The drug "Corvalol": reviews of doctors and patients

Neurotic conditions, insomnia and other disorders require immediate attention to the doctor. As a rule, in such diseases, patients are prescribed vasodilating and sedatives. The most popular and inexpensive drugs include the well-known medication Corvalol. Instructions for use, reviews about the drug will be discussed below. Corvalol Reviews

Form, description of the medicine, composition and packaging

In what form is the medicinal preparation "Corvalol" produced? Customers' reviews report that this product can be purchased in two forms:

  • Drops are transparent with a characteristic odor for oral administration. They include ethyl ether of alphabromysiovaleric acid, phenobarbital and peppermint oil. It is produced in glass dark vials.
  • "Corvalol" in tablets. Reviews say that the active ingredients of this form are peppermint oil, ethyl α-bromizovaleric acid ester and phenobarbital. As additional substances, beta-cyclodextrin, potato starch, lactose monohydrate, microcrystalline cellulose and magnesium stearate are used. Tablets have a round and flat shape, bevelled edges, as well as white with interspersed. On sale, they come in cell packs.

Pharmacological characteristics of

What is the "Corvalol" preparation? The experts' testimonies testify that this is a combined remedy, the effect of which is due to the properties of the ingredients that make up its composition.

This medicine has an antispasmodic and sedative effect. In addition, it facilitates the onset of sleep.

Properties of the preparation

What properties are inherent in drops and tablets "Corvalol"?The doctors' comments say that the effectiveness of this remedy has been confirmed by many years of experience. corvalol instruction for use review

Ethyl bromizovalerianate, or the so-called ethyl ester of alpha-bromizovaleric acid, has a sedative( similar to valerian) and spasmolytic effect due to irritation of the nasopharyngeal and oral cavity receptors, as well as a decrease in reflex excitability in the central nervous system and increased inhibition in the neurons of the subcortical structures and cortexthe brain. In addition, the drug under consideration reduces the activity of the vasomotor central centers and has a local antispasmodic effect( mainly on smooth muscle).

This component of the drug, like phenobarbital, enhances the sedative effect of other substances, facilitates the onset of sleep and reduces the excitation of the CNS.

As for peppermint oil, it has antispasmodic, vasodilating( reflex), antiseptic and choleretic effect. It is able to irritate the cold receptors of the oral mucosa and reflexively dilate the vessels of the brain and heart. In addition, this component eliminates signs of flatulence( due to irritation of the receptors of the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract) and enhances the intestinal peristalsis.


What is the medication for Corvalol used for? The reviews say that this remedy is used as a vasodilator and sedative in diseases such as:

  • insomnia( or falling asleep);
  • disorders in the cardiovascular system( for example, sinus tachycardia, increased blood pressure and cardialgia);
  • lability is vegetative;
  • neurotic states;
  • hypochondriacal syndrome;
  • irritability. corvalol in tablets reviews

Also it should be said that as an antispasmodic, "Corvalol" is used for spasms of the muscles of the digestive tract( for example, with bile or intestinal colic).


Like any medication, the drug "Corvalol" also has contraindications. They include:

  • hypersensitivity to drug substances;
  • pronounced impairment of kidney and liver function;
  • breastfeeding( if necessary, use of medication during lactation requires solving the issue of cessation of lactation);
  • deficiency of lactase;
  • gestation period;
  • underage age( safety and efficacy not established);
  • lactose intolerance;
  • glucose-galactose malabsorption( since the preparation contains lactose).

Preparation "Corvalol": instructions for use( tablets)

The specialists say that you can take this medication without doctor's prescription. The dosage of the medicine is selected individually.

Medication is taken orally before meals, with water. For adults, the drug is prescribed 1-2 tablets twice a day. With tachycardia, a single dosage can be increased to three tablets per day. The maximum allowable dose is 6 tablets. Corvalol instruction on the use of pills reviews

Duration of medication is set individually, depending on the patient's condition.

How are drops "Corvalol"( tincture) taken?

Reviews say that the drug in the form of drops should be taken inside before eating. The medication is prescribed in an amount of 15-30 drops. They are dissolved in a small volume of drinking water( about 30-50 ml) twice or thrice a day.

If necessary, a single dosage of the drug( eg, with tachycardia) may increase to 40-50 drops.

As for children, depending on the clinical picture of the disease and age, they are prescribed 3-15 drops per day.

Duration of the drug in infants is determined individually.

Does it treat herpes and acne?

Does Corvalol help herpes? Opinions of supporters of traditional medicine say that when the first signs of this disease appear( for example, discomfort, twitching of the lips and itching), a cotton swab is soaked in a medicine, and then pressed for a few seconds to a sore spot. With the timely implementation of this procedure, herpetic eruptions do not manifest.

It should also be noted that the medicine in question treats already manifested vesicles. They are lubricated with the drug until the wounds disappear.

Does Corvalol help with acne? Reviews of consumers say that this medication effectively copes with acne eruptions. They are treated in exactly the same way as herpes. corvalole from herpes reviews

Side effects

Tablets and drops of "Corvalol" often cause drowsiness, decreased concentration, slowing of the heart rate, dizziness and allergic reactions. Also, against the background of taking this remedy, patients may have disorders from the digestive tract.

Usually, all of these side effects occur on their own with reduced dosages of the drug or discontinuation of its administration.

With prolonged use of medication, drug addiction, addiction, withdrawal can occur, as well as bromism and the accumulation of bromine in the body.

Special recommendations

There is no experience of using this product in children under 18 years of age. Therefore, it is prohibited to take it to minors.

Do not consume alcoholic beverages while using the drug. Also, it is required to refrain from engaging in hazardous activities that require a person's quickness of reaction and increased concentration of attention( including when working with complex mechanisms and driving vehicles).Corvalol from acne reviews

Similar drugs and cost of medicine

The price of "Corvalol" is the lowest among drugs with a similar effect. You can buy a bottle with drops or tablets for 15-20 rubles. It is the low cost of the drug that contributes to its special popularity among patients.

How can I replace this remedy with contraindications? According to information from specialists, this drug has many analogues. The most close on the properties include the following: "Cardiolin", "Pumpan", "Aspirin Cardio", "Neocardil", "Kaptopres", "Nicotinic acid", "Inosin", "Sotalex" and others. It should be noted immediately that the effectiveness of these drugs and their method of administration can significantly differ from those of the "Corvalol" preparation. Therefore, only an experienced specialist should replace this medication with the listed medicines. Moreover, most of them are forbidden to give to small children.

Medical and Consumer Reviews

What do patients say about the Corvalol drug? Feedback from most consumers is positive. They argue that this medication quickly eliminates irritability, restores the heart and helps normalize sleep. Moreover, many patients choose this remedy because it not only copes with the tasks effectively, but also has a very low cost.

However, it should be noted that, in addition to positive reviews, the drug in question also has negative feedback. According to doctors, drops and tablets "Corvalol" are ineffective in comparison with their counterparts. This drug has a sedative and spasmolytic effect only for a short period of time. After stopping the medication, poor state of health is often returned. corvalol medical reviews

About the side effects on the background of the reception of this product, consumers have not reported.