At what disease it is impossible to eat tomatoes: strict prohibition of doctors

Tomato is the most popular product on the table of many cuisines of the world. In Russia, this vegetable, or berry, as it is called botany, is used in the preparation of sauces, salads, casseroles and snacks. It has a unique taste and has a satiety that allows it to be a full part of the dinner. And finally, tomato is an ornament of any table: juicy fresh fruits, thick sauces or canned tomatoes are fondly loved in Russian, as well as European cuisine.

at what disease it is impossible to eat tomatoes strict prohibition of doctors

Healers advise with the help of tomatoes to treat diseases of the cardiovascular and digestive systems, eliminate beriberi and even increase the potency. But there are somatic pathologies, in which the use of tomatoes is limited or even prohibited. So, under what diseases can not eat tomatoes?

Allergic reaction

Tomato is a fairly strong allergen, so the allergy to tomatoes is very common. Pathological reaction to succulent fruits can occur in any person with pathological formation of immunoglobulin E.

Outwardly these processes are expressed as follows:

  • sneezing;
  • is a common cold;
  • weakness, weakness;
  • rash on the skin;
  • lacrimation.

As a rule, the allergy makes itself felt about an hour and a half after eating tomato. But sometimes the reaction of the immune system can occur only after a day or two. In any case, you need to take an antihistamine drug, as well as drink an enterosorbent. If desired, you can use symptomatic therapy, such as a pill for headache, a spray from nasal congestion.

at what disease it is impossible to eat tomatoes prohibition of doctors

How to deal with such a reaction to a tomato? It is very simple: knowing at what disease it is impossible to eat tomatoes, and being aware of the presence of this disease in yourself, you simply have to abandon the use of tomatoes.


Tomatoes are very useful in many diseases of the digestive tract. But there are exceptions to the rule. So, under what diseases of the digestive tract can not eat tomatoes? First of all, with the formation of stones in the gallbladder.

The fact is that tomatoes have choleretic properties, so if oxalate or phosphate stones are present in the gallbladder, the consumption of tomatoes can provoke an increase in the stones and set them in motion.

Symptoms of exacerbation of SCI can be various: from abdominal pain and bloating to fever with vomiting and yellowing of the skin. Anyway, any of the described symptoms is unpleasant and can lead to deterioration of health and health. Therefore, for cholelithiasis it is better to eat tomatoes in very limited quantities or to discard them altogether. At what diseases can not eat fresh tomatoes?

PancreatitisQuite exactly - with pancreatitis.

at what disease can not eat tomatoes ban

Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the pancreas, and there is no definite ban on the consumption of tomatoes for people suffering from this disease. However, doctors strictly prohibit the use of:

  • immature tomatoes;
  • canned tomatoes;
  • shop sauces and ketchup.

All these products have substances that can irritate the mucous membrane of the diseased organ, which ultimately leads to an exacerbation of the pathology.

But ripe red tomatoes, natural juice and stewed tomatoes can be very useful in pancreatitis. But, using them, it is necessary to listen sensitively to your own well-being. And if one of these symptoms occurs, you need to stop eating tomatoes:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • abdominal pain;
  • weakness;
  • tachycardia.

Moreover, after the appearance of such symptoms, you need to immediately consult a doctor for correction of treatment. In the event that the development of the clinical picture causes a small amount of tomatoes, we can conclude that the disease is not in a stable remission. So, it represents a potential danger to humans.

High acidity

Speaking about the disease in which you can not eat tomatoes, you can not fail to mention gastritis with high acidity. The juice of fresh tomato, as, indeed, the juice of almost any vegetable or fruit, can irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach.

If the pathology is in remission, you can afford to eat a juicy tomato, not exceeding 250-300 grams per day. In this case, it is better to peel the tomato from the peel and eat in a salad dressed with butter or sour cream.

Kidney stones

In what diseases can not you eat tomatoes other than those described above? It is important to call urolithiasis, in other words, the formation of calculi in the kidneys.

There is no unambiguous contraindication for the use of tomatoes in the ICD.Doctors strongly recommend that you stop consuming salted, canned tomatoes, as excess salt can not be useful with kidney stones.

It is also not recommended to eat freshly squeezed tomato juice at the exit of stones from the kidneys, the fact is that such juice has a diuretic effect, and an increase in diuresis can with a high degree of probability lead to movement of stones and pain, and even to blockage of the ureter.

Another oxalic acid, contained in tomatoes, can lead to an increase in the size of the calculus of the kidneys.

Joint Diseases

What kind of disease can not eat tomatoes? The list can be replenished with a whole spectrum of somatic pathologies associated with the inflammatory process in the joint tissue:

  • arthritis;
  • Bechterew's disease;
  • psoriatic arthritis;
  • gout;
  • Hoff's disease;
  • arthrosis.

The whole point is that tomatoes contain oxalic acid in high concentration. This acid provokes severe pain in the joints, so it is better to completely eliminate this product from your diet.

tomatoes at what diseases can not be consumed

Some doctors recommend replacing the red tomato with yellow tomatoes, before cleaning them from the peel and refueling with oil. But it is important to remember that this method is not suitable for everyone, it is necessary to limit the amount of the consumed product to 100-200 grams.


Asking the doctor about the disease in which you can not eat tomatoes, you can be surprised to hear the most popular diagnosis in the world - hypertension. But do not completely exclude the fruits of the diet. The fact is that under an unambiguous prohibition are only canned tomatoes. But fresh tomatoes, tomatoes in stewed form, as well as juice can even improve a person's condition.

As a rule, the exacerbation of pathology does not occur immediately, it arises gradually if a person regularly consumes salted canned tomatoes. Dangerous is that with a significant progression of pathology to get rid of hypertension, the rejection of salted and pickled tomatoes will be difficult. With chronic hypertension, vascular damage occurs, which is not easy to eliminate, and in some cases it is completely impossible.

at what diseases zhkt it is impossible to eat tomatoes

The difficulty lies in the fact that few people are able to assess the taste of tomato without salt. A salt affects the fluid retention in the body, which, in turn, leads to an increase in blood pressure. The good news for hypertensors is that taste habits are not difficult to change: it is enough to try tomatoes with spices, sour cream or even sugar.


In the list of instructions regarding the disease in which tomatoes can not be eaten, people with nicotine addiction have also been banned by doctors. The correlation between tomatoes and smoking has a weak scientific basis, but in practice it has been repeatedly noted that people who regularly eat large amounts of tomatoes have a strong craving for smoking and fewer strengths to give up the addiction.

at what diseases you can not eat fresh tomatoes

Smoking can cause a number of diseases, many of which can lead to disability and even death of a person. First of all, we are talking about the pathologies of the vascular system, a negative habit also affects the nervous, endocrine and immune systems.

Varieties and types of tomatoes

In the case when tomatoes are under strict prohibition, there is no point in looking at tomato varieties to compare the content of contraindicated substances in them.

But if to you the doctor has told, at what disease it is impossible to eat tomatoes, the ban has given only on some their kinds, and the use of others has advised to limit, it is possible to try to understand what tomatoes can be consumed.

Cherry tomatoes fall under the ban - small juicy fruits resembling large cherries. Such fruits are more concentrated in the content of substances, so if you compare the result of eating some of the usual large tomatoes and similar cherry tomatoes, the risk of adverse effects increases in the second case.

at what disease it is impossible to eat tomatoes

The best choice is fleshy large tomatoes or yellow fruit. Tomatoes should be peeled, first making a cruciform cut and pouring them with boiling water.

Thus, recommendations on what disease can not eat tomatoes, strict prohibition of doctors or restriction of use always have a strong rationale. In order to keep the disease in remission, to maintain a good state of health and a high quality of life, it is worth abandoning a potentially harmful food for a particular person. Be healthy!