Appendix is ​​a dangerous atavism

In the process of evolution, the human body has undergone many changes, and some organs, so necessary for our ancestors, but absolutely useless for the modern man, remained, albeit in a somewhat modified form. Thanks to this heritage, scientists have the opportunity to track the stages of evolution.

Useless Atavism

One of these organs is an appendix. This formation in the form of an appendix on the cecum measuring 7-10 centimeters. He inherited from our herbivorous ancestors, who helped to cope with the digestion of hard-to-digest fiber and cellulose.

appendix is

Its role and functions in the human body are not fully understood. However, there are suggestions that it is not as useless as it is commonly believed, but takes part in humoral immunity and neutralization of toxins.

Despite the small size, a lot of trouble and even death can deliver an appendix - it sometimes happens with its inflammation.

Dangerous symptoms

Most often this disease affects children aged 9-12 years, in infants it is less common. However, any person can get into the risk group, especially if there are injuries of the abdominal cavity, worms, infections, constipation.

Appendicitis is a disease in which an appendix is ​​inflamed. Symptoms that may indicate this are as follows:

  • pain syndrome;
  • increased body temperature;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting.

There are some differences in symptoms in men, women and children, but the overall picture of the disease is most often similar. The pain is localized in the right lower part of the abdomen, since it is there that the appendix is ​​located in the person.

appendix - symptoms

If you show the first signs of appendicitis, you should never warm your stomach, take painkillers and wait for it to form. The pain may also subside, but the risk of complications such as peritonitis, or the development of chronic appendicitis, increases. At the first suspicion it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor, as delay can lead to very dangerous consequences.


In the hospital you will have all the necessary diagnostics to confirm the diagnosis. They will begin with a general examination, temperature measurements, palpation. The doctor will also help to identify the inflamed appendix symptoms of Shchetkin-Blumberg, Mendel, Kocher, Sitkovsky. Provided for the delivery of urine and blood tests. Biochemical and clinical analysis of blood will reveal the presence of inflammatory process and violations of internal organs. The analysis of urine will help to control the urinary system.

Radiography can be shown, which will show how the appendix changed. This will give a clear picture of the disease. Also, an ultrasound examination of the abdominal organs and the appendix itself, a study for parasitic diseases, an electrocardiogram will be performed.

In case of emergency, several symptoms are sufficient to promptly prescribe an operation that involves removal of the appendix.

Surgical intervention

Appendicitis is not medically treated, only surgical intervention is provided. There are two options that are used in medical practice, with the help of which the appendix is ​​removed: it is laparoscopy and appendectomy.


The most common is the traditional bandpass operation, but the first option is gaining popularity, because it assumes a faster recovery, reduces the risk of large blood loss, and post-operative scars are much smaller than after the classic incision.

Possible complications of

Complications after surgery can be very serious. There is a risk of developing peritonitis, suppuration and divergence of sutures, internal bleeding, sepsis, development of adhesive process. For the speedy recovery and to avoid complications, all the prescriptions of the doctor are required.

After the operation of

In addition to the successful operation, the postoperative care and rehabilitation period is equally important. In the first hours after removal of the appendix is ​​forbidden to get up. It needs to be done gradually, increasing the load in the next few days.

appendix in man

It is also recommended to limit physical activity within 1.5-2 months. Also, you must adhere to fractional frequent meals, based on only the products allowed by the surgeon. Basically it is light food, such as:

  • all kinds of broths;
  • boiled porridge;
  • steamed meat and vegetables;
  • sour-milk products( yogurt, cottage cheese).

Use of fatty, fried and spicy food is expressly prohibited.

The big mistake is the opinion of the majority that the appendix is ​​an inoffensive organ. According to statistics, the third part of all surgical interventions is accounted for by the operation to remove appendicitis, and it appears in six people out of a thousand. And the saddest thing is that there are data on deaths.