"Barsuchok"( ointment): instructions for use and reviews

Children's products are mostly safe and convenient to use. One of the most popular medicines for children in recent years has become "Badger"( ointment).Instructions for using the drug and reviews about it will be presented to your attention below.

badger ointment manual

What is in the composition? Medication price

About the medicine "Badger" instruction tells the following information. The active ingredients of the drug are badger fat, camphor, red pepper extract. Among the additional components are allocated wax, a variety of oils, perfume and so on.

The drug is available as a soft substance. One tube contains 30 milliliters of medication. The cost of such a medicine is about 90 rubles.

Recommendations for using

In what situations is it advisable to use the drug "Badger"( ointment)?Instruction for use states that the medicine is warming. It also has antitussive and anti-inflammatory effects. Anesthetic and antiseptic effect is due to the composition of the drug. Indications for the use of the ointment are:

  • dry skin, damaged by gusts of cold wind;
  • supercooling;
  • treatment and prevention of catarrhal, viral and bacterial diseases;
  • bruises, sprains and injuries while maintaining the integrity of the skin.

Specialists do not recommend the use of "Barsuchok" ointment for children without doctor's prescription. Remember that self-use sometimes leads to unexpected reactions and side effects.

ointment badger for children

Prohibition to use

In what cases should you not use the medication "Badger"( ointment)?Instruction for use says that the drug is contraindicated for hypersensitivity to its components. Do not use the drug on open wounds and mucous membranes. It is inadmissible to get the substance in the eyes.

Children under the age of two years are appointed only by a specialist. Self-use is prohibited. Often in young children, there are allergic reactions to the medicine. That is why it is worth paying special attention to the condition of a small patient in the first days of treatment.

ointment badger for children отзывы

"Barsuchok"( ointment): instructions for the use of the drug

The composition is applied first to the palm and only after that is rubbed over the baby's body. The duration of the warming effect is quite high. That's why the use of the composition is not required more than three times a day.

When coughing, the medication is applied to the throat and sternum. As a preventive measure, the medicine is rubbed on the back. During hypothermia, lubricate the foot with a medicine and put on woolen socks. Do not use the drug in case of fever. This can provoke an even greater fever.

badger ointment reviews

"Badger"( ointment): reviews

Opinions about this medicine are mostly good. For a long time, the parents' trust "Barsuchok" for children has won the trust of their parents. Customer feedback says the composition is warming up nicely. With prolonged and prolonged cough, ointment helps to quickly cure an annoying symptom. Also, the remedy is very effective in case of hypothermia, when there is a risk of getting sick. Many moms just rub the baby's feet before bed and put on socks. During the night, the drug acts on frozen tissue, preventing the attachment of a viral or bacterial infection.

The drug "Badger" is often used in sports. If your child is fond of gymnastics, dancing or football, then you just can not do without this medication. With various stretches, injuries and bruises, the medicine has a warming effect. Due to this, the kid is distracted from the troublesome symptoms. Many consumers used extra elastic bandages or tight bandages. This enhances the effect of the described composition.

Doctors say that the medicine "Badger" is one of the safest in its category. The drug is created exclusively from natural ingredients. This is his undoubted plus. Many such medications are prohibited for use in young children solely because of the constituent components. Consumers are attracted by the affordable price of the drug. As you already know, 30 grams of substance will cost you no more than 100 rubles, while analogues of the medicine cost at least 300.

application of the drug badger for children

Summing up

The medicine "Badger" is a unique tool that helps to cope with many unpleasant symptoms. However, this does not give you an excuse to treat yourself and refuse to consult a doctor. When it comes to the health of the child, you should always use the services of a pediatrician. Remember that a responsible approach and properly prescribed treatment is almost half way to recovery. Good health to you and your baby!