How to remove excess water from the body: getting rid of swelling

Which woman does not dream of a slender and beautiful figure? Unfortunately, swelling, which often affects the fair sex, can significantly spoil the appearance, in addition, they increase weight by several kilograms. How to remove excess water from the body without causing harm to health, but with benefit to the figure?

Reasons for edema

Before you start fighting with such an unpleasant phenomenon as swelling, it is worthwhile to think, from where there is an excess of water in the body? If there are no serious health problems, in particular kidney problems, then there may be several reasons for this. The first is familiar to all women not by hearsay. A week before menstruation, the body accumulates fluid. This is absolutely natural, in this case, do not think about how to remove excess water from the body, it will leave itself after a couple of days. Another reason, in connection with which there may be edema, is the use of a large number of diuretics( coffee, green tea).Their effect is not pronounced, but nevertheless is present. In this case, the body can also store water. In addition, the appearance of edema can be affected by improper eating habits, for example, excessive consumption of too salty foods. Everyone knows that salt promotes water retention in the body, and also causes a thirst.

How to remove excess water from the body

There are a lot of ways that you can get rid of edema. However, you should know one important thing: before you start to study how to remove excess water from the body, it is worth remembering the funds that are absolutely not suitable, namely, pharmacy diuretics. First, they have many side effects, and secondly, can be addictive. Such funds can be used only for the doctor's prescription.

In this case how to remove excess water from the body without causing harm to health? Herbal preparations with cranberry leaves, home cranberry juice, can help. Charges can be purchased at any pharmacy, they are considered completely safe, because they are prescribed even for pregnant women. Morse of cranberries is best cooked with a minimum of sugar to give the body a sense of ease. It is worth not to drink alcoholic beverages! They have the property of retaining fluid in the body. Also, however strange it may sound to remove the liquid from the body, you need to drink more pure drinking water. It helps to purify the body and fill its need for liquid, but teas, juices and other beverages do not possess such properties. An interesting folk remedy for combating edema is a lemon. It has diaphoretic properties, therefore it displays water. How to get rid of swelling with a lemon? Very simple: before going to bed you need to eat a whole lemon, preferably with a peel. Go to bed, covered in a warm blanket. The next morning there will be no trace of edema! However, it is worth remembering that this method is not suitable for people who have stomach problems. In any case, if a person does not see an obvious cause of edema( irregular food, alcohol, critical days), the best solution will be to take the help of a doctor. The expert will help to establish, in what the problem consists, and will appoint or nominate treatment or simply will give a sensible advice.