The best surgeon-endocrinologist in Moscow: feedback

The thyroid gland is a very small organ, on which the harmonious state of the whole organism depends, and even a good mood. Any disease threatens with serious deviations in the work of all systems, and therefore requires timely correction. Today, doctors are paying attention to developing more and more progressive methods of treating the endocrine system. Doctors say that about 30% of people have nodules on the thyroid, but only a part of them are subject to surgery. Therefore, the endocrinologist-surgeon must know modern diagnostic methods and use them. Surgeon Endocrinologist

Quality training

It's very simple to say that medicine is bad, no one knows anything and does not want. In fact, among doctors there are many people who are literate, interested and constantly improving their professional level. But among all other specializations a surgeon-endocrinologist stands out. Glands of internal secretion affect the whole body, so the symptoms will be very blurred. Understand what is happening to the body, and quickly take the necessary measures - this is a task that today is not under the power of many.

The second problem is

equipment. Ilya Sleptsov, surgeon-endocrinologist of world importance, MD, professor of the Department of Faculty Surgery of St. Petersburg State University, confirms that today it is worth working not only on the quality of training of doctors. The main task of the specialist, to which the patient asked for help, is to understand whether benign or malignant nodes are detected during examination on an ultrasound machine. Surgeon-endocrinologist should make a thin-needle biopsy, which in our country can be performed only by some clinics. If there is a suspicion that the patient has a thyroid tumor, then it is necessary to choose a good specialist who can understand the problem and, if necessary, perform an operation. Surgeon Endocrinologist Reviews

North-West Multiple Center of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

This is where the leading endocrinologist of the Russian Federation, Ilya Sleptsov, deputy director for the medical part of the multidisciplinary center, works. He carries out unique operations and the majority of patients with suspicion of oncopathology want to get on treatment specifically for him. Here, the gland is removed through a tiny incision of 2 cm. This operation has a small traumatic and good cosmetic properties. Already in the morning all analyzes are ready and if they do not cause fear, then the patient can go home. Even you do not need to tie up, a special glue is used to close the hole.

Required certificates

The reception of an endocrinologist is strictly by appointment, because the schedule is very tight. Ilya Sleptsov, like all other specialists of the center, has the certificate of an endocrinologist and oncologist, as well as a specialist-diagnostician by ultrasound. He passed the European examination on endocrine surgery. Today in St. Petersburg, do everything that was previously available only abroad. Even the removal of the tumor has become possible without a seam in the neck, instead it is done near the armpit. best surgeons endocrinologists

Soloviev Nikolay Alekseevich

A Moscow surgeon who is taking a reception at the hospital № 83, FNTSTSFMBA of Russia, and in parallel receives in the polyclinic Litfond. Specializes in diseases such as diffuse toxic goiter and nodular goiter. This is a real professional and a person with a capital letter, a real doctor who gives hope for life in the most severe cases. Performs fine-needle puncture of thyroid nodules quickly and painlessly, which is also emphasized by many patients who have already been fortunate enough to undergo treatment. Consultation of a surgeon-endocrinologist can be free of charge in the direction of a district therapist.

Yankin Pavel Lvovich

Another surgeon, an endocrinologist, whose reviews are emphasized by the highest professionalism, and this despite his youth. For more than 12 years he is a practicing specialist. He is engaged in the treatment of nodular goiter and hyperparathyroidism, as well as many other ailments. Basic education - Moscow State University. Sechenov. After that, Pavel Lvovich graduated from residency. The work of the surgeon is highly appreciated by patients, words of gratitude constantly sound in his address. reception surgeon endocrinologist

Kosov Andrey Y.

The best surgeons and endocrinologists are highly desirable employees for each medical center. After all, it is for their advice that patients come. It's common to look for star specialists in the metropolitan cities, because here it is possible to get excellent education and a base for practice.

The clinic "Stolitsa" on Leninsky Prospekt 90 has been operating for more than 10 years, every day operations are performed that save lives. Andrey Yurievich is a young, promising specialist who, during three years of practice, managed to achieve colossal successes. Judging by the opinions of patients, he takes up the most difficult cases, which other doctors refuse. Attentive and polite, he pays a lot of time to each patient, which gives excellent results.

Makaryin Viktor A.

He works on the basis of the clinical complex of the FGBU "NMHTS.N.I.Pirogov. "Periodically holds on-site consultations on the cities of the region. Member of the Endocrine Surgery Association of Europe. Specializes in operations on the thyroid gland, parathyroid glands and minimally invasive surgery. In addition to practical activities, full-time admission of patients and performing operations, the doctor is engaged in scientific work.

A wonderful doctor, whose excellent work, as well as attentive attitude towards his patients, emphasize the feedback. On his account, a huge number of operations, resulting in complete recovery of the patient. He also helps those who can not get to see him in person. For this, consultations are conducted on Skype, which help the patient to decide on surgical intervention or, conversely, refuse it. This is a new type of counseling, which has its shortcomings, but still the best option, if your city does not have such specialists. consultation of an endocrinologist

Polyclinic Otradnoe

Another star endocrinologist-surgeon works here. Moscow is rich in good doctors, and patients always have a choice. Minasyan Alexander Mikhailovich is well known to those who faced such a diagnosis himself or accompanied to the treatment of native people. The vast experience of this specialist is credible. He has over 30 years specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases and conducts all types of treatment, including operative. This nodal and multinodular goiter, tumors and chronic thyroiditis. Only in the last year I performed more than 100 operations, and almost 2000 puncture biopsies. A wonderful doctor and an excellent person, reviews do not tire of praising not only professionalism, but also human qualities. surgeons endocrinologists moscow reviews

Sadykov Rustam Nazimovich

The doctor of the highest category with the richest experience of work. For more than 30 years he has been treating thyroid gland and periodically improves his qualifications and is trained. Conducts a reception in a private clinic, at ul. Sretenka, 9. The necessary skills allow for accurate and timely diagnosis of thyroid disorders and prescribe treatment. If it is possible, then try to do with conservative methods of treatment. The reviews emphasize the attentiveness and sensitivity of this specialist, his responsiveness and relevant sense of humor. In most cases, which have been described, it was possible to achieve excellent results.

Institute of Endocrinology im. VP Komisarenko

Excellent surgeons and endocrinologists of Moscow work here. The patient's feedback allows us to judge that every patient here has the highest quality of care and advice from a competent specialist. Bolgov Mikhail Yurievich - the best specialist of the center, specializes in diseases of the thyroid gland and adrenal glands. He received a diploma in the Kiev Medical Institute. Since 1995 he moved to the surgical department of the Institute of Endocrinology. A fine practitioner, competent and correct about his patients. In their responses, people are thankful for the professionally performed operation, the saved life and the returned health, and also note the warm attitude of the doctor. blind endocrinologist surgeon

Kramorova Lilia Alexandrovna

Surgeon-endocrinologist, who is taking a reception at the hospital № 36 in Moscow. Experienced doctor, who has behind him eight years of surgical practice, during which time it was necessary to solve the most different problems of patients. Judging by the responses, this is a modest and hard-working person who will never refuse help or advice, will give a professional recommendation and will conduct diagnostics at the highest level. The removal of the thyroid gland and the treatment of gynecomastia are the problems that it can solve so simply and easily, as if nothing special has been done. All patients say that if they had to be operated on again, they would only turn to her.

Instead of concluding

Thyroid disease should be treated as soon as possible. The affected organ malfunctions the work of the entire endocrine system, which affects the human condition far from being the best. The longer its hyper- or hypoactivity persists, the more serious will be the systemic disturbances, which means it will be much more difficult to correct the situation. The surgical endocrinologists listed in the article are practicing specialists with good experience and customer references.