Maternity hospital № 1: reviews about doctors. Maternity hospital № 1, Moscow: reviews

The most crucial moment in a woman's life is the appearance of her baby. In order for the delivery to take place at the highest level, it is necessary to seek professional help from specialists in this field. One of the best in Moscow is considered to be maternity hospital No. 1. It is the desire of every happy child to give feedback about it. Real masters of their craft work here. All doctors of the medical institution have a great work experience and are highly professional.

Basic information

Maternity hospital No. 1 in Moscow was founded in 1988.It is located in the North-West Administrative District. Near the medical institution there is a metro station "Planetary".The territory has a huge park area, located on the very outskirts of the Aleshinsky forest. Pregnant women, in anticipation of forthcoming births, can walk among the pines and breathe the forest air. It is no accident that many women in Moscow choose maternity hospital № 1. Reviews about it are mostly positive.

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During the work of the maternity hospital, many babies appeared in it. Qualified specialists here will be able to help mom and newborn due to the availability of modern equipment for diagnosis and resuscitation.

Many pregnant women just want to register here. Here, the direct contact of mother and child immediately after birth is practiced. They are together with the first minutes. A spacious and comfortable room has been prepared for the mother and baby. In the birth room of a newborn in the first minutes of his life, put to the mother's breast and put on her stomach. Such a technique will help the baby to adapt more easily in new conditions. The neonatologist immediately examines the child, helps for the first time to attach it to the mother's breast.

Collected only the experienced specialists of its branch 1 maternity hospital. Reviews about doctors can be read and heard only good.

Diagnostic department

In this department, a pregnant woman will be able to undergo a full examination and receive professional assistance in outpatient settings. The diagnostic center is equipped with all the equipment for examining pregnant and prenatal examinations. In the conditions of this institution, residents of the nearby North-Western district of the capital can pass the diagnosis.

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Also offers maternity hospital No. 1 partner birth. Feedback on this procedure can be heard only positive. If in the first minutes after the birth of the baby the mother is unconscious, a happy father comes to the rescue. The first contact with the parents is very important for the baby. It is in the consultative and diagnostic department that parents will be told how exactly the process of delivery will take place.

Maternity ward and its structure

Chambers here are equipped with all the necessary devices for carrying out individual births. There is a maternity ward on the second floor of the hospital. All the boxes are very bright and spacious. Getting here, the woman feels confident and calm. It is in the maternity ward that a long and complex path of motherhood begins.

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It is important that the mother is treated with trepidation and understanding. Specialists who play the role of not only experienced midwives, but also psychologists, gathered in their walls maternity hospital No. 1. Reviews about Boyarkin Vladimir Aleksandrovich, who is the head of the maternity ward, grateful and benevolent. This is not only a doctor of the highest category, but also a person with a kind and pure heart. During his tenure, he helped to appear in the world a lot of beautiful kids.

The joint stay of the husband with the woman in labor practices the maternity hospital No. 1. Partner birth will make the family stronger and more friendly, and the woman will be able to feel the support of the loved one. At the request of the parturient woman during labor, she may be given epidural anesthesia or intravenous anesthesia.

Postpartum department

In this department all conditions are created to make mom and her baby feel comfortable and quickly adapt to the postpartum period. Here there are wards with all conveniences for a joint stay. The apartment has a warm and gentle atmosphere. Even the most demanding categories of parturient women are satisfied.

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If the birth took place by caesarean section, it is possible to have a separate stay of the mother and baby for several days. Offers conditions that quickly restore strength, 1 maternity hospital. Reviews about doctors make it possible to understand that employees treat each patient with equal respect. Qualified specialists in the field of obstetrics and gynecology will teach their mother how to properly care for their newborn baby.

The apartments have a private toilet and shower. In one ward there may be no more than two parturients.

Department of the pathology of pregnant women

This department is designed for the simultaneous stay of 80 patients with various abnormalities of pregnancy. It differs in bright chambers and spacious corridors. Hospitalization in this institution is carried out at different times of the day for emergency and planned indications. All the staff of the department are friendly to every pregnant woman, help her prepare for the upcoming birth. Observation of the patient is conducted around the clock, which allows you to protect yourself from various complications.

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Indications for admission to the hospital department of pathology are the conditions under which there is a threat of early birth. The reason for hospitalization may be other pathologies or chronic diseases, as well as abnormalities in fetal development. In the conditions of the medical institution, the pregnant woman will undergo additional examinations. In the department there is a laboratory, which allows to obtain the result of analysis at any time of the day and night. Really high-quality equipment is equipped with a maternity hospital № 1( Moscow).Reviews of 2013 show that many pregnant women with pathologies managed to save the life and health of their baby.

Gynecological department

The department of gynecology allows to observe a woman at the initial stages of pregnancy. Also here, they treat and examine women who have inflammatory gynecological processes.

The hospital has 45 beds. There are postoperative wards. All kinds of gynecological examinations are conducted by real professionals. Comfortable rooms accommodate up to three women. There is a separate room for hygienic procedures.

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All modern methods of diagnostics of gynecological pathologies are used in the walls of the clinic. Doctors of the highest category will help a woman undergo treatment and in the future become a happy mother of a beautiful baby. Individual approach to each patient is offered by maternity hospital No.1( Moscow).

Department of resuscitation and anesthesiology

This is where women are assigned who have planned cesarean section. The hospital has two spacious operating rooms, where qualified surgeons will help the baby to appear. The department is equipped with modern equipment that will help if necessary to save the life of a newborn and his mother, because women with pregnancy pathologies often go to the hospital number 1. Moscow is a fairly large city with a huge number of medical institutions. But not every maternity hospital has a similar level of preparation for emergency situations.

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During the cesarean section, qualified specialists will offer a woman in labor with a quality anesthetic that will not cause complications. Famous for the individual approach to each patient maternity hospital number 1( Moscow).Reviews about doctors( anaesthesiologists and resuscitators) can only be heard positive. Births after cesarean section are quickly restored. Some of them return to the maternity ward again after a few years.


This is one of the largest departments of the entire medical facility. It occupies the 1st, 3rd and 4th floors. Maternity hospital № 1( Moscow) is famous for its team of experienced obstetricians, doctors, nurses who will always come to the aid of Mom and her baby. Women who do not have the experience of caring for a child will teach all the subtleties of breastfeeding and help at any time to cope with the newborn. The neonatologist will thoroughly inspect the baby and help identify any existing abnormalities at an early stage.

In the conditions of the medical institution, all full-term infants will be given the necessary vaccinations, which they do in the first days of life. The neonatologist is present at birth and, in case of complications, takes the necessary measures to save the life of the baby.

Has allowed to feel pleasure of motherhood to many women a maternity home № 1( Moscow).Reviews in 2014 show that the birth rate has increased significantly. After all, women who were afraid of pregnancy and childbirth yesterday are returning for their second or third child.

Physiotherapy department

Physiotherapeutic procedures are considered as an obligatory method in the complex treatment of gynecological complications. They help to eliminate inflammation in the female reproductive organs. After cesarean section, therapy will help to avoid the childbearing of adhesions in the abdominal cavity.

Physiotherapy treats early toxicosis of pregnant women, pathologies that can lead to early childbirth. All modern devices for carrying out procedures for improving the condition of a woman have a maternity hospital № 1( Moscow).The reviews prove that qualified medical care makes it easier to move a pregnancy. Serious complications are very rare.

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Individual approach and qualified help - what else does a woman need in anticipation of the baby's appearance? Specialists with a capital letter united in their walls maternity hospital No. 1. The recall after the stay here is sought to leave every woman. Negative about the medical institution is also expressed, but rarely enough. Most often, bad reviews can be heard from women who did not follow the recommendations of a specialist.