How to properly do a back massage( relaxing)

In the age of technological progress, modern people lead a lifestyle that is characterized by low mobility, as a result of which the muscular system is in a state of stress almost all the time. The consequence of this is the occurrence of various pains and even diseases. Back massage is an effective way to relieve fatigue and allow your body to relax. Let's look at how to properly do a back massage.

For the beginning of the patient( or just a willing one) it is necessary to lay on a medium softness coating. For this, a hard mattress or a fluffy carpet may well come up. To relax the muscular system of the head and neck, it is necessary to place a small cushion under the breast. It should be borne in mind that on the back skin is not so tender compared to the face, it has fewer active points. Therefore, in order to understand how to properly massage, there is no need to apply complex techniques. For more details, see below.

So, the technique of back massage:

Stroking is superficial. To do this, it is necessary to perform several strokes from the lumbar region to the shoulders, and then in the opposite direction, tracing the entire surface of the back with the entire palm. In this case, the movements from the bottom to the top should be quite intense, and in the opposite direction, they should be softer and more calm. Then move on to stroking the cervico-brachial region.

Deep stroking. In this case, intensive strokes performed by the ribs of both palms are performed.

Rubbing. It is performed by movements similar to superficial stroking, but they must be more intense. Hands move from side to side of the spine. More attention should be paid to the area of ​​the neck and shoulders. At the same time, first one side is rubbed with both hands, then the other.

The next movement, revealing how to properly do massage, is kneading. In this case, the back is massaged with the fingertips, while grasping the skin. However, do not overdo it, otherwise the massage will turn into a simple tingle. One side is first warmed, then the other. The spine should not be touched.

Pressing. In this exercise, the thumbs should be placed on the different sides of the spine, on average, 3 cm apart, after which it is necessary to press gently. About itself we count up to five, we sort by fingers hardly below. Moving, performing these actions, stands along the spine from top to bottom, then back.

Vibration. When making small circular movements with your fingertips, you should gently touch the massaged surface. The direction of work is from the lumbar region to the neck.

We examined how to learn how to do a back massage relaxing. In order to understand whether the procedure is performed correctly, it is worthwhile to know that the presence of pain indicates that this exercise is not performing correctly. In this case, it is worth stretching the muscles, applying less force.

In the process of learning how to properly do the massage, you should keep the rhythm and pace. Please note: the calmer the pace, the less the exciting effect on the nervous system.

The massage itself improves blood circulation, makes the muscles more elastic. Incorrectly performed, it can lead to the formation of bruising and clenching of nerve endings. So be careful.