What are the causes of blood when urinating in women?

Hematuria( blood when urinating) in women is the most common sign of the presence of inflammatory and infectious processes. The most frequent diseases in which there is a discoloration or the presence of blood veins in the urine are urolithiasis, cystitis, and STI.

Hematuria is a serious enough reason to contact a specialist. If there are unbearable pain, a specific smell and blood when urinating in women, this may indicate a disease of the urinary system, as well as the presence of urethritis and kidney stones. In case of trauma or oncological processes, the patient has no expressed symptoms, except for the changed color of the liquid.

At first glance, it is impossible to identify the true cause of blood flow when urinating in women, which is why it is necessary to take tests. Medicine knows more than 150 diseases, which lead to such consequences. To hematuria should not be neglected, and even more so put off a visit to the diagnostic center for later. This can only be the first sign of a serious pathology requiring immediate surgical intervention.

If there is blood during urination, it is most likely related to the following diseases:

  1. Urolithiasis, which is characterized by the formation in the urinary system of stones( stones).At first, small sand forms in the kidneys, which subsequently leads to stone formation, this can cause blockage of the ureter. In this pathology, the color of the fluid often changes during emptying, pain in the side, nausea, increased sweating.
  2. Blood in urination in women is observed in cancerous processes. The walls of the vessels are damaged, and bloody clots appear without any painful sensations and cuts. The condition can last a long time.
  3. Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder. The disease is more likely to women of childbearing age. Hemorrhagic cystitis is a form of pathology that often causes severe pain, malaise and fever. In addition, hematuria appears.
  4. The reason for these phenomena is the uncontrolled intake of oral contraceptives or medications.   
  5. Sometimes hematuria can cause food intake, which changes the color of the liquid.
  6. Blood after urination in women occurs with endometriosis of the bladder. The walls of the body are covered with "growths" from the endometrial tissue of the uterus, which is rejected every month during the menstrual cycle. The main symptoms are frequent urge in the toilet, burning and pain, intensifying at the end of emptying, as well as hematuria.

Actually, there are a lot of reasons. At the slightest symptoms do not hesitate to contact the clinic. The doctor will prescribe instrumental diagnostics, conduct a nephrologic examination, light microscopy and take a urine test according to Nechiporenko. Once the disease is identified, effective treatment is prescribed. Remember that the disease is better to prevent at an early stage.