Tincture of garlic on alcohol - a panacea for many diseases!

In Russia, garlic is known since ancient times. It was used as a medicine for many diseases, and in various hypostases. Tincture of garlic on alcohol was used most often. There are a lot of ways to prepare it for different peoples. So, at the heart of this folk remedy may be rum, vermouth or brandy. Tibetan monks also had their own recipe for the preparation of this drug.

However, most often tincture of garlic on alcohol is prepared in a classical way. To do this, take fifty grams of garlic, crush and put into a jar. Then pour a hundred grams of vodka, add a few mint leaves, tightly close the container and insist in a dark place ten or fourteen days. This garlic tincture is taken ten drops approximately half an hour before meals several times a day.

Tincture of garlic on alcohol excellently cleanses the gastrointestinal tract, the cardiovascular system of man from various kinds of deposits. In addition, she copes well with viral diseases. But this is not all the medicinal properties of garlic.

Since ancient times, garlic from worms has been widely used as a folk remedy. Children from the age of five are recommended to eat one by one - two denticles. Babies of an earlier age are prepared with this recipe: three cloves of garlic are poured in milk( two hundred milliliters), and then boiled for ten minutes in a water bath. Such a medicine should be given to the child ten consecutive days of one teaspoonful. After the treatment, the parasites will no longer disturb the baby.

Garlic is considered a universal remedy. So, in recent years there has been a tendency of excessive use of medicines with or without. And this in turn leads to the colonization of foreign microorganisms of the gastrointestinal tract. Parasites settle in the intestinal mucosa, feed on blood, while in the course of their life they release a large number of toxic products. Quite often there are situations when it is difficult to differentiate the underlying disease from the manifestations associated with the activity of such parasites.

In similar cases, again the same garlic comes to the rescue. If for a few weeks early in the morning and late at night on a hungry stomach to eat one clove of garlic, the parasites will leave the habitable environment. As soon as discomfort disappears after eating, the process of healing has passed safely. Garlic from parasites is an ideal remedy to avoid excessive intake of medications.

It is interesting that many specialists in the field of traditional medicine believe that garlic tincture should be prepared taking into account the phases of the moon. And in order to achieve the greatest efficiency from this drug, all manipulations for its preparation must be carried out in the phase of the new Moon. And the final stage must coincide with the last phase.

Perhaps all this corresponds really. But it is precisely known that this approach has no scientific basis. However, folk recipes have been created for many centuries, which gives them complete right to trust them. Therefore, listen in this case is worth it.

Tincture of garlic on alcohol in Russia as a medicine has been used for a long time. And many garlic is considered almost a panacea for all diseases. It is also curious that garlic in its composition contains a large amount of antioxidants, which, to all other things, also gives it rejuvenating properties.

Garlic should be eaten and prevented. Do not wait until more serious help is needed. One or two denticles per day will solve a large number of problems!