Do not know how to relax the muscles? Tips, exercises and effective ways

Not everyone knows and understands how to relax the muscles. It is especially difficult for a person who does not engage in sports to do this, whose muscles are not trained. For such people it is important to learn how to show effort to learn how to feel and control yourself.

how muscles relax

It is important not only to understand how muscles relax, but also be able to relieve tension from certain groups, for example, those that do not participate in the movement. This is required for proper performance of various physical exercises, and in normal life.

After sports classes, if the body is properly relaxed, it contributes to a quick recovery, and also relieves mental stress.

Consider how the muscles relax on the body as a whole, and also in some areas of it separately.

Why are we always tense?

It may seem that it is easy to remove tension, and anyone can do it without difficulty. It's enough to lie down or sit down, and the body is already relaxed. However, most likely, the person who knows his body badly will say so. It is known that even during sleep the muscles are tense( tonic).They, albeit weakly, are alternately straining their fibers. Thus, we are always ready for any action.

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And if a person is awake, tonic tension supports his body in a certain position. For example, thanks to this state, it is kept in an upright position.

Tonus depends on the degree of muscle tension. The fact is that these soft tissues are attached to the bones already slightly in a stretched position. Therefore, the state of the voltage is present initially. This is the reason why you can not relax completely.

how to relax your neck muscles

Nevertheless it is known how to relax the muscles to the end. To completely remove the voltage from them, you need to do so that they can be shortened.

When the triceps relax, the biceps stretch, and vice versa. The same relationship develops with skeletal muscles. Each of them has antagonists. Therefore, all at once you will not be able to shorten it. For relaxation, it is best to take a position when the muscles of the limbs and trunk are in the same tension.

This position is possible in water, but only when there is no feeling of chill. At a low temperature, the tone will even increase. But the procedures with warm water( bath, shower, bath) will help the body to relax. The same effect is obtained with a slight stroking, which, in addition to increasing the temperature, will calm the nervous system.

Where to start?

To relax was more successful, it needs to gradually learn. Do the following exercise. Sit in a comfortable chair, lean against his back, put your hands on the armrests, and legs dilute and bend at the knees. This position creates the conditions for a good relaxation. Of course, if you sit down like this, you will not automatically relax. But, if you make a strong-willed effort, soon you will get it quickly.

Relieve tension from the eye

Exercises for the eyes are useful for all people. But especially they are necessary for those who spend a lot of time at the computer. Here's how to relax the muscles of the eyes, you can, making small breaks at work.

how to relax your back muscles

  • Move the view up and down, returning to its original position, and then also to the sides.
  • Closely frowns, and then relax.
  • Two fingers massage the area behind the lobes of the ears. This will help to remove puffiness under the eyes. Also, pressing the index fingers on the inner corners of the eyes will help with the problem. In this zone are points that relax the muscles of the eyes and help to get rid of edema.
  • The index and middle fingers press the outer edges of the eyebrows. Then they pull their fingers to their hair and look at the tip of the nose. Relax the muscles. Each exercise is repeated ten times.
  • If you want to remove the wrinkle, put two fingers between it and hold it like that. This area will warm up and soften. You can also soften the area under the eyes. But only do it very carefully, because the skin here is very thin.
  • At the end they warm up their palms, rubbing them together, making a "dimple" in them, and then applying them to the eyes. Exercise is performed sitting, resting elbows on the table. Try to relax as much as possible in total darkness.

Relieve tension from the face

Ignore the tension of the facial muscles in any case impossible. In fact then wrinkles will appear much earlier. Constant tension will contribute to the contamination of pores and even muscle fibers. Therefore, you need to know how to relax your face muscles and regularly do it.

how to relax your face muscles

It is known that relaxation will be felt much better if you first strain. Therefore, the whole face should be wrinkled, and then relax it. Exercise is repeated ten times. Then with the pads of all the fingers, except the large one, you can massage the temporal region.

The following exercise will teach you how to relax your face muscles deeper than anything else. They look straight ahead. The lower jaw is lowered as low as possible and makes several slow inhalations and exhalations, and then widely smile, fixing the position for several seconds. After that, relax your face and try to feel your deepest muscles. Exercise is repeated ten times.

After this complex, you can do the usual gymnastics for the face.

strain and relax the muscles

Relieve tension from the neck

With the following exercises you will learn how to relax the neck muscles.

  • Lower your head and swipe it from one side to the other. Repeat the motion ten times in each direction.
  • The shoulders are raised and lowered, making circular movements forward and backward. So repeat five times in each direction. After that, bend your head seven times. Then slowly turn the head to one side and the other. Repeat the movements ten times.
  • Leaning his elbows on the table, lowering his chin in the palm of his hand, trying to squeeze his head.
  • To perform this exercise, you need to fold the towel into the roller and ask another person to help. They lay on their backs and put a towel under the back of their heads. Another person pulls the towel over and keeps it for a few minutes. This is repeated three times.

Having mastered the last exercise, you will definitely know how to relax the muscles of the neck. It is performed by lying on the back. The hands are pulled by the head, and the legs are bent at the knees. The head should be tilted forward until stretching is felt. Remain in this position for a few seconds. Exercise is repeated five times.

Remove tension from the hands

Hands to relax is very simple. Here are some exercises for this.

Get up straight and raise their hands in front of you, fingers clenching into a fist, without holding your hand, and make movements similar to a pendulum. Repeat the same thing, but tilt the body forward.

And one more exercise. Clasp your hands in the lock behind your back, lean forward and freely release your hands so that they fall. All movements are repeated five times.

Removing tension from the feet

how to relax leg muscles

How to relax the muscles of the legs? Do the following exercises.

  • With one foot they stand on a small elevation and the other one is lifted straight forward as far as possible. The muscles must be stretched and the toe pulled. Then they let go of the leg, letting it fall.
  • Lying on the back, legs bend at the knees and bred without tension. Then they are reduced with effort. Exercise is repeated three to four times.
  • Lie on their side, bending their knees. The upper leg is raised, and then relaxed, released into its original position.

Relieve tension from the back

We now learn how to relax the back muscles.

  • You have to stand up straight and hold your hands on your belt. Alternately raise and lower that one, then the other shoulder.
  • The exercise is performed first standing on all fours and resting with the palms and knees on the floor, and then standing. The back is bent, rounding it.
  • Exercises lying on the stomach. Hands put under the hips, legs straight and together. The feet are raised as high as possible, they are held for a couple of seconds in the air and slowly lowered.
  • Then the same is done with the upper part of the torso, tearing off the head and shoulders from the floor.
  • Lying on his back, pulling his knees to his chest, tilting his head and remain in this position for five to seven seconds.

how to relax the muscles of the eyes

In addition to how to relax the muscles of the back, many are interested in exercises directly for the waist. In this respect, there is no equal to simple swimming. Do exercises, imitating swimming, lying on the floor. But it's better, of course, to swim in the pool with warm water.


Thus, simple exercises will help to relax different muscle groups. Do them regularly, and you will noticeably improve the quality of your life. Very effective is the alternation, in which it is necessary to strain and relax the muscles. If you feel them first in a tightened form, relaxation is much easier.