Cholesterol is bad and good - what is it?

Not every person watches the level of cholesterol in their blood. Some do not even know that cholesterol is bad and good. Track the level of this substance begins only one who has already encountered the unpleasant consequences of his rise in blood.

What is cholesterol

Cholestrin is a fatty substance. It is impossible to say unequivocally that for an organism this is a poison, because it is a part of cell membranes in the human body. Moreover, the body itself produces most of it, and the rest goes to the blood through food.

Cholesterol is bad and good

For a long time, all the fighters for a healthy lifestyle were on low-cholesterol diets, and then their health deteriorated sharply. So low cholesterol - is it good or bad it? Physicians respond unequivocally that cholesterol is important and necessary for a person. Harmful to the body only its surplus. A large amount of substance contributes to the onset of atherosclerosis and forms dangerous plaques for health. They can cause strokes, heart attacks and brain diseases.

What happens cholesterol

It is necessary to note first of all that there is a bad cholesterol and good. Bad blood cholesterol forms plaques, the negative effect of which has already been disassembled above. A good one is a very dense substance. It has a positive effect on human health and clears the body of bad cholesterol.

When taking blood for an appropriate check, the doctor in the laboratory first looks at the indicator of atherogenicity. This is when a good, bad cholesterol in the blood is present, and their ratio is revealed. If it is established that anterogennost was violated and falls short of the norm, then the doctor puts the patient predisposed to the development of atherosclerosis.

Ideally, if a patient monitors his health and monitors the correct ratio of bad and good cholesterol in the blood. But, unfortunately, not everyone does it.

Good bad blood cholesterol

Who is affected by cholesterol problems?

It's no secret that there is a certain group of people who are more likely than others to develop atherosclerosis. Cholesterol is bad and good, more accurately its abnormal ratio, negatively affects human health. Especially it concerns people with a lot of weight.

People with a predisposition to this ailment can also suffer from elevated cholesterol. These are men, whose age is more than 40 years, and women who have already had menopause. Also, the appearance of cholesterol plaques mainly worries those people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, smoke or often consume large quantities of alcoholic beverages.

Good and bad cholesterol

Doctors strongly recommend that all people who fall into this risk group undergo an annual blood test for anterogenicity. Also, it is worthwhile especially to monitor the level of cholesterol and those men and women who have already transferred the diseases of the cardiovascular system.

The use of cholesterol

In addition to the fact that cholesterol is the building material of cells in the body, it can produce bile acids in humans. It is only with the help of bile acids that the digestive process is carried out correctly and without failures.

In addition, cholesterol, when its amount is normal, contributes to the production of female and male sex hormones. Moreover, without it the normal amount of hormones would be in question.

Also with the help of cholesterol in the body, an energy reserve is generated. This reserve has a positive effect on many biological mechanisms within a person.

Therefore, cholesterol, bad and good, is a necessary substance that must be present in the body. Ignore it in no case it is impossible, as it is not recommended to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Blood cholesterol norm

So, above was disassembled what cholesterol is, and a risk group is defined. Now it is necessary to understand when the correct ratio is good and bad cholesterol. Norm, according to generally accepted concepts, is set at the level:

  • total cholesterol - 5 mmol / l;
  • should not exceed 3 mmol / l;
  • good should be at least 1.5 mmol / l.

By the way, bad cholesterol is also important for the human body, and it is not necessary to exclude products with its content from the diet. This substance positively affects the state of the immune system of the human body. Without it, a person will often get sick, and immunity can not cope even with the simplest bacteria.

Good and bad cholesterol what it is

Which foods contain bad and good cholesterol

A person who decided to take care of their health immediately raises the question of how to raise good cholesterol and lower the bad?

In fact, the level of this substance is easier to lower than increase. In order for good cholesterol to be normal, and its concentration in the blood does not decrease, it is necessary to regularly eat sea fish, nuts, fruits( especially apples).Also excellent raise good cholesterol and olives, as well as soy. You can supplement your diet with other products, for example, containing fiber and pectin. They cleanse the body of excess bad cholesterol.

To lower bad cholesterol, nutritionists recommend to exclude from their diet or use with caution the following products:

  • brains;
  • yolk of eggs;
  • eggs of chicken;
  • of the kidney;
  • liver;
  • greasy fish;
  • fatty dairy products.

They, of course, are all useful to the body, however, when they are abused, cholesterol will rise and, above all, bad.

Unsaturated fatty acids against cholesterol plaques

Nutritionists strongly recommend the use of unsaturated fatty acids for people who have found themselves abnormal good and bad cholesterol. What it is? These are acids that are found in high amounts in products with high caloric value, but of vegetable origin.

How to raise good cholesterol and lower bad

A huge amount of unsaturated fatty acids are found in almonds, peanuts, oranges and mustard oil. These products are excellent in reducing cholesterol levels, as well as dispersing already formed plaques.

However, you need to remember that everywhere you need a measure. Almost all of these products have a huge calorie content. With increased use, you can earn obesity.

How to lower cholesterol

People whose analysis has shown a very high level of cholesterol, you need to know how to lower it. Of course, adjustments in nutrition will be made by a doctor, but in addition you can help yourself.

In order to sharply reduce cholesterol, it is important to reduce the amount of animal food consumed, as well as increase the proportion of plant foods in your diet. You need to eat plenty of fruits that contain fiber( citrus and apples).

It is also necessary to introduce into your life and exercise. It does not have to be an active workout. It is easy enough to walk or jog. By the way, cardio helps also to strengthen the vessels and the heart muscle.

Low cholesterol is good or bad

If after three months the level of cholesterol remains high, then a person should consult a doctor and ask to understand the cause. Most likely, the doctor will prescribe medication to the patient.

After that, you need to monitor cholesterol once a year. For this it is enough to take a blood test for atherogenicity.