Alkaline drink. Panacea or placebo?

The human body can exist only in a small corridor of acidity, in case of imbalance, special protective mechanisms - buffer systems - immediately enter into the matter. However, do not once again overexert them, creating an imbalance. The blood is more acidified than alkalinized, so we'll talk about an alkaline drink that is attributed simply to phenomenal properties.

Note that when we talk about the blood condition, not every substance that has an alkaline reaction will help us increase the Ph of blood( that is, make it more alkaline).We are not talking about the stomach right now.

So, why do you need an alkaline drink? Athletes around the world use it, because it is believed that it increases endurance. In addition, many experts will say that such a drink slows down aging and prevents cancer. However, this view also has opponents, and it is now their debates that shock the Internet. And we will walk through the fragments of broken copies and try to understand this issue.

What is acidity? This is the number of H + cations in water, the more of them, the more acidity( and Ph is lower, by virtue of the calculated formula), hydroxyl anions give an alkaline reaction. If there are impurities in the water, then its acidity shifts to one or another pole.

Alkaline drink manufacturers claim that their products are able to neutralize excess acids in the human body, protecting the buffer system from overexertion and thus slowing down aging.

A passionate lover of alkaline drink, Dr. Theodore Barudi, author of Alkali or Death, claims that it is much more useful than any other. Who needs an alkaline drink? This, of course, is a question that involves the answer "All".You might think that people who drink a lot of coffee and carbonated drinks are in great need of such a drink. But not all is simple with this question.

The problem is that, according to many doctors, drinking is unable to affect the acidity of the blood. They say that this can only affect one fluid in the body. And this fluid is urine. And not blood at all.

As is known, gastric acid is characterized by a very low value of Ph, because otherwise it is impossible to split food. But the intestinal environment in the area of ​​its origin has an alkaline reaction, because it is necessary to further protect the body from excess acid from the stomach. Well, we'll drink an alkaline water - and it's all neutralized in the stomach, and digestion can also break. In fact, the blood is very influenced by the work of another organ - the kidneys, and not the quality and quantity of the drink.

What is an alkaline drink? These are mineral waters that contain bicarbonate-anions and sodium cations. They can really help, but not in changing the composition of the blood. Their influence on digestion is well proven. If you have chronically high acidity( in the stomach), then, undoubtedly, you should drink "Borjomi".But those who have the opposite problem with the stomach, you must drink quite different waters. Another alkaline drink helps to activate the work of the intestines. If you believe the assurances of so many athletes, this water helps to fight thirst better than other mineral waters. Of course, it is not necessary to buy expensive "Borjomi", there are much more inexpensive options.

Alkaline drink is not a panacea, it will not help you to abuse coffee and soda with impunity and hope that this stomach will forgive. However, if you want to drink on an empty stomach, it is better to prefer it to alkaline mineral water.

It should be remembered that such water can not be drunk with urolithiasis, pyelonephritis, diabetes and kidney failure. With these diseases you need to protect yourself especially and do not take risks for the sake of the taste of alkaline mineral water. And this taste is very pleasant, so if you are healthy, enjoy it. However, more a liter a day of drinking water is not worth it. Good little by little.