What to do with stretching the muscles of a person's body?

Human health depends on many parameters. And they should all correspond to the norm, so that a person feels well. Among other components of health, a significant role in its maintenance belongs to sports. But we are not talking about professional loads, but about those that are useful to every person. It's good when classes are conducted by a specialist. But many do not have this opportunity or just want to do it themselves. In this case, the main thing is to remember that it is better to reduce the load than to hurt yourself. It is very important to know what to do with stretching the muscles and how to help yourself in the first hours after the injury.

The concept of muscle

Muscles are body organs consisting of an elastic tissue that has the property of contracting under the influence of nerve impulses. Muscles perform a lot of functions in the human body, but the most important is the movement of the body and ensuring its healthy vital activity.

Thanks to them, we can blink, smile, swallow. But all these are the simplest possibilities, which are often not even realized. Muscles allow a person to protect themselves, to endure something heavy and to achieve significant results in sports.

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The work of this organ in our body is controlled by the nervous system.

what to do when stretching the muscles

There are several approaches to calculating the number of muscles in the body, but it is accepted that there are 640 of them. The smallest are in the ear, and the largest are the gluteus muscles. It should also be noted that they are all diverse in form.

In the complex, it is the skeleton and muscles that create the body shape. With a healthy lifestyle, as well as with sufficient physical exertion, the human body acquires beautiful outlines and gets rid of excess fatty layer. Situations are different, therefore, what to do with stretching the muscles of your body, every person, and even more so an athlete, should know.

Reasons for stretching

For sure, every person has experienced pain in the muscles. And many had to seek an answer to the question of what to do with stretching the muscles. But first you need to understand what exactly is happening. After all, the named problem is, first of all, a trauma of muscle fibers or their connection with tendons.

This happens when the tension or overstrain of the muscle tissue is too strong. And most often this happens in training, but can overtake and in ordinary household conditions. So, lead to the described outcome is capable of heavy physical work, lifting too heavy objects and even a banal stay in an uncomfortable position for a long time.

you need to do with stretching the muscles

All causes of muscle strain can be grouped:

  1. Strong tension of ligaments. A slight pain when stretching is permissible, but it should in no case be too strong.
  2. Excessive load, in which the muscles simply refuse to obey.
  3. Unexpected change of load on some kind of muscle or sudden movements. This often occurs when active exercises are performed without a warm-up, or when the person starts active work with the body from the very morning.
  4. Uncontrolled and uncoordinated body movements.

Muscles can be sore due to undeveloped muscle corset, and also because of weak physical fitness of a person. The two main and most common causes of stretching are exorbitant loads and active work without a warm-up. All other reasons are more superficial. In order to understand what to do when stretching the muscles, you need to be aware of the extent of muscle damage.

Symptoms of stretching

When stretching muscles there are pain, swelling and swelling, and hematoma can also form. In this case, it is best to limit the activity and try not to load a certain part of the body.

If you feel that muscle contraction does not occur, you need to see a doctor, as this may indicate tissue rupture. Also, after a severe injury, scars may appear on it, which will cause the muscle to become less sturdy.

Stretching of the leg muscles

Muscles of the legs are known to be sore due to severe overload during running, jumping or special exercises. It is very important in training to give them rest and alternate loads on different muscle groups.

what to do when stretching the muscles on the leg

For anxiety symptoms, it is best to contact the doctor. But what to do when stretching the muscles on the leg at home?

To begin with, cool the sore spot with ice or a cold towel. After this, it is important to bandage the limb well, because peace will help reduce pain.

After a couple of days, it is advisable to start warming procedures. You can warm up a sore spot with a bag of sea salt or a regular hot water bottle. It will be useful to draw an iodine grid. Very well affect the compresses. And one of the most effective is a compress made of gauze dipped in hot milk.

Stretching of the knee muscles: what to do

The best assistant in this matter is rest. In the first days the knee should rest. After this, we must move on to a set of exercises that are aimed at restoring the functions of the knee joint.

The most important thing to do when stretching the muscles of the knee is to consult a doctor, as treatment can last for months. More often the program of treatment of the damaged joint includes 4 stages:

  • rest;
  • applying a cold pencil;
  • knee joint fixation;
  • performing exercises to prevent swelling.

Cold will reduce pain at first, and the bandage will avoid unnecessary movements. It is also important to raise the knee above the level of the heart in a supine position, so that the swelling comes off.

Stretching of the calf muscle

This stretching is very dangerous, because it is often accompanied by cramps. You can pull the gastrocnemius muscle when running or too active exercises. And, as a rule, this means a partial rupture of the fibers.

What to do when stretching the gastrocnemius muscle? It all depends on the degree of damage. If this is an easy overload, then it will be enough not to strain it for several days. If there is a partial break, then the treatment can take months, and without professional help a person can not do. If the degree of damage is the strongest, then unfortunately, only surgical intervention can correct the situation.

what to do when stretching the gastrocnemius muscle

Tension of the muscles of the thighs

If you are interested in the question of what to do with stretching the muscles of the thigh, you will have to accept that some time you spend on crutches. If the case is not so serious, then you should resort to cold attachments. However, note that you can not apply ice to bare skin, as you can chill muscles. In addition, it is important to apply a compress, which will exert some pressure on the sore spot, which will help to avoid edema. what to do when stretching the muscles of the thigh

If the above actions do not help, you should consult your doctor. Most often he prescribes physiotherapy and taking non-steroid drugs. In the most negative cases, again, it is impossible to influence events without the surgeon's intervention.

Neck Stretching

Neck stretching is one of the most harmless injuries, but it should be very spiky to avoid serious consequences. What should I do if I stretch my neck muscles? You will be assisted by:

  • wearing a bandage;
  • massage procedures;
  • reflexotherapy;
  • exercise therapy;
  • reception of anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • rest;
  • acupuncture.

Refer to the doctor with neck stretching is extremely rare, because you can cure it yourself. And still, if the pain does not pass, you should consult a specialist.

what to do when stretching the muscles of the neck

Sprain or arm stretch

If you are thinking about what to do with stretching your back muscles, you will first have to learn about what not to do. To strongly pull the back muscles in training, you need huge loads, because they are pretty strong. Mild pain after classes is the norm, but stretching is quite another matter.

In everyday life, this happens most often for one simple reason - with inept lifting of too heavy objects. Therefore, it is very important to bend your knees when lifting something heavy. Many people ignore this fact and get a strong stretching of the muscles of the back and pain.

And in order to understand what to do when stretching the arm muscles, you should realize that emergency medical care is necessary. In this case, it is better not to resort to the methods described above( exercises, compresses, etc.).Damage to any part of the upper limb is rarely insignificant, so the sooner the specialist intervenes, the sooner a good result is achieved.

what to do when stretching the arm muscles

If there is time before the ambulance arrives, you should provide the arm with complete peace. You can do with ice or a cold towel. In the case when the pain is unbearable, you can take painkillers. If bruises are found on your arm, you should give it an elevated position to avoid swelling.

Summing up, it should be said that it is useful for every person to know what to do when stretching the muscles. Even if this never happens personally with you, you need to be sure that you can help your loved ones.