How to give birth to a boy - a theoretical guide for a future mother

A woman who wants to wear a son under her heart should be preoccupied with answering the question about how to give birth to a boy. For those who are looking forward to the moment when the future of a man is born, it is important to know several basic rules that should be followed both in planning the sex of the child and during pregnancy.

In order to give birth to a boy, you will not need a table - when it becomes necessary, the baby himself will ask for this light from the womb, if the mother does not have indications for the prompt completion of pregnancy. But you can try to conceive exactly your son by using several methods. The most popular is the ancient Chinese table of conception. Despite the fact that the bases for such calculations in Ancient China were purely practical data, such a table is still used by young couples around the world. For all women facing a dilemma about how to give birth to a boy for the joy of a spouse, the same table used by the ancient Chinese will help, and they can certainly be trusted, since China is the leading country in terms of the number of men born.

This table shows the age of a woman from 18 to 45 years, and also twelve months for each year of her life during this period. Based on the calculations, we can conclude that girls from 18 to 25 years give birth to boys mainly in the summer months, but women aged 30 and older, on the contrary, are more likely to give this world future defenders in the cold season.

When you have a new life under your heart, you can learn the sex of a future child with the help of ultrasound diagnostics starting from the 14th week of pregnancy. After an experienced doctor confirms that there is a male fetus in the womb, the expectant mother should get acquainted with the rules of such a difficult matter as giving birth to a boy.

There are factors due to which the appearance of the son must pass as safely as possible. Before you give birth to a boy in an appropriate institution, you need to know that the representatives of this part of humanity are already in the womb much stronger than girls: they are larger and weigh more. In order for the birth to go well, it is necessary to stop taking multivitamins for girls in the position two weeks before the significant event, since it is before giving birth that the baby starts an active growth phase, and vitamins will contribute to this. Believe me, nothing bad will happen if, at the 38th week of the week, the baby in the tummy stops receiving active substances - during this period of pregnancy it is already sufficiently formed and ready to be born. But if during the last ultrasound the approximate weight of the child was set at 3 kg, then the woman does not need to stop taking vitamins.

Many pregnant women are concerned about the number of weeks the boys are given birth. There is no unequivocal answer to this question, however, obstetric practice shows that girls traditionally ask for this light before the due date for several days, but the boys do not hurry, they can sit in the womb for a couple of days longer.