How is the piercing of the ears: is the cartilage injured or not?

Today, not only women, but also men wear jewelry on their ears. If earlier only the earrings on the earlobe were relevant, recently such a type of piercing as piercing of the ears( cartilage is sometimes injured) on the top or side is very much in demand.

Puncture of the auricle( ear cartilage puncture)

Depending on the preferences, you can make one puncture, and several in one ear. A different number of holes for earrings are also fashionable( for example, 3 on the right and 4 on the left ear).Having made a puncture of the ears, the cartilage can be decorated with various kinds of jewelry, such as rings, bars( with a double puncture industrial), carnations, horseshoes, labrets, etc. Moreover, it is considered not only in women but also in men. Ear piercing is considered to be the most painless, in comparison with other parts of the body. If the procedure is performed by a specialist, complications after and painful sensations during it will be minimized. The standard puncture heals about 2 to 4 weeks( it happens a little longer).

Ear piercing( cartilage)

Before piercing the ears, the cartilage is wiped with 95% alcohol or with Octenitept. The earring must be lowered into the antiseptic solution for 15-20 minutes. The spot is punctured with an antiseptic marker. Technique for puncture: the ear is fixed with a clamp, then pierced through with a disinfected needle - a catheter. What is the secret of this device? The catheter tube remains, the needle is removed. The jewelry leg is inserted into the catheter, as if pushing it out of the canal. This takes a few seconds. When the leg of the ornament appears from the hole, the catheter is removed and the decoration is fixed at the puncture site. It is advisable to wash your head before going to the salon, in order to not injure the puncture site in the subsequent weeks of healing.

Do piercing of the ear cartilage with a gun or needle?

This question is of concern to many. It is believed that the earlobe is best suited to a special gun, especially since there are devices for single use. Their use significantly reduces the risk of infection. But if you decide to make a puncture of the ears, the cartilage should be pierced with a needle. Although in this issue the opinions of experts differ.

Puncture of cartilage of ear - consequences of

Complications of this type of piercing, contrary to its prevalence and apparent safety, can be deplorable. Sometimes, when the puncture led to hearing loss, partial or complete blindness, seizures, problems with the digestive tract, headache, etc. Some piercers were deprived of an ear( at a puncture of the top part).So, if there is infection, it is difficult to get into this area of ​​antibiotics, consists mainly of cartilage and has poor blood circulation. The solution to the problem is a partial or complete amputation. If you decide to do the piercing, do not forget that when the piercing of the ears is performed, the cartilage is treated in the standard way.

The procedure should be carried out 2-3 r.per day( for the decoration and the site of the puncture should be applied "Chlorhexidine Bigluconate").The earring needs to be scrolled and pushed to penetrate the solution into the canal, the jewelry can be changed not earlier than 4 weeks later.