Sanatorium "Zheleznodorozhnik"( Yaroslavl): description, services and reviews

In the Soviet times, each agency built health resorts for its employees, where it was possible to improve health, and just relax. So in Yaroslavl there was a sanatorium "Zheleznodorozhnik", rendering services mainly by railway transport workers. Now this health resort successfully continues its work, only now it takes to rest and treatment of any Yaroslavl and any guest of the city. The sanatorium has many advantages that make recreation here in all respects pleasant, but there are also several features that may not appeal to everyone. We offer a virtual walk through the health resort and see everything with your own eyes.


"Zheleznodorozhnik" - sanatorium, which immediately captivates those who came here with their beautiful territory. It is always well-groomed, very clean at any time of the year, alleys are laid all around, paved with sidewalk tiles, shops are set up, flowerbeds with all kinds of flowers are broken. Buildings of the sanatorium are low, only three floors, but they are made in an interesting design, so they fit harmoniously into the forest park area, in which the health resort is located. Those entering the sanatorium first pass into the spacious hall, furnished with soft sofas and armchairs and equipped with fountains with drinking water. Here is the reception, where they are always happy to help and solve any problems that arise. In the sanatorium building there is a large indoor swimming pool, a sports hall, a billiard room, tennis tables are installed, and in the hall you can use free wireless internet.

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health resort Zheleznodorozhnik


Since the sanatorium "Zheleznodorozhnik" was created for railway transport workers, it is logical that it is located in close proximity to the main railway station of Yaroslavl. Also near is the sanatorium and from the central bus station. This circumstance is very convenient for visitors who, in order to get to the health resort, you just need to cross the station square and walk a few minutes along Pavlik Morozova Street. The Zheleznodorozhnik sanatorium will be on your right hand right behind the Park Inn. This circumstance is important, since sometimes, if there are no places, vacationers who take a room in a health resort, settle in this hotel. The official address of the sanatorium is Yaroslavl, Kirovsky district, Pavlik Morozov street, 7. Not far from the sanatorium is the Leontief cemetery, founded in the late 18th century. It is a historical place, but burial is taking place on it until now. The cemetery can be clearly seen from the windows of some rooms of the health resort.

Zheleznodorozhnik health resort

Getting there

The sanatorium "Zheleznodorozhnik" is located very conveniently both for residents of Yaroslavl and for its guests. Come, if they do not have heavy bags, it's easy and quick, just 4-7 minutes, to walk. If things are heavy, it makes sense to take a taxi, the cost of which will be small, and the trip will take only 2-3 minutes. From the center of Yaroslavl to the health resort, you can get by bus( № 45, 88, 99, 76, 52), buses( № 9, 8, 11, 44, 17, 30) or trolleybuses( № 6, 1, 3).The same types of transport can be used by holidaymakers for travel to Yaroslavl.

For car enthusiasts the entrance to the sanatorium is also convenient, and on the territory of the health center they are waited by ground parking.

Medical profile

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is more correct to call a sanatorium the following way: sanatorium-preventorium "Zheleznodorozhnik".Services here turn out to be both with a separation, and without separation from work, that is, railway workers can undergo procedures after work and on weekends. You can treat here such body systems:

- digestive;

is urogenital;

- nervous;

- musculoskeletal;

is cardiovascular.

In addition, the sanatorium has developed therapeutic programs for weight correction, normalization of metabolism, stress removal, body cleansing from harmful substances.

All holidaymakers can receive consultations of doctors of the following specialties:

- gastroenterologist;

- therapist;

- gynecologist;

is a dentist;

- psychotherapist;

- neurologist;

- occupational path, etc. Zheleznodorozhnik health resort prices

Medical base

"Zheleznodorozhnik" is a sanatorium in which classical and proven methods are used for treatment and the latest developments. So, balneological procedures are performed here:

- therapeutic baths( 9 species, including narzan, sea, herbal, marine);

- showers( 5 species - Charcot, fan, underwater, circular and ascending);

- mud therapy;

- applications with ozocerite;

- baths and reception inside the mineral water from its own sources located on the territory of the sanatorium.

The classical type of treatment can be attributed to physiotherapy procedures based on the action of the magnetic field, electrocutions, light, laser, ultrasound, as well as inhalation, exercise therapy, massages( manual and instrumental), aroma and phytotherapy.

In addition to these well-proven procedures in the sanatorium "Zheleznodorozhnik", the following types of treatment are performed:

- hirudotherapy;

- electrosleep;

- aqua aerobics( individually or in a group);

- acupuncture;

- ozone therapy;

- psycho correction with white noise;

- treatment with juices and a special multi-layer blanket;

- spinal traction.

sanatorium of dispensary Zheleznodorozhnik Yaroslavl


Different for comfort rooms offers its customers a sanatorium "Zheleznodorozhnik".Reviews of tourists about them are unanimous in that all the rooms are furnished with good-quality modern furniture, very clean and cozy. Their categories:

  • Econom. One-room, designed for 2 people, if necessary, you can install one additional space in the form of a clamshell or a chair-bed. The rooms have refrigerators and televisions, and amenities( shower, toilet, washbasin) are block type.
  • Junior Suite. Two-room, designed for 2 guests, plus one extra seat. There is a living room, a bedroom, a hygiene room, a small hallway. In the room there are sets of bedroom and upholstered furniture, a large refrigerator, a TV, an iron, a hairdryer.
  • Family. Two-room, designed to accommodate 2-4 people. Very spacious and cozy rooms, bright, beautiful, equipped with comfortable furniture, functional modern electrical equipment.

health resort Zheleznodorozhny reviews


On the organization of food reviews about the sanatorium "Zheleznodorozhnik" are ambiguous. This is due to the type of vacation. If you purchased a ticket with treatment( sanatorium), vacationers receive a comprehensive three meals a day. It takes place in the dining room of the sanatorium according to the type of the preliminary order. In addition to the main menu, there is a diet menu. Appoints his doctor-dietician. If you purchased a voucher without treatment, only with accommodation, as in the hotel, vacationers can get a breakfast consisting of drinks( coffee, tea), sandwiches, cereals and bakery. For lunch and dinner you will need to pay extra.

In the sanatorium in addition to the dining room there is a banquet hall, where you can hold solemn events.

Additional information

"Zheleznodorozhnik" - sanatorium, prices in which are available to people with any income. At various tour operators the cost of permits can be slightly different. On average, it ranges from 1100 to 6600 rubles per day per person, depending on the category of the booked room. This cost includes accommodation, a set of procedures, a visit to the pool and food. Children are provided with a system of discounts.

The sanatorium is open all year round. Rest here is good for those who love silence, and those who like active pastime. In the health resort you can visit the swimming pool, sauna, gym, equipped with modern exercise equipment. All guests have a great opportunity to spend their free time outside the sanatorium, visiting the sights of Yaroslavl.

reviews about the sanatorium Zheleznodorozhnik


A rather high rating, compiling from 3.8 to 4 points from 5 sources, has a sanatorium-preventorium "Zheleznodorozhnik".Yaroslavl annually visits thousands of tourists who come here to admire its unique sights. For many people, "Railwayman" is becoming a great place to relax after a busy day. They evaluate the health resort by such criteria as location and comfort in the rooms. People who come to Zheleznodorozhnik to improve their health, pay more attention to the quality of the work of medical personnel and the services provided. The advantages noted by all clients:

sanatorium dispensary Railwayman services

- excellent location in relation to transport interchanges;

- cozy clean rooms;

- relatively low prices;

- very friendly and hospitable staff;

- high-quality medical procedures.

Notable shortcomings:

- proximity of the cemetery;

- no food( for those who bought a ticket only with accommodation);

- little entertainment within the walls of the sanatorium.