Family stomatology clinic in Lipetsk: services and reviews

"Family stomatology" is one of the leading clinics in Lipetsk, providing a full range of services to patients of any age. Specialization of the dental center is orthodontics. Admission of children and adults is conducted by an orthodontist with 20 years of experience, having a patent of the Russian Federation. High level of qualification of specialists and material and technical equipment make it possible to render assistance to people with complex pathology of the dentoalveolar system.

In this article we present an overview of the clinic "Family dentistry" in Lipetsk, tell about the services and prices. Also, we will necessarily show the real opinions of the patients of the medical institution and indicate the contact information.

Services of the dental clinic

One of the main advantages of the "Family stomatology" center of Lipetsk is the free consultations of specialists. This means that anyone can register for an appointment and learn about the condition of their teeth.

Family dentistry Lipetsk

Specialists in dentistry have developed a special comprehensive program for the prevention of diseases of hard tissues and gingivitis for children and adults, which includes three stages. In addition to orthodontic treatment, highly qualified doctors of the clinic provide the following types of services:

  • therapeutic;
  • surgical;
  • periodontal.

The clinic is equipped with modern dental equipment:

  • intraoral camera;
  • by computer radiovisiograph;
  • system "Vector";
  • bleaching system AirFlow;
  • with Prepk-1 for non-contact treatment of baby teeth.

Specialists apply modern technology:

  • treatment of superficial caries without a drill system Icon;
  • mechanical treatment of root canals Marita, X-Mart;
  • laser therapy;
  • Hinz devices, vestibular and lingual braces, kapy, trainers, LM-activators, orthodontic plates.

Pediatric Dentistry

Family dentistry Lipetsk reviews

Small clients of the dental clinic leave the office with a smile. The success of the treatment of children is explained both by the high professionalism of the doctors, who take care of the babies and apply new technologies. In addition, specialists of the clinic "Family Dentistry" in Lipetsk developed a set of preventive measures aimed at preserving and restoring the health of children's teeth.

To minimize the stress of visiting dentistry, the center's doctors use modern types of anesthesia and technology of contactless treatment of hard tissues of milk teeth Prepk-1.In order to prevent caries, young patients of the clinic "Family stomatology" of Lipetsk undergo the following complex of measures:

  • learns oral hygiene;
  • they are individually selected hygienic means;
  • performed deep fluoridation and silvering of milk teeth with Safaraide;
  • offers non-invasive removal of caries at the stain stage using the Icon method.

Doctors of pediatric dentistry receive children of any age. The youngest patient of the clinic for today was only 1.5 months old.

"Family dentistry" in Lipetsk: patients feedback

Family dentistry Lipetsk is undivided by doctors

After receiving the dental center, most people have a positive impression of it. In their reviews, patients are particularly flattering about the clinic "Family Dentistry" at Nedelina in Lipetsk. Doctors of the center, according to people, are real professionals. They provide a high level and effectiveness of treatment for affordable money. Prices for all services are quite low. For example, the cost of therapeutic services starts at 700 rubles, and prosthetics will cost in the amount of 4,500 rubles and above.

Children's doctors deserve positive feedback. They guarantee a special attitude to small patients and the most gentle, but effective treatment. In general, "Family Dentistry" is an excellent clinic with an average level of prices.

Contact Information

Family dentistry Lipetsk is undivided

For the convenience of the residents of the city, two dental centers were opened, located in different districts. Addresses of clinics "Family stomatology" in Lipetsk:

  • Nedelina, 28;
  • Vodopyanova, house 21.

Specialists of dental centers accept patients from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8 pm, and on Saturday from 9.00 to 14.00.Sunday for clinic doctors is a day off. Patients are admitted by appointment. All phones are listed on the official website of dentistry.