Red clover in folk medicine

Everyone who has ever rested in a village, outside the city, is well-known for this flower with a red head, children call it "red mush."Other plant names are the red-head, the trefoil meadow, the honey color, the trinity. Red clover in folk medicine has been used for a long time, recognize it and modern healers. For treatment, use red and purple buds collected on cloverfields and dried in a draft. The plant is rich in glycosides, steroids, vitamins, carbohydrates, carotene, tannins. It also contains quinine, triphlysine, trace elements.

What ailments are treated with clover meadow?

The use of red clover is widespread because of its high therapeutic ability. The trifolizin, which enters the plant, effectively fights against fungal infections stained with grass, heals wounds, bruises, purulent inflammations, it is applied to the joints with pain.

Use red clover in folk medicine for the treatment of trophic ulcers, psoriasis, seborrhea, burns. To do this, make infusion for lotions: take 2 large pinches of healing flowers, steam with a glass of boiling water. Napkins from gauze are dipped in infusion, lightly squeezed and put them to the sore spots.

Excellent clover with respiratory diseases. Retreat before him bronchitis, cold, whooping cough and even asthma, with the treatment is usually not very long. Tea from clover meadow has antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effect, this effect is due to the included in the composition of salicylic acid.

For its preparation use a handful of inflorescences boiled with boiling water. Tea is aged, filtered, added a small spoonful of honey and drunk warm just before sleep. The common cold usually lasts for one night, if not, tea should be drunk every eight hours( only after a meal) until complete recovery.

Red clover in folk medicine is well known for its bactericidal and antitoxic properties, it is also an effective antispasmodic. In addition, his ability to increase resistance to disease has been proven. This is due to the rich mineral and vitamin composition of the plant.

Broths of plants are considered to be an excellent tool for purifying blood and reducing body fat in vessels, they are very popular for the prevention of atherosclerosis. Prepare such a tea in the proportion: 6 dried buds / 250-gram glass. The drug is poured with water from a boiling kettle, wait a quarter of an hour, filter, mix honey into it, drink three times a day for a month or one and a half.

Red clover in folk medicine is considered an antitumour agent, it also has a diuretic, hemostatic, choleretic, expectorant action.

Healing properties are also inherent in plant seeds. To treat sexual impotence, a large spoonful of seeds is poured into a glass of red wine, the mixture is kept for half an hour on the smallest fire. Drink infusion should be one large spoon three times a day until the function is fully restored.

Clover red: application in cosmetics

To lighten freckles, they are rubbed with fresh plant seeds. To get rid of diaper rash and pustules in infants, they are bathed in a bath with a decoction of flowers. Red clover in folk medicine is used to improve the condition of the hair, for this after washing they are rinsed with water, which is added with a decoction of the plant. Against hair loss, alcoholic tincture of the roots of the meadow clover is effective, it is rubbed into the roots of the hair.

As you can see, the application of clover is observed in many spheres of human life. If you want, you can learn a lot more about its properties, reading the special literature.