"Morenazal" with chamomile - nasal spray of a new generation

Everyone knows that the common cold is an extremely unpleasant symptom, accompanied by a cold and allergy. In order for the mucous membrane to cope with the diseases, various drops and sprays are used. One of these medicines is nasal spray "Morenazal" with chamomile. It is designed specifically for children and adults who are often exposed to colds and have a tendency to allergies.

moraine with chamomile

Feature and Composition

Nasal Spray is a colorless liquid with a slight smell of chamomile and a salty taste."Morenazal" with chamomile is a sterile solution, which contains natural sea salt, and as an auxiliary substance there is camomile oil.

In the people of the daisy has long been famous for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. The oil of this medicinal plant helps to speed up the recovery processes in the nasal mucosa, which results in a faster recovery.

Sea salt contains minerals and trace elements that act as an anti-inflammatory and moisturizer. These beneficial substances contribute to the acceleration of the restorative and protective function of the ciliated epithelium lining the upper respiratory tract. Such properties allow improving nasal breathing and strengthening the resistance of the nasal mucosa to various viruses and bacteria.

An advantageous feature of the spray is that the technology of its production allows preserving the active properties of medicinal substances. Therefore, "Morenazal" can be used for the entire shelf life. The drug does not contain preservatives and is made in polymer bottles with a capacity of 20 and 50 ml with a convenient nozzle-dispenser.

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Purpose of spray

"Morenazal" with chamomile is mainly intended for removing inflammation of the nasal mucosa, rinse it and clean it. Nasal spray is used in the complex therapy of rhinitis and other diseases affecting the upper respiratory tract.

The therapeutic effect of the drug is as follows:

• removes excess mucus, which contains pathogenic viruses and bacteria, dust particles and other sources of inflammation in the common cold;

• clears nasal passages from crusts;

• helps to remove irritation and moisturize the nasal mucosa;

• helps to soften and remove scales and crusts after surgical interventions in the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses, allowing to avoid bleeding;

restores nasal breathing with a cold.

In addition, the use of "Morenasal" increases the therapeutic effect of medications that are applied to the nasal mucosa, and prevents the infection from progressing to the sinuses of the sinuses and the ear cavity.

moraine with chamomile instruction

In what cases is used "Morenazal" with chamomile

The instruction for the preparation contains information that the nasal spray is used for the treatment and prevention of infectious inflammatory diseases of the nasal cavity, adnexal sinuses and nasopharynx.

Morenazal is also effective in acute and chronic rhinitis and sinusitis of infectious origin( including sinusitis and frontalitis).It is successfully used as a preventive and curative remedy for respiratory infections during the autumn-winter season.

In addition, Morenazal, the price of which is relatively affordable, is practiced after surgical operations in the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses. With his help, preparations are being made to introduce other medicines into the nasal cavity.

Rules for the application of

As mentioned above, the spray "Morenazal" can be used for children from 1 year and adults. It is applied intranasally, that is, through the nose, every day. The number and frequency of injections depend on the age of the patient. Information on this subject in the form of a table is presented in the annotation, which comes complete with a spray. The instruction also specifies that training and washing should be carried out subject to hygiene rules. Washing of the nose for children up to 2 years of age is carried out in a lying position. If you use "Morenazal" with chamomile for children older than 2 years and adults, squirt the spray while standing with your head inclined to the side.

spray moraine with chamomile

Advantages of using

Morenazal with chamomile received many positive reviews from users. And this is not surprising, because there are many advantages to nasal spray.

Firstly, its composition is completely natural, so "Morenazal" has practically no contraindications and does not cause side effects. Only in rare cases there can be an individual intolerance of the drug, associated with its components. The spray can be used both for adults and children, starting from 1 year. In addition, it is safe in the period of gestation and breastfeeding.

Secondly, the spray is very easy to use. Each press of the dispenser corresponds to one metered injection.

Third, Morenazal, whose average price is about 250 rubles per 50 ml, is economical enough to use. One 50 ml package lasts for a long time, as it is designed for as many as 350 sprays!

moraine with chamomile for children


Nasal spray "Morenazal" with chamomile is a reliable and safe remedy for the common cold, which repeatedly proved to be very effective. Its use is available to all. Limitations are only small children under 1 year and people with individual intolerance to the components of the spray. With the help of "Morenazal" you can ease the condition during colds and during flowering, and also stop worrying about the health of children.