"Bioderma Atoderm"( cream): reviews

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The unique therapeutic cosmetics of the series "Bioderma Atoderm" helps owners of fine dry skin to provide delicate and effective facial and body care, speed up getting rid of many skin ailments and effectively prevent the emergence of various exacerbations on the epidermis surface. This line includes the means, which make it possible to deal with a wide range of problems: with the dryness of the skin( from genetically conditioned to acquired), unpleasant symptoms of various pathological processes( including atopic dermatitis).

Causes of dry and irritated skin

The main characteristics of a thin, sensitive skin of a dry type are a deficiency of moisture and a decreased secretion of sebaceous glands, which lead to an inadequate distribution of sebum along the surface of the epidermis and inadequate protection of all tissues from further drying.Atoderm Bioderma These signs are accompanied by skin irritation, peeling, itching, sensations of tightness of the face. In addition to the constitutionally conditioned properties of the skin, there are also acquired symptoms associated with:

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  • age changes( after 30-35 years);
  • disorders in the endocrine and nervous system, as well as the organs of the digestive tract;
  • by rigid diets and unbalanced nutrition( especially in case of deficiency of vitamins A and E);
  • with dermatological diseases( psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis);
  • by dehydration of the body;
  • excessive exposure to open sun or frost, abuse of a solarium or cryoprocedures.

Along with professional medical help in diagnosing and getting rid of existing diseases, comprehensive treatment and elimination of external cosmetic defects, as shown by most reviews, is well provided by the therapeutic program "Atoderm" of the French laboratory "Bioderma".

Correction of skin dryness and treatment of atopic dermatitis

Cosmetic line "Bioderma Atoderm" helps to take care of dry skin for women at any age. Every day, judging by many grateful reviews, pharmaceutical preparations from the French company help to moisturize, nourish and protect the structure of the dermis from external aggressive factors. To cleanse the skin of the face and body, the French laboratory suggests using a hypoallergenic soap without flavors;shower gel with a light, pleasant aroma and mousse, restoring hydrolipid protection of the stratum corneum of the epidermis. All these safe means can be used for adults and children, including newborns.Bioderma atoderm cream Today the manufacturer presents the following set of therapeutic cosmetics "Bioderma Atoderm":

  • Moisturizing cream - for constitutionally dry and atopic skin, protecting it from penetration of aggressive, irritating substances.
  • PP-cream - for excessively dry, reactive skin, stimulating the rapid healing of damaged tissues, restoring hydrolipid protection.
  • Cream "PO Zinc" - for the treatment of atopic dermatitis( stage of exacerbation).It has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect that normalizes the microflora of the skin, soothes irritations, relieves itching.
  • Skin milk and hand cream from the company "Bioderma" soften, nourish and moisturize the skin, create its daily barrier, reduce sensations of dryness and irritation.

Atopic dermatitis: what is good non-hormonal therapeutic cosmetics

Local treatment of this inflammatory skin disease is associated with the use of hormonal and non-hormonal drugs. Creams that do not contain corticosteroids are the safest for the body, but their therapeutic effect on the dermis is considered less intense. However, most of the grateful opinions about the series of preparations "Bioderma Atoderm" testify to their rather high efficiency.

Bioderma atoderm cream reviews

Each product of this line carefully cares for thin dry skin, restores its hydrolipid balance, stimulates tissue healing and strengthens protection.

Properties, indications and method of application of the cream "PO Zinc" from the series "Bioderma Atoderm"

When acute atopic dermatitis in children or adults, quickly remove redness, strengthen the protection of the skin barrier and have a hydrating effect on the tissues, while at the same time calming them, the therapeutic cosmetic product of the "Bioderma Atoderm" - "RO Zinc" can. The cream softens the irritated and thinned skin areas, regardless of the cause of their desiccation( genetic or acquired, age or resulting injury).Bioderma atoderm intensive This remedy removes redness and has an antibacterial effect. During periods of active exacerbations, it can be used with other dermatological preparations, including local corticosteroid ointments. It is possible to apply "Atoderm PO Zn" to the zones of damage to the stratum corneum, to wet areas. As recovery, many dermatologists recommend patients to switch to supportive therapy using another cream of the Atoderm-PP series.

"Intensive" - ​​cream from French pharmacists

A popular curative preparation of the series "Bioderma Atoderm" - "Intensive"( balm), reviews from young mothers receive approving. In their opinion, he helped many babies born with atopic dermatitis since birth. Despite the high price of cosmetic products, parents preferred its safe non-hormonal composition to corticosteroid ointments. Bioderma atodermal zinc cream Of the pluses, they also note the light texture of the product, the absence of odor and sticky residue after application, its hypoallergenicity, good distribution on the skin and rapid absorption.

Advantages of French dermatocosmetological preparations for dry skin: for which they are praised by consumers

Most of the reviews favoring the therapeutic cosmetics "Bioderma Atoderm" are aimed at revealing its strengths:

  • hypoallergenic qualities of any of the agents;
  • the possibility of full skin care;
  • efficacy in combination with a variety of medications;
  • absence of irritant;
  • destinations for all ages( from 0 plus to 60 plus and above).

The popularity of this line among professionals is great. The manufacturer of medical cosmetics and independent dermatologists advise using it in the complex treatment of many skin ailments: it improves the condition of the problematic epidermis with inflammation, enhances the therapeutic effect of the main drugs and does not irritate the skin. Bioderma atoderm 500 ml The connoisseurs of quality medical cosmetics often purchase a cream for the whole family from the series "Bioderma Atoderm"( 500 ml), it is ideal for people with thin and dry skin, babies and the elderly, as it helps maintain and keep the skin soft and supple.


The main drawback of the described therapeutic cosmetics buyers consider its high enough cost. But the price of an innovative product, obtained through the latest research and technology, can not be low. Bioderma Ataderm Cream PP For this reason, high-quality therapeutic cosmetics from France, in the line of which the well-known "Bioderma Atoderm Cream" is included, reviews in most cases receive the most laudatory. But other users of the product of French pharmacists occasionally causes neutral and even negative comments. Those customers who helped to remove the symptoms of atopic dermatitis, but did not relieve the disease, associate its action with the individual reaction of the body, so they recommend buying it on their own. Experts respond that in neglected painful processes, the treatment of atopic foci on the skin should be carried out in a complex, under the supervision of a doctor. Counting on the miracle of the use of a single remedy( balm "Intensiv" or "PO Zinc") in complex cases of atopy, according to dermatologists, is inexpedient. Only professional recommendations and adequate treatment will help get rid of the symptoms of an insidious disease.