The drug "Panzinorm 10000": instructions for use, description, composition, analogues, price

The modern market of medical products offers us a fairly large and diverse range of medications, among which, sometimes, it is difficult to find the product ideally suited for your case. It is very important, of course, to listen to the recommendations of the attending physician, but it is also very desirable to study the information on the drug that was assigned to you. In addition, it is in this way that you get an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with more accessible analogues of medicines that will act on the body the same way, but they can not shake the family budget so much.

Consider the "Panzinorm 10000".Instruction for use here is quite understandable even for a person without medical education, so you can easily find the answers to all the questions that interest you with this particular medicine.

Appearance of the preparation, packing

"Panzinorm 10000" - capsules, which are filled with a beige preparation with brown bindings. They are not transparent, since the capsule itself is externally white. In pharmacies, you can find packages in which there will be three blisters, in each of which 7 capsules are tightly packed( that is, the total number of capsules is 21).There are also packages containing 56 or 84 capsules( that is, 8 blisters for 7 capsules or 12 blisters for 7 capsules, respectively).

panzinorm 10000 user manual

Let's talk about the most important - about the composition of

Tablets "Panzinorm 10000", according to the information from the manufacturer, contain:

  • porcine pancreatin: due to its constituent elements, such as lipase, amylase, protease, the tablets have enzyme activity;
  • among the main auxiliary elements is to allocate ethyl acrylate, simethicone, and triethyl citrate.

These components are the cause of the specific smell of this medicine.

How does the action of the "Panzinorma" manifest itself?

Since this drug is prescribed for patients who have been diagnosed deficient in the production of necessary enzymes by the pancreas, the main effect is also aimed at speeding up catabolism to a normal level for a person, as well as for improving the clinical course of maldigestion.

In order to understand how this action manifests itself, we will consider the whole process in stages. All the key enzymes that are in the preparation begin to release themselves already in the duodenum, that is, where the reaction should take place. The process of treatment of maldigestia must necessarily be accompanied by a high activity of lipase, since the pancreas in case of insufficiency is not capable of providing this process on its own. Lipase helps to hydrolyse incoming fat already on fatty acids, and already in this format the body is able to absorb them. Amylase also breaks down carbohydrates into simpler sugars and dextrins for the body, which are also perceived by the body and are good for the body. Well and for splitting of proteins the protease is necessary."Panzinorm 10000" - the reviews confirm this - can help the body to carry out all these processes qualitatively, thereby providing it with all the elements necessary for the existence and development. panzinorm price

If a patient has been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, and he took this medication as prescribed by the doctor, then one can observe a significant weakening of the pain syndrome, although modern medicine at its high level of development can not fully explain what exactly contributes to this process.

Pharmacokinetics of this preparation

In general, for the human body, pancreatic enzymes are quite natural components that are simply necessary for a normal, full-fledged digestion process. And if these enzymes are not enough( which leads to the development of appropriate diseases), their amount should be replenished by artificial means, for example, taking the medicine "Panzinorm 10000".Subsequently, the enzymes that are in the composition will be disintegrated by the body, as well as those that he himself produces, and only a small part of the enzymes will be excreted from the body.

Indications for the use of

As already mentioned, this drug is prescribed by practitioners to patients who have been diagnosed with pancreatic insufficiency. The drug "Panzinorm 10000" for children is prescribed as often as for adults. Moreover, this disease is treated with this drug in the case if it is the main problem of the patient, and in those cases when pancreatic insufficiency develops as a consequence of another gastrointestinal disease from the following list:

  • partial gastrectomy;
  • effects of gastrectomy;
  • pancreatic cancer;
  • consequence of an attack of pancreatitis, including in acute form;
  • Syndrome of Schwamman-Diamond;panzinorm 10000 reviews
  • chronic pancreatitis and the like.

But in any case, start taking this drug or its analogue, it is only after a preliminary consultation with a doctor.

There are also contraindications to

Since the drug should be prescribed only by a specialist, the refusal of such treatment will only be if the patient has an individual hypersensitivity to any of the components that are in the drug.

In the same way, the doctor has no right to assign this medication if the patient has an acute attack of pancreatitis or an attack of the chronic form of the disease.

Is it possible to take the drug to expectant mothers during pregnancy?

As the conducted studies show, the drug does not have any negative effect either on mother or on the fetus during pregnancy, but nevertheless the doctor should appoint "Panzinorm" to such patients very carefully. Moreover, the duration of treatment in such cases will depend on how the woman will feel during the period of taking the medicine. a panzinorm to 10,000 children

How does the drug work for a woman who nurses a baby?

Also, based on the results of studies that were conducted on animals during lactation, experts argue that there will be no negative changes in either the child or the woman.

Yes, and according to all scientific data, the intake of enzymes that support the function of the pancreas during pregnancy or during breastfeeding will not affect either the patient or her child, since the constituent substances of the drug are produced by our human body.

But still it is recommended to take this drug or its analog only under the constant supervision of the attending physician.

Let's talk about the dosage of

"Panzinorm"( capsules) - this is the drug that you need to take inside and always during a meal or immediately after it. Capsules should not be unpacked, chewed or divided into parts, but only swallowed whole.

The dosage of the drug depends only on the patient's condition, so that for each individual case the practitioner should choose the ideally suitable dosage.

Since the "Panzinorm 10000"( instructions for use confirms this) can be prescribed for people who have impaired swallowing, the drug intake will be slightly complicated, but it is possible. For such patients who are unable to swallow the capsule, the following rules for taking the drug should be adhered to: the

  • capsule must be carefully opened and its contents given to the patient during the intake of acidic food( mixing the drug with it) or an acidic beverage( dissolving the drug in it);
  • the pH level of the products with which the preparation can be given in this form should be <5.5;
  • if the level of acidity is higher than this index, then the enzymes will begin to be released much earlier than the body needs, which not only significantly reduces the effectiveness of the entire treatment, but also negatively affects the mucous membranes. Also, such a mistake can lead to constipation in the patient. It is best to take such a drug with apple puree or dissolved in apple juice.

Dosage for children

Can babies take "Panzinorm 10000"?Instructions for use must contain such information. When the drug is prescribed for children, it should be taken only under the direct supervision of a doctor or even parents. The dose will depend on the condition of the child, and on his weight. At the beginning of treatment, the doctor should focus on a dose of 1000 lipase units / kg at each meal, if the child has not yet reached four years. And 500 lipase units / kg the doctor can attribute to children who are already older than four years. But, again, if the disease passes in a more serious condition, the doctor may well adjust the dosage in each individual case. duration of treatment

Analogues that can also be taken into account

If the patient has an increased level of sensuality for any of the components or if there is no opportunity to purchase a "Panzinorm"( the price, for example, does not suit), the doctor can prescribe one of the following analogues:

  • "Creon 2500 ";
  • "Creon 1000";
  • "Pancreasim";
  • "Mezim forte 10000";
  • "Mikrazim";
  • "Pancreatin".tablets panzinorm 10000

Do not forget about the side effects of

Can the negative effect of taking the drug "Pansinorm 10000"?Instruction for use specifies that it can cause side effects.

So, from time to time, the following indispositions caused by taking the drug were observed in patients:

  • abdominal pain;
  • bloated;
  • constipation or diarrhea;
  • nausea, which can be accompanied by vomiting;
  • in rare cases, there was urticaria, itching of the skin, as well as local rashes.

In any case, if any side effects occur, it is worth informing about the condition of your doctor in order that he, if necessary, take appropriate measures.

The price of medicines in pharmacies

Buy is only in the pharmacy for the appointment of a doctor "Panzinorm."The price of the package, which will be 21 capsules, is approximately 120 rubles. And if you need a long course of treatment, pay attention to the largest package, in which 84 capsules, and the price of which will be about 470 rubles. panzinorm 10000 composition

And a few words about the preparation

It is "Panzinorm 10000", whose composition can be called safe for humans, is most often prescribed by doctors if the patient has impaired pancreatic function. If you have been diagnosed with this, but the doctor has assigned you a more expensive drug, be sure to ask him whether it is possible to perform a treatment in your case specifically with Pansinorm. Do not be afraid to clarify the doctors such information, because in this way you simply protect your legitimate rights of the consumer.