What is the cause of burping of rotten eggs

It's no secret that the human body can give a lot of all this because of what you have to blush and embarrassed. This applies to burping, which is well known to everyone. Of course, in most people it arises only when they eat inside any specific food or simply overeat. Worse is when the eructation torments constantly and without any clear reason. Even more unpleasant is not a simple eructation, but a belching of rotten eggs. Sounds, of course, unpleasant, but in fact it is even worse.

What is a burp

Belching is nothing more than the discharge from the stomach of a sufficient amount of gas through the mouth. The fact is that in the stomach, which is not subject to any serious illnesses, there is always gas. This gas can stimulate the motor, as well as the secret function of the stomach. Usually this gas comes out completely unnoticed. However, if you under any circumstances swallowed air in the stomach in large quantities, this will immediately lead to an increase in pressure inside him, contraction of his muscles, as well as relaxation of the sphincter( flap) located between the stomach and the esophagus and squeezing that sphincter,which is located between the stomach and duodenum. All this and will cause a belching of the air.

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Healthy people burp does not bother often. In general, it is worth noting that it can be a symptom of a liver, intestine, gallbladder or stomach disease. Sometimes a burp can have a very unpleasant smell. This refers to belching of rotten eggs. People who have had this ailment know how unpleasant it is.

Eating rotten eggs: causes of

The reason for such an unpleasant smell is usually the most common hydrogen sulphide. It is a gas that is obtained from sulfur-containing proteins, which may be in some products. Hydrogen sulphide begins to be produced at a time when these proteins begin to break down inside our body.

A lot of sulfur is found in the following products:

- red meat;

- milk based products and milk itself;

- some vegetables: mustard, parsley, beets, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and some others;

- coffee, as well as tea;

- bananas and avocados;

- soy, beans, lentils;

- walnuts, almonds.

Eating belly eggs can be caused by the presence of intestinal lamblia. These are unicellular parasites, which in some cases are harmless, and in some cases they cause various problems. Eating belly eggs is one of them.

Of course, intestinal bacteria are part of the standard intestinal microflora. Problems with them begin when their number increases too much. The result of all this is flatulence, bloating and other similar problems and, of course, belching of rotten eggs. Anxiety with these bacteria threatens those people who suffer from intolerance to fructose or lactose.

Burp with rotten eggs: treatment

First of all, you have to limit yourself to the consumption of those products, the list of which is given a little higher. The smell will soon weaken or stop completely, but it does not worth stopping, as the cause of eructation is still to be found.

If suspected of celiac disease, it is recommended to go on a diet that completely excludes rye, barley, and wheat products. In the event that it torments not only the eructation of rotten eggs, but also heartburn, stomach pains and the like, it is recommended to consult a doctor who will send you for a heliobacter test.

Lamblias are treated with special antiparasitic drugs. An effective folk remedy for them is the most common garlic.

Finally I want to say that the examination with a doctor is necessary no matter what the cause of this ailment is caused.