How to treat cracks in nipples

Cracks in the nipples - this is a common problem for many women after childbirth. The main reason for the occurrence of this moment is the wrong capture of the baby's breast, and there may also be an illiterate posture during the feeding itself. Cracks on the nipples appear from frequent washing with soap, which irritates the skin, from green or alcohol, in addition, they can appear with staphylococcal or fungal infection.

Mostly experienced women who have enough feeding skills in their arsenal avoid such situations. From the first days such mothers accustom their child to the correct feeding, and also take care of their breasts properly. But inexperienced lactating women, especially in the first weeks, often face this problem. Usually cracks on the nipples heal after the mother corrects the seizure. But if this does not happen, and in addition there is burning, lumbago and itching, then immediately it is necessary to see a doctor.

If cracks in the nipples are accompanied by high fever, lumps and milk stagnation, a woman can get serious illnesses such as thrush, mastitis and other types. First of all, you should avoid these symptoms, otherwise you will have to seek help from a gynecologist and a surgeon.

Women need to take care of their breasts from the first month of pregnancy, it is during this period that the breast begins to grow and the nipples swell. In this case, you should not allow the skin to dry out, it should always be clean and moisturized. After the birth of the baby, it is necessary to apply it correctly to the chest. The correct grip is reflected in the following:

- wide open mouth of baby;

- captures not only the nipple, but also part of the halo. The baby should take the breast in such a way that the lower lip grasps the greater part than the upper one;

- the baby must suckle the breast so that the lips are stretched out. In this case, you can see the language;

- the child's chin and spout should touch the chest;

- cheeks at the same time must be inflated;

- after the baby ate, the nipple of the mother should look round.

Proper feeding means comfort and absence of pain, a woman should not experience painful sensations.

Cracks in the nipples - how to treat to answer an exciting question, you need to stock up on special creams. The most effective and recommended by doctors, and therefore also safe, are - Depanthenol, Purelan, Bepanten and Solcoseryl. To heal cracks, you need to lubricate the ointment with nipples after feeding. You can use other means - sea buckthorn oil, for example, but then you will need to wash your milk.

Cracks in the nipples during feeding may occur on first application or after several weeks. You should not forget about the correct capture and prevention. It is not necessary to use a breast pump, if the breasts are in cracks and wounded, it is better to express your hands. When the baby is hungry, it is better to give him that breast, which is less traumatized, because at the first bout of hunger the child begins to eat more intensively, which leads to aching pain.

Do not forget about breast hygiene, a woman should carefully monitor the condition of her breasts - constantly wash after each feeding, air, arrange air baths, and protect. For this case, you can use special tabs. If the cracks on the nipples are strong, then the doctor will recommend a more intense remedy. You can ease the pain yourself, just do not give the sick chest to the baby, decanting it as needed.

Some women, when they suffer with cracks on their nipples, experience not only pain, but also fear of new feeding. Do not worry so much, gather strength and teach the baby the correct capture. And soon you will understand that breastfeeding is the most painless, correct and competent way to protect your baby from many diseases, give him all the useful vitamins and once again prove the strong connection between the baby and the loving mother.