"Apteka.ru": customer reviews

Today the pharmaceutical market is full of offers, and every buyer has a completely natural question about where it is more profitable to buy high-quality drugs. More recently, the well-known for every pharmaceutical online store "Apteka.ru" became an alternative. Feedback from buyers about this resource is ambiguous, but it makes sense to analyze the available comments to determine whether to order medicines online or it will be better to go to the nearest pharmacy in the old fashioned way.

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Company description

It should be noted immediately that the company that sells medicines through the website for three years, from 2013, is the largest distributor in our country. Its feature is that it works with manufacturers of pharmaceutical products directly, without intermediaries, which allows it to reduce retail prices. This is a great advantage.

In addition, throughout the period of its existence has earned the trust of "Apteka.ru."Feedback from customers about this service is mostly positive. This indicates that the buyers are completely satisfied with the price-quality ratio, as well as the level of service and much more.

How to order?

This section is for those who have never made an order, but in the near future plans to purchase medicines via the Internet."Apteka.ru", customer reviews confirm this fact, has an official website with an accessible interface. That is why it is worth to start to consider all the positive and negative aspects of the resource.

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So, to make an order, you need to go to the official website of the company. Then follow the simple registration procedure. By the way, users note that even an uncertain user of the computer can understand the interface of the site. In the search box, you need to enter the name of the drug, after which it is automatically.

The site presents prices of pharmaceutical products, their description and instructions for use. In addition, the site potential buyer can see the analogues of expensive drugs and instructions to them.

Next, respectively, the buyer selects the goods and adds them to the basket. After the list of purchases is finally made, you can make an order. Similarly, all online shops work, who at least once made orders in them, will easily understand the site "Apteka.ru".

Delivery and payment

The buyer should choose the point of delivery of medicines independently. On the website when placing an order, he can mark a pharmacy, in which he will be convenient to take the medicine. At the same time, you do not need to pay anything, that is, the cost of the order at the issuance point is equal to the amount specified in the registration on the website "Apteka.ru".How does the online pharmacy work? Of course, the customer can make an order at any convenient time, but orders are processed from 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays.

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What to look for:

  • The minimum order value is 500 rubles.
  • Those prescription drugs can be obtained at the issuing point only with a prescription from the doctor.
  • There is a chance to receive a discount of up to 6% on promotional codes, for this it is worth, for example, register in the "VKontakte" group.
  • Delivery times - from one to several days, with the SMS message coming to the customer about the delivery of the order.

In general, many customers are satisfied with the service, so almost all of them become regular customers of the service "Apteka.ru".The testimonies indicate that it is convenient and profitable to buy medicines here.

Reviews about the employees

It is important to note that here the buyer does not communicate personally with the employees of the pharmacy, and all orders are processed via the Internet. Although some clients managed to conduct a dialogue with the operators by phone or in correspondence. And there are those who find them incompetent and even rude. But in fact it is necessary to take into account that it is quite possible for a site or other system to malfunction, due to which terms and conditions of delivery are violated.

Nevertheless, there are those who express gratitude and are satisfied with the work of the site team "Apteka.ru".Reviews of employees to find, unfortunately have not yet succeeded, which, most likely, indicates that the work is organized clearly and correctly. Price policy

In our country, the cost of medicines plays a big role. Because sometimes the necessary medicines are quite expensive and the buyer is forced to bypass several pharmacies in order to find a more reasonable price. That's what attracts the attention of buyers "Apteka.ru".Reviews mostly say that the cost of drugs in the online pharmacy is much lower than the retail pharmacy.

Although it is worth noting that some regular customers claim that not every medicine can be bought cheaper than in a pharmacy, for some medicines, on the contrary, the price is higher. And the attention of buyers is attracted by the fact that the delivery to the nearest point of issue is completely free, but the order amount should not be less than 500 rubles. And, accordingly, the cost of delivery, one way or another, is embedded in the final cost of the goods. In any case, before buying any funds, each of us has the opportunity to compare prices and choose the most profitable option for yourself.

Quality of medicines

Everyone knows that the authenticity of medicines directly depends on human health. Many buyers are skeptical about buying online, because there is always a chance to buy a fake, but not on the site of "Apteka.ru".Reviews about the quality of medicines are mostly positive.

In various forums, many users are asking about the quality and authenticity of the goods, and regular customers of the online pharmacy assure that all medicines are no different from those sold at pharmacies.

pharmacy ru customer reviews

And always it is necessary to remember that in a usual pharmacy there is a chance to buy a medicine of inadequate quality. All pharmaceutical products are subject to mandatory certification, and by the way, on the site "Apteka.ru" certificates of compliance are presented. Still it is necessary to not forget that all medicines have the limited period of validity, and they should be examined on a place, after all to an exchange and return, according to the legislation, they are not subject.

Negative feedback from

It should be fairly noted that not all are positive about the service "Apteka.ru".Feedback from buyers is also negative, that is not for every buyer this site is the ideal option for buying medicines.

Many comments on the fact that the warehouse does not always have the right medicines. And, by the way, this fact was noted by not one user. Basically, negative statements are related to the delay in delivery. And in the case when it comes to medicines, of course, to force the buyer to wait should not be. And the last thing that customers have caused in indignation is an SMS-notification of the delivery of an order to the issuing point comes earlier than it actually is.

In general, there are a lot of negative reviews, one of the buyers was not satisfied with the quality of the goods or the integrity of the package. Others are disappointed with prices, saying that there are also cheaper. The third did not arrange the delivery time and service.

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What should I look for?

First of all, the user should clearly understand that the Internet pharmacy has many advantages and a number of shortcomings. And in the event that the drug was required urgently and there is no time to wait, it is more expedient to buy it at the nearest pharmacy. Those who are looking for pharmaceutical products at a bargain price and do not need it immediately, can make an order on the site "Apteka.ru".The quality of the goods is high, the service is convenient, you can read the instructions on the site and many other advantages for the buyer.

Before you pick up your order at the issuance point, you need to carefully consider the contents of the package. First, you need to see whether it corresponds to its cost and order on the site. Secondly, check the expiration dates. Thirdly, make sure that the integrity of the package is not broken, because during transportation, the goods can easily be damaged by negligent handling. The same applies to those who order on the site of pharmaceutical equipment, such as electronic thermometers or tonometers. Some buyers noted the low quality of the goods delivered to them.

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So, this is perhaps all that can be said about the work of the site "Apteka.ru".reviews about medicines, prices, service are mostly positive. Buyers are completely satisfied with the work of employees and the conditions under which cooperation takes place.

Negative statements take place, and, of course, they should also be listened to. It is always necessary to take into account the opinions of others and build on their experience, including negative ones. By the way, every company has negative feedback, especially if it serves a wide audience.

To use the services of the site or not, you need to decide on your own. And it will not be superfluous to independently assess all the pros and cons.