What to buy a nebulizer: reviews and recommendations

In the treatment of respiratory diseases one of the most effective methods is nebulizer therapy, which is gaining increasing recognition among doctors and patients. With the help of this device, the drug is converted into an aerosol and goes directly to the bronchi and lungs, not coming in or flowing in minimal amounts into the blood.

In Latin, the word "nebula" means "cloud", "fog".This largely explains the principle of the nebulizer. It sprays the substance with very small particles. The most common are ultrasonic and compressor devices. The choice of a particular type depends, in the main, on the purposes with which it will be used. Also in the modern market is quite a large number of models from different manufacturers.

If you decide to purchase a nebulizer, the reviews recommend first of all to look at ultrasonic devices. They are more compact, and many models are suitable for home use. However, their cost is higher than the compressor analogue of the device. The principle of operation of such a nebulizer is based on the fact that the solution is sprayed with a membrane or a grid that oscillates at an ultrasonic velocity. It is worth paying attention to Omron U-22 model, which is distinguished by its democratic cost and high technical characteristics.

Compressor( also called jet) inhalers form an aerosol cloud due to an air jet that passes through the solution, spraying it.

In the case when the attending physician did not give clear instructions regarding the device, however, recommended it to purchase, the nebulizer reviews are advised to choose depending on the following characteristics.

For example, the particle size is important. So, if their diameter is from 1 to 5 microns, they will settle in the bronchial tree, which is effective for asthma. If the particles are smaller, they will reach the alveoli, and if more - remain in the oropharynx. Therefore, knowing what it is necessary to treat, it is worth paying attention to this criterion when choosing the device.

The nebulizer is ultrasonic compact and quiet enough. The relative inconvenience of this device is that not all medicines can be used here. This includes antibiotics that dilute phlegm, which are destroyed in ultrasound, as well as some suspensions. In addition, to use the device at home, you will need some consumables, such as cups for medicines. Their cost is low. However, they need to be purchased in advance to use when necessary. Ultrasonic nebulizer reviews, basically, have a positive. They are produced by many manufacturers. The most famous firms are Omron, Paris, Ventstream and others.

Compressor nebulizers have characteristics similar to ultrasonic, however, differ in size and weight. When used, they emit a characteristic noise. There are compact models that work not only from the network, but also from batteries that can be used at home and take with them on travel. So, it should be noted the line from the manufacturer Omron C 28-30.Also advise the devices of the firms Neb-Eid, Boreal, etc.

When choosing a nebulizer, the reviews recommend paying attention to the fact that the device must be certified according to European standards. Usually this is noted in the vehicle's data sheet. If the nebulizer is chosen for the child, you need to make sure that there is a special mask for the kids in the kit.

Sadly, this device, like the others, has a tendency to wear out. This is manifested, mainly, in reducing the speed of the jet. In order to maximize the service life, it is advised to periodically replace the nebulizer camera in accordance with the recommendations given in the manual. For long-term use of the device you need a reliable compressor. Also, you should pay attention to the warranty period - the longer they are, the more likely the device will last.