Toothbrush "Rocks" - solution of various problems with teeth

Daily oral care is a useful habit that must be planted from infancy and maintained for life. Every day our teeth and gums cope with a colossal load, and everyone's task is to facilitate their work and maintain the health of the oral cavity.

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Proper care - a pledge of oral health

Today, there are a huge number of technological innovations for dental care, as well as a wide range of toothbrushes and pastes with a variety of properties. Everyone is free to choose their own taste and wallet. But regardless of the level of prosperity and social status, the basic rules of oral care should be known to everyone:

  • visit the dentist at least 2 times a year for the purpose of preventive examination;
  • brush your teeth twice a day: morning and evening. And, if you choose once, then the evening brushing of teeth is preferable;
  • after each meal, rinse your mouth with clean water. If this is not possible - eat a carrot or an apple;
  • carefully approach the choice of toothpaste and follow in this matter recommendations not advertising, and your dentist;
  • monitor the state of the toothbrush, store it in a vertical position, bristles up. Replace with a new one - every 3-5 months.

tooth brush rox

Many people do not pay much attention to choosing a toothbrush, considering its impact on dental health indirect. But this is far from the case.

The important role of the toothbrush

The choice of a toothbrush is not only a choice of color and stiffness level of bristles, as many believe. A bad toothbrush will not only poorly clean the oral cavity, but can also injure the gums and even damage the enamel.

If the brush is made of poor-quality materials, then bacteria and harmful microorganisms will multiply on it at high speed. As a result, the toothbrush becomes a source instead of a tool to combat oral contaminants.

Choosing both a paste and a brush, it is important to focus on a good manufacturer. Professional lines for oral care use only high-quality materials and very cherish their reputation. Therefore, giving preference to such rulers, you can be assured of protecting the health of your teeth.

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A fine example is the toothbrush "Rocks".The products of this Swiss company for many years are the key to quality.

"Rocks" - solution of various problems of

The company "Roks" is a joint Swiss-Russian production of high-quality products for oral care. In their assortment you can find various toothpastes and brushes, mouthwashes, as well as more specialized products for whitening and restoration of teeth.

Toothbrush "Rox" is a very successful representative of this company's products. In this case, it is available in various modifications. Design and materials are selected and developed separately for each type of

The most popular is the classic toothbrush "Rocks".The testimonies of people who have been using this for many years, say that it is much better and more carefully cleans teeth of plaque and pollution compared to others.

tooth brush rox reviews

A very popular product of the company today is a toothbrush with whitening effect. A distinctive feature is the polymer coating of bristle fibers, which includes crystals of calcium carbonate. Such a unique combination significantly increases the degree of tooth cleaning, without damaging the enamel and gums.

The Rox toothbrush has many variations: in terms of rigidity, shape of the handle and head, coating of the bristle fibers and other features. All the features and wishes of consumers are taken into account by the manufacturer, it is up to the right selection of the product for themselves.

Clean the first teeth of

Modern parents are no longer waiting for the baby to grow to self-cleaning teeth, and begin to care for the milk teeth, as soon as they erupt.

For gentle cleaning, the most suitable baby toothbrush is "Rox".It is ideal for babies from birth to three years.

baby toothbrush

It is distinguished by a very soft bristle, which has undergone triple polishing of the tips. This allows you to gently clean the teeth, without traumatizing tender baby gums. The special shape that the Rox toothbrush has for the little ones allows you not to worry about the safety of the baby: the wide handle will not let the brush penetrate too deeply into the mouth. And at the stage of the appearance of teeth, the brush handle can be used as a penetrator: the material is high-quality and is not afraid of such a load.

The care for the oral cavity needs to be taught to babies from an early age. Both children and adults need to use only high-quality tools for teeth and gums: one should focus not on advertising, but on advice and opinion of doctors. Then healthy and strong teeth will please you all your life.