Black olives. Beneficial features.

Olive( olive) is an evergreen, unpretentious tree that was cultivated by the ancestors of today's Greeks, Italians and Spaniards back in the 5th millennium BC.e. In ancient Greece oil of olive-tree berries was called "liquid gold" for its amazing properties, already then people knew what useful olives. The inflorescence of the olive tree is covered with small whitish flowers, and the mature fruit has almost black color and oily pulp. In Russia, black fruits are called olives, and green fruits are called olives, believing that they are two different varieties of olives. In fact, it is the berries of the same olive or olive tree, only at different stages of aging. To date, almost 60 species of olives are known to mankind.

Ways of preparing olive fruit.

Spain takes the first place in the world market for the sale of olives, here grow the most delicious and large olives, the useful properties of which people have been tireless to praise for several thousand years. Olive trees grow well in Central Asia, Transcaucasia, where the climate allows. The only minus of these wonderful fruits - they have an extremely tart taste, they can not be eaten raw. For many years people tried to find a way to eat olive berries, soaked them in various solutions for up to a year! Modern technologies allowed to cook olives, the useful properties of which are not destroyed during processing. Like three thousand years ago, olives are still marinated in various vinegar and honey. First the berries stay for a while in the soda solution, then they are washed and poured with acetic or oily solution with spices. Of not very tasty varieties of olives, remove pits and stuff with paprika, seafood, lemons. Recipes for cooking olives are very many, everywhere their own characteristics and subtleties, depending on the growth and history of this country.

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Olive oil.

In addition to a huge selection of pickled, salted olives, the olive tree gives the most valuable product - oil. The oil obtained from olive berries is used not only in cooking, flavored with various spices and called "miro," it is used in Christian rituals. For the production of olive oil, the ripe fruits are used, they are crushed and squeezed. The oil of the first pressing is the most expensive, unlike the oils of the second and third squeezes. The remains of the cake are dried and made of them a briquetted environmentally friendly fuel.

Are olives useful?

Olive pulp, in addition to its taste qualities, contains many vitamins and minerals. There are microelements, proteins, sugar, vitamins C and B, carotene, pectins, and unsaturated fats. It is thanks to these elements that olives, whose useful properties can not be denied, have a beneficial effect on the general state of the human body, improve digestion, and remove stones from the kidneys. In the composition of olive oil are fatty acids that reduce the level of glycemia, prevent diseases of blood vessels and heart, rejuvenating the body. And the vitamin complex contained in olive oil is useful for the digestive system and improves the skin condition. By the way, olives and olive oil have almost no contraindications, which means that their use benefits everyone, and even pregnant women. Unsaturated fats of oil lower the level of cholesterol, which causes the formation of clots in the vessels and leads to heart disease. Containing a very low level of acidity, olives are perfectly digested, and their consumption is the prevention of stomach diseases. Fats in olive oil suppress the formation of tumor cells of the intestine, gallstones stones. The high content of vitamin E in oil helps in the fight against aging of the skin, protects and improves the condition of the hair. Scientists have found that, regular consumption of olive oil, reduces the risk of malignant neoplasms in the chest by 45%.Since ancient times, olives, useful properties and miraculous qualities of which are widely known, helped in the healing of mental illnesses and contributed to the improvement of male potency. Olive oil and olives are useful for people of all ages: the elderly for strengthening bones, children for the formation of the nervous system, pregnant women - as a storehouse of vitamins and minerals.