts, at best we pay attention, at worst - we shut up the pill.

There is nothing superfluous in our body. Two eyes - not a luxury, but the need to correctly navigate in space. Two kidneys are not a luxury, but the need to carry a male and female principle, to store the energy of life. Sulfur in the ears is also a necessity. This is both lubrication and protection of the ear canal and tympanic membrane. But if you have an ear plug in your ear, the treatment is unbearable.

A thin membrane of the membrane should receive the lightest wave vibrations, so that the deep-lying hearing aid reproduces them into sound. The tympanic membrane is like a thin string, it can not be pulled - it will burst, it can not be relaxed - it will hang. In both cases, the end is one - the absence of hearing.

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One of the tasks of sulfur in the ear canal is to maintain the elasticity of the membrane by maintaining a certain moisture content of the medium. The next main task is antimicrobial. Did you not notice that during the illness the amount of sulfur in the ears sometimes increases? Especially well it is visible at children, due to a short ear canal. And one more task of sulfur is the removal of dead cells, dirt, infection. If you do not interfere in nature, then all unnecessary contents of the external auditory canal will gradually retire independently during chewing, yawning. But nevertheless, otolaryngologists insist that if a child has an ear plug, the treatment should be urgently carried out. Otherwise, the child may have problems not only with hearing, but also with the development of speech.

Only where you saw that the "crown" of nature did not fit and did not spoil. In the course are matches with cotton and without, hairpin, scissors, cotton buds. Remember how at school, expectant mothers taught you to twist the wadded flagella and brush their nose and ears baby. Remembered? Now it is clear from what time and why the ear plug starts to form, the treatment of which often consists of removal or washing out?

We do not remove sulfur from the ear. The more we pick, the more it is produced. This body begins to defend us. Plus, we injure the skin, irritation, itching starts. We climb even harder and. ...vicious circle.

Probably you will ask how to rinse the ear plug? I remember at the institute we were shown a patient. A man of about forty suddenly fell deaf in both ears. And he believed that this is hereditary, because both his father and his grandfather were deaf. I went to get a disability, and for some reason he was sent to a hospital. Our teacher, Doctor from God, Raphael Pavlovich Svirsky, took a syringe to Jane with warm water and washed the poor fellow both ears. Pre-dripping hydrogen peroxide. You know, it was necessary to see the eyes of this patient. .. A person has become accustomed to the idea that he does not hear that he is disabled. The man put a cross on himself. And he HEARTS!Even a whisper. I was lucky. I saw those eyes. The problem was in the ear plug. And here heredity? The only thing he needed to take care of - learn how to remove the ear plug, and that's it. All three generations were millers, they worked constantly in a cloudy cloud. A respirator is on his nose, but nothing in his ears. You will make your own conclusions.

So, we continue to consider ourselves over something and scoff at ourselves and our ears. The hour of reckoning comes, the hearing decreases. The reason is cork. As a former doctor, I say that the best option for your ear is to go to the doctor. Yes, my colleagues will forgive me, I try not to address them. The level of modern medics is so low, for the most part, that it is better not to go to them. But if you still get lucky and a really good doctor will wash you from the ear, this procedure will last for a very long time.

You can do this at home. Buy ear candles. Method of application on the box. Sensations very pleasant, continuous relaxation. Even the kids lie quietly. You can drip hydrogen peroxide 3% and rinse with a good stream of warm water from a 10-gram syringe. You can lie down after a peroxide with the affected ear on a warm hot water bottle. You just feel something flowing, then click that! And he hears the ear.

And it's better not to touch your ears without need, then you will not be afraid of ear plugs, cures and other joys. And let you always be lucky.