Exotic( fragrances for electronic cigarettes): manufacturer, reviews

Electronic cigarettes not so long ago appeared on the market, however they quickly gained popularity. The number of couples is growing rapidly, creating a whole movement among their adepts. Electronic cigarettes had much more advantages than conventional cigarettes. And despite the fact that physicians have not yet decided whether it is dangerous or safe to use the new device, the manufacturers have done their best to lure as many users into their networks. A huge selection of evaporators, differing in power, design and type of tightening, as well as a wide range of liquids can take even an experienced steamer for a very long time.

The so-called do-it-yourself method has been gaining popularity recently: with the help of aromatic concentrate and nicotine base, it is possible to create a liquid to your taste and the desired strength. The best flavors for electronic cigarettes allow you to experiment with your bad habit. Exotic, flavorings

Why electronic?

Only the baby knows about the dangers of cigarette smoke today. And nonsmokers are aware of this much better than the smokers themselves. It is understandable - anyone who wants to poison themselves with boring statistical calculations of awesome content. However, the combustion products that emit a cigarette when tightened, really detrimental to health. One of the most dangerous carcinogens - tar - settles in the lungs and can cause cancer. Nicotine not only narrows the blood vessels, but also gives the teeth and fingers an unpleasant yellowish shade. Electronic cigarette does not give such consequences. Of course, the nicotine present in it will continue to undermine immunity, but, at least, those around you literally sigh with you freer.

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The best flavors for electronic cigarettes

The history of the electronic cigarette

Pioneers in this area were the Chinese. The scientist from Hong Kong Hon Lik in 2003 patented the first smokeless nicotine-containing device. His invention made a splash, and the following year, the company Ruyan released the first batch of electronic cigarettes. They were rather cumbersome, they looked like a smoking pipe, not an ordinary cigarette, but since then their image has been greatly modernized. Today, swing devices meet not only functional requirements, but also the design requirements of users. Recipes for liquids for electronic cigarettes

What depends on the most electronic cigarette?

Of course, to get a rich taste of cigarette tightening, first of all you need to get a decent pairer. Now on the market there are evaporators with different power and resistance, measured in ohms. The optimal for beginners is the resistance of 2-2.5 ohms, for more sophisticated steamers the resistance in 4-5 ohms is more suitable, such devices give less steam, but also use less battery. In general, most electronic cigarettes are equipped with a special ring, which regulates the power of the puff and, accordingly, the saturation of the taste.

Liquids for electronic cigarettes

At the heart of the finished liquid is only four components: water, glycerin, propylene glycol and nicotine. Glycerin helps the formation of steam, and propylene glycol is responsible for the taste. Flavors are mainly of three kinds - fruit, tobacco and imitating the taste of various drinks. If you can not live without coffee or do not represent your day without a bottle of Coca-Cola, then you can enjoy the taste of your favorite drink and in the process of smoking. Some especially original manufacturers make liquids even with the taste of alcoholic beverages, so that in the morning no one will interfere with whiskey. Those who love creativity in all spheres of life will like to experiment with concentrates. One of the most popular among them are Exotic - European food flavors, which are added to the basis for creating an individual taste of liquid. Exotic flavors, reviews

Overview of concentrates for steaming

In principle, the same components can be used as flavors for electronic cigarettes as in the food industry. However, most often vapers prefer to use liquids specially made for evaporators. It is believed that the best flavors for electronic cigarettes are produced in China, since it is the original homeland of this device. For example, the company Hangsen - one of the largest manufacturers of cans for refueling evaporators and the only one that has the entire cooking process is almost completely automated. Great confidence was won also by European manufacturers. The Italian company FlavourArt has a wide range of tastes, numbering more than 110 items. Totally Wicked produces flavors in the UK, they are also presented in Russian stores. Exotic, flavorings. Dosage

Exotic - flavors for those who take everything in their hands

But the Russian people are used to finding their own approach, trusting their research more than the experience of professionals. In Russia, the great authority was won by the blogger Butch, who is also Georges Batareykin, having formed a whole movement called ProVape. His followers call themselves microcools, and they really know everything about hovering. In his blog Butch not only tells in detail how to "pump" the evaporator, but also gives recipes for liquids for electronic cigarettes. His page will be useful for both novice viper and advanced users. In particular, he recommends that everyone use Exotic flavors. The manufacturer took care of the diversity of its products. exotic flavorings recipes

How to cook a delicious liquid for steaming?

Those who are accustomed to ready-made mixtures, can decide that they will need a lot of skill to prepare liquids. However, all you need is a nicotine or non-nicotine base and Exotic( flavors).The recipes offered by Butch and other users of evaporators are so simple that even a novice viper can easily master them. There are no strict rules for mixing, it all depends on individual preferences. To begin with, it is usually advised to try a 1:10 proportion, that is, add 10 ml of flavor to 100 ml of the base. Some users insist the resulting mixture within 24 hours, others start to soar immediately after mixing. Try both options to determine what is right for you. Exotic Flavors, manufacturer

Many wapers write that different flavors require different concentrations. For example, some of them( Brandy, Cherry) mix well in the proportion of 30 drops per 10 ml of the base, others( "Cinnamon", "Granat") - 15 drops per 10 ml. Flavors with bitter taste( for example, "Virginia") are advised to insist for 24 hours to get rid of the specific taste. As you can see, recipes for liquids for electronic cigarettes are diverse.

Flavors Exotic: reviews

Advertising advertising, but consumers are used to rely more on real feedback from people who have tried this product. The Internet space for that is created to easily exchange opinions. In general, we can say that Exotic - flavoring, which received very positive feedback. No complaints about the quality of concentrates in veypers do not arise. Most of all the high flavors of flavoring qualities got the flavoring "Green Tea".Users note his unobtrusive, uneaten taste and lack of a taste of chemistry. Many also liked "Virginia", despite the fact that the fragrance itself in the pot gives off bitter taste, when mixed, this fragrance evaporates. Also, the taste of the "Red Apple" is highly appreciated by couples, especially it appealed to fans of hookah. Less positive reviews were caused by "Prune" - its specific bitterish taste did not find support among the vapers."Grapefruit" disappointed many of its obvious chemical origin. In general, fruit flavors succeeded, apparently, less tobacco: in addition to the "Red Apple", "Blackcurrant" and "Forest Berries", none aroused the excitement among users.

Of course, every opinion is the result of personal perception, and you can have it completely different if you decide to try Exotic yourself( flavors).Dosage has a significant effect on the taste of the mixture obtained, and, probably, many negative assessments could be avoided by correcting the proportions. Do not be afraid to experiment, because as a result you can get your ideal liquid for soaring!