"Mucitus": instructions for use, description, reviews and analogues

For the treatment of cough there are many different drugs. Despite the fact that spasm of the bronchi is only a symptom, it is necessarily corrected in addition to the basic treatment. Thus, medicines can be used in the form of syrups, drops, dragees or injected by inhalation. One of the drugs for cough correction is "Mucitus".Instructions for use, a description of the drug will be presented to your attention. From the article you will learn about the ways of using the medication and its substitutes.

mucitus instructions for use

Description of the drug: description

About the preparation "Mucitus" the instruction for use says that it contains ergodein. The content of this substance can be 130 or 300 milligrams. Also there are additional components in the form of povidone, cellulose, starch, magnesium stearate and so on. The skin of the drug is gelatin and dyes.

There are 12 capsules in one medicine package. On the facade of the pack the trade name "Mucitus" is indicated. Instructions for use are always attached. The cost of the drug depends on its dosage and varies from 200 to 500 rubles.

mucitus 300 user manual

Indications for the prescription of the medication: what does the abstract inform you about?

In what situations do physicians prescribe to the patient "Mucitus"( tablets)?Instruction for use says that the drug is recommended as a mucolytic drug. The main indications for its use are the following situations:

  • respiratory diseases( bronchitis, pneumonia, tracheitis, laryngitis);
  • increase in sputum viscosity( sinusitis, sinusitis, rhinitis);
  • obstruction of the lungs, asthma;
  • as a preventive medicine after surgical interventions.

Medication is often combined with antibacterial or antiviral therapy.

Restrictions in use: contraindications to the use of the drug

About the drug "Mucitus" the instruction for use informs you that in some cases it should not be taken. Contraindicated in the conduct of therapy with increased sensitivity to its components. It is forbidden to use a medicine for ulcers, kidney or liver failure.

Medication should not be prescribed for future mothers and women who are at the breastfeeding stage. The drug is contraindicated for children under 8 due to their form of release.

mucitus tablet user manual

Instructions for use "Mucitus" in capsules

The medication is given regardless of the meal. The medicine is swallowed without preliminary shredding. Drink the product with clean water. The drug has a different dosage, depending on the age of the patient.

About the drug "Mucitus 300" instructions for use says that the medication is taken by patients from 12 years, one tablet twice a day. If the age of the patient is from 8 to 12 years, then you should use the medicine "Mucitus 150" for one capsule twice a day. The duration of therapy for uncomplicated diseases is from one week to 10 days. In severe forms of the disease, the drug is prescribed by a doctor under an individual scheme.

mucitus instructions for use analogs

Is there anything to replace the drug?

You already know the basic information, which is reported on the preparation "Mucitus" instruction for use. Analogues of a medicine should be selected exclusively by a specialist. The only substitute with the same active substance is the drug Erdostein.

Relative analogues working on other components, but having the same method of operation, include "Lazolvan", "ATSTS", "Ambrobene", "Fluiditek" and so on. It is worth noting that some of them are allowed to use for children from the first days of life.

Side effects of

About the drug "Mucitus" The application instruction says that it is usually well tolerated by consumers. If you follow the instructions and follow the doctor's prescriptions, then side reactions usually do not occur. However, they are mentioned in the instructions. Therefore, during treatment, pay attention to unexpected symptoms. If necessary, contact a specialist for symptomatic therapy.

Among the side effects can be allergic. More often it looks like a rash, hives. There may also be abdominal pain and digestive disorders. Some consumers reported a headache that occurs during treatment. With a severe course of adverse reactions or an overdose of the drug requires washing the stomach and the use of sorbents.

instructions for use of mucitus in capsules

Opinions about the mucolytic drug: reviews of drug users and doctors

Most consumers tolerate the drug well. This is reported to the drug "Mucitus" instructions for use. Reviews about this drug are more often found positive. Consumers say that the medicine starts its operation from the first hours after application. First there is liquefaction of mucus in the bronchi and lungs. After this, a cough reflex occurs. The patient himself coughs up the accumulated mucus, which facilitates breathing.

In rhinitis, sinusitis, sinusitis and similar diseases, the drug is also quite effective. The medication liquefies the purulent and mucous aggregations in the sinuses and gently pulls them out. With the simultaneous use of antibiotics or antiviral agents, significant improvement occurs within a few days of use.

Some consumers say that the drug was prescribed to children under the age of 8 years. Instruction for use does not advise to carry out similar therapy. However, in rare cases, pediatricians still resort to such. Parents of children said that they were recommended from one to two capsules of medication per day. At the same time, the gelatinous shell had to be opened and the contents of the capsule poured out. After adding a small amount of water, the drug was given to the child. No negative effect was observed in the baby.

Specialists do not advise strongly to listen to reviews and independently prescribe this drug. Before using any medications, including those described, it is worthwhile to consult a doctor beforehand. Doctors also remind you that not every cough requires the use of mucolytic compounds. In some cases, it is necessary to use antitussive drugs, which, on the contrary, block the contraction of the bronchi and prevent the liquefaction of pulmonary mucus.

mucitus user manual

Short conclusion

You have learned about a medicine with which you can quickly and without much effort to translate dry and unproductive cough into the wet. Such drugs must be taken very carefully. Always pay attention to the contraindications and the way of application. Despite the appointment of an individual dosage by a doctor, make sure that you do not exceed the daily dose of the medicine. If within a few days of therapy it becomes easier for you, then it makes sense to visit a doctor again. If there are more severe symptoms( fever, hemoptysis, impaired consciousness), urgently call for emergency help. Tell the doctors about all the medications you took in the last days. Strong to you health and easy breathing!