Therapeutic blockade with a hernia of the lumbar spine

Hernia of the lumbar spine occasionally causes severe pain in the back. The priority task of physicians is to eliminate acute discomfort. Only having got rid of negative sensations, it is possible to undertake the further treatment. Excellent eliminates the pain of blockade with a hernia of the lumbar spine. What is this procedure? And how effective is it?

blockade in the hernia of the lumbar spine [

The essence of the procedure

The blockade in the hernia of the lumbar spine can temporarily "turn off" one of the mechanisms that leads to the appearance of pain. This effect is achieved by entering certain medications into the area of ​​the spine, in which discomfort is felt.

If the patient is diagnosed with a hernia, doctors try to apply any methods to avoid surgical intervention. It is the medicamental blockade that becomes a real salvation for the patient and the doctor who is in pain.

This procedure for today is the most effective way to eliminate discomfort. Other methods, such as manual therapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy and even drug treatment, are much inferior to it in terms of effectiveness. It is the blockade that provides a quick relief of pain, since the medication is injected into the focus of pathology.

Types of blockade

There are 3 types of procedure:

  1. Blockade with anesthetic medicine. For this procedure, drugs are used: "Lidocaine", "Novocain."
  2. Use of anti-inflammatory drugs. In this case, the doctor enters the corticosteroid into the affected area.
  3. Blockade with anesthetics and anti-inflammatory drugs. In this procedure, the drugs of the first and second group are combined.

blockade with a hernia of the lumbar spine reviews

With a hernia of the spine, a novocain blockade with corticosteroids is most often used.

The main advantages of

People who have experienced severe back pain know perfectly how this discomfort can break the habitual way of life. Naturally, a person desires to get rid of unbearable torments. Most often, doctors recommend to resort to medical therapy aimed at reducing the pain syndrome. However, in some cases such treatment is very inefficient.

The only way to eliminate the painful discomfort is blockade with a hernia of the lumbar spine. It is especially relevant for patients who have chronic back pain.

Doctors emphasize the following advantages of this procedure:

  1. During blockade medicamentous effect on conductors and nerve endings is carried out. As a result, the analgesic effect is achieved quickly enough.
  2. The procedure allows not only to stop pain. The injected drug provides several functions. It eliminates swelling of tissues, reduces the inflammation clinic, activates metabolic reactions in the affected area, eliminates muscle tension.
  3. Blockade has a minimal amount of side effects. After all, the procedure itself involves the introduction of medication into the affected area. And the medicine comes to the general bloodstream much later.
  4. The event can be held many times.

Indications for procedure

A blockade can be recommended to a patient in a variety of pathologies that are accompanied by intense pain in the back area and are not eliminated by other methods.

blockade with a hernia of the lumbar spine

The main indications for the procedure are diseases:

  • neuralgia, an unexplained cause;
  • severe stages of lumbar or cervical osteochondrosis;
  • lumbotherapy( acute pain localized in the lumbar region of the back);
  • radiculitis( inflammation of the nervous spinal roots);
  • intervertebral hernia, protrusions;
  • myositis( inflammatory process in the muscle tissues of the spine);
  • preparation for surgical intervention;
  • infringement of the nerve provoked by hernias, spondylitis, osteophytes.
  • rehabilitation after surgical treatment;
  • intense pain in fractures or a variety of back injuries.

The most common blockade is the hernia of the lumbar spine. It is in the lumbar region that the procedure technique is most simple. This predisposes the structure of the spine. Due to such peculiarities, the blockade in this area practically does not lead to complications.


However, an excellent procedure can not come to the rescue of all patients. In some cases, the introduction of a drug in the spine is strictly contraindicated.

Therapeutic blockade with a hernia of the lumbar spine is not performed in such cases:

  • diseases of the heart, vessels;
  • individual sensitivity for medication intended for input;
  • hepatic impairment;
  • low pressure;
  • kidney failure;
  • pathology of the central nervous system;
  • epilepsy;
  • infectious process in acute stage;
  • pregnancy;
  • skin conditions at the injection site.

Preparing for the

event Certainly, questions arise if the doctor has a blockade in the hernia of the lumbar spine, how the procedure is done, and how to prepare for it?

therapeutic blockade with a hernia of the lumbar spine

No special manipulation by the patient is required. It is very important to notify the doctor about all cases of allergies to medications.

The following actions will be carried out by the personnel:

  1. Preparation of the room and sterilization of the instrument.
  2. Preparation of special analgesic solutions.
  3. The patient is asked to occupy a certain position on the lounger.
  4. The skin in the area of ​​the future blockade is carefully treated with antiseptics.
  5. Tissues are anesthetized with a few injections of anesthetic.

Technique for conducting

Procedure is performed only by senior medical staff. The blockade is performed by surgeons, traumatologists, neuropathologists or vertebrologists. After all, manipulation requires a high level of professionalism, as well as an ideal knowledge of human anatomy.

There are several techniques for conducting the event:

  • epidural block;
  • is a paravertebral one.

These methods differ among themselves in the depth of drug administration. On this depends the strength of the blocking of the nervous structure. To understand in more detail how the blockade is performed in the hernia of the lumbar spine, consider both methods in detail.

Paravertebral blockade of

This is the most common procedure variant. How is such a blockade performed in the hernia of the lumbar spine? Does it hurt the patient during the event?

blockade with a hernia of the lumbar spine as do

The algorithm of the paravertebral procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. As mentioned above, the original blockade site is anaesthetized by superficial analgesics. After the medicine has worked, the doctor, through the skin and muscle tissue, gropes the processes of the vertebrae, between which the injection will be done.
  2. The doctor injects a thick needle into the previously selected area, reaching the vertex arches. Does the patient experience pain at this time? The person practically feels nothing, thanks to previously introduced anesthetics.
  3. In the area where the needle is inserted, the roots of the nerves are localized. After the introduction of the drug, they lose the conductivity and sensitivity.
  4. In addition, the doctor performs additional anesthesia. This effect is achieved by moving the needle to the vertebrae during the injection of the drug. Thus, anesthesia extends to the muscles, ligaments surrounding the affected area of ​​the spine.

Epidural procedure

Very often it is recommended epidural blockade with a hernia of the lumbar spine. How is this done?

The technique of the event is as follows:

  1. Patient is advised to lie on his stomach.
  2. To ensure the necessary flexion in the lumbar region of the back, put a special cushion under the lower abdomen.
  3. Drug is injected into the sacrum. Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve "disconnection" of nerve impulses in the lumbar region.
  4. The doctor enters the needle until the condition is felt until the "failure" through the ligaments and muscles. It is in this space that a drug is produced.
  5. Novokain is used for the event. The medicine is used in a large volume, but low dosage.
  6. Sometimes the patient notes the increased pain during the blockade in the area of ​​the hernia. This is a perfectly normal condition. At such clinic it is recommended to gradually enter a solution, periodically taking breaks. As soon as the medication is evenly distributed, the discomfort will noticeably weaken.

blockade with a hernia of the lumbar spine painfully

Complications of the

Occasionally, undesirable reactions may occur, which provokes a blockade in the hernia of the lumbar spine.

Consequences related to the technique of the event:

  1. Bleeding. This symptomatology characterizes the damage of a large vessel with a needle. If the patient is diagnosed with liver or blood diseases, the risk of complications is increased.
  2. Allergy. It can occur in response to the administration of a medication. That's why it's important to test before manipulation.
  3. Infection. This is a rare complication. It can arise as a result of insufficient surface treatment of the skin or poor-quality sterilization of the instrument.

In addition, the patient may experience complications caused by an injectable analgesic( for example, Novokain):

  • loss of consciousness;
  • epileptic seizure;
  • hypertensive crisis;
  • convulsive cider, twitching of muscle tissue;
  • malfunction of the respiratory center.

how the blockade is performed in the hernia of the lumbar spine

Opinion of patients

What do people think that the blockade was performed with a hernia of the lumbar spine? Feedback on the event is mostly positive. Most patients claim that the procedure allowed to quickly and easily get rid of the painful discomfort, which is not amenable to drug treatment.

But at the same time people emphasize that the event relieves of pain only for a certain period - for a week, a month. Therefore, if you do not undertake a special treatment prescribed by a doctor and includes medical therapy, physiotherapy, exercise therapy, massage, then you have to resort to blockade again and again.