Children's dermatologist( Moscow): addresses of clinics and reviews

Why did we decide today to talk specifically about childhood skin diseases? The fact is that they become very common. Ecology worsens, the immunity of an adult suffers, accordingly, problems accumulate and are passed from mother to child. His symptoms can be even more pronounced, and so on ad infinitum. As a result, no children's dermatologist will remain without work.

Moscow is a modern city, it has a huge number of different institutions and research centers, but parents still have difficulties when they need to find specialists in skin diseases. Today we will try to collect information on the best clinics and doctors working in them, whose specialization allows to effectively solve similar problems. children

At what age can the consultation of

be required? When is the first time parents face skin ailments? There is no definite border, but no one is insured. For the youngest, these are problems of diaper rash, sweating, diaper or seborrheic dermatitis. Do not think that these are age-related problems that can be left without attention. You definitely need a children's dermatologist. Moscow, in contrast to the periphery, gives an opportunity to choose a polyclinic and doctors who will observe your baby. Therefore, all infant problems will be solved at a time, most importantly, in time to seek help.

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School age

Even if the prerequisites were earlier, it is now that the symptoms of begin to become apparent. Dermatoses and pyoderma, infectious and parasitic diseases are problems that only an experienced pediatric dermatologist can cope with. Moscow gives parents a chance to choose the best specialist. Today we will tell about the leading doctors in this field, so that you have the information.

At school age, children complain of acne and neurodermatitis, folliculitis and boils. It may start to progress psoriasis. At any age, children are not immune from skin tumors. These can be warts and pigment nevi, dermatofibromas and papillomas, melanomas and many other ailments .

All these are problems that an experienced children's dermatologist must deal with. In Moscow, there are a number of specialized clinics that have all the conditions for diagnosis and effective treatment. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Perinatal Medical Center "Mother and Child"

dermatology in moscow

Specialists work here that take care of children's health from the first days of life to adolescence. Experienced doctors conduct diagnostics and treatment of various diseases of the skin and hair, as well as the nails of the child. The clinic is located at: Sevastopol Avenue, 24, building 1. Here you will find a terrific specialist Bondarenko Tatyana Fedorovna. A candidate of medical sciences with a higher medical category and a long experience of practical work, she receives small patients every day with various problems.

We found a large number of warm responses from parents who emphasize that this is a talented diagnostician. Determining the cause of what is happening with the baby is an art, and most problems arise because of an erroneous diagnosis.

Clinic "Mother and Child" in Kuntsevo

It is located at: Mozhayskoye Highway, 2. Dermatology in Moscow is much better developed than in most regions of the country. Good salaries attract specialists not only from Russia, but also from around the world. So, Veronika I. Mokhova, a member of the European Society of Pediatric Dermatology, once preferred the capital of our homeland to a brilliant career abroad.

Many years of experience allow it to perform diagnostics and interpretation of the results at the highest level both with a lamp and with the removal of scrapes. Among the professional skills includes electrocoagulation of benign tumors, mechanical removal of mollusks of any location, all types of warts and papillomas. We collected and analyzed dozens of reviews about the work of this specialist. In the majority it is words of gratitude for the competent help. There are among them those who have tried unsuccessfully for many years to treat the child, and only Veronika Igorevna managed to find the cause and save them from suffering. As you can see, in Moscow dermatology is one of the most problematic areas of medicine. It is difficult to find a specialist who really will help.

AllergyFree, diagnostic and treatment center

center of dermatology

Excellent modern clinic, the hallmark of which is an integrated approach to any problem. It is located at the address: Mira Avenue, 150. Whatever the parent of a small patient addresses, the diagnosis is first carried out, and then treatment is given. The approach is literate, it avoids a large number of errors. Children's dermatology - the area is very complex, because not always the kid can explain what is bothering him. This makes diagnostics even more difficult.

Parents say that they really like the approach to treating children in this center. After all, the skin does not get sick by itself. Hence, the reason lies in the work of internal organs. And most often it's the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore within the framework of this clinic it is necessary to pass three experts:

  • Kuznetsov George Borisovich. Pediatrician, gastroenterologist, specialist of the highest category and candidate of medical sciences. He will check the work of the digestive tract and identify the relationship between her and skin problems.
  • Tkachenko Ekaterina Viktorovna - allergologist-immunologist.
  • Muradova Lina Mikhailovna - pediatrician of the highest category.

Judging by the warm responses, it's safe to say that it's not only fine doctors, but also wonderful people. They are able to find an approach to each child, it is understandable to answer questions of the adult, and also to prescribe adequate treatment.

Multi-profile center "Medvkadrat"

Specialists work here that accept children and adults. Children's dermatology is a separate branch of medicine, which does not remain by itself, apart. The state of immunity, the work of internal organs - all this affects the skin in the most direct way. That is why here small patients undergo a complex commission, after which each specialist makes his decision. With , the most successful dermatitis, fungal diseases of the skin and nails, benign and malignant formations on mucous membranes are treated with great success. They successfully work with hair problems.

For rapid and correct diagnosis, histopathological and cytological, microbiological studies are used. If necessary, DNA diagnostics can be used if the clinical picture is not clear. To combat skin ailments, the dermatology center uses a variety of modern methods, beginning with physiotherapy, ending with balneotherapy. Necessarily appointed and drug therapy. There is a clinic in Kurkino, at: ul. Lundyshevaya, 14, building 1. children

Clinic-diagnostic clinic Medsi

This is the next center of dermatology in our list. It is located at the address: Krasnaya Presnya, house 16. Here, with great success, the treatment of the most common childhood diseases is treated. It is dermatitis and lichen, eczema and hair loss, dystrophy and mycosis of nails and much more. If the disease is allergic, then a pediatric dermatologist will help you choose a sparing diet that will be most appropriate for your baby. This will neutralize the cause, and in parallel you will be treated.

For a comprehensive examination, the doctor first conducts a conversation with the child, then asks the mother. However, the clinical picture emerges completely only after the tests of the .Can be prescribed:

  • for antibodies, allergens and antigens.
  • General, clinical blood test.
  • Biochemical blood test.
  • Cytology;
  • Microscopic examination.

Children's dermatology works very closely with related specialties, so do not be surprised if, in a difficult case, the doctor asks to pass another series of doctors and only on the basis of all the findings will diagnose.

Working specialists

The dermatological clinic "Medsi" invites you to apply for an appointment with Aleksei Chekmarev. This is an experienced dermatovenerologist who at this time receives a pediatrician specialization in parallel with the main practice. There is a wide experience of working with such problems as diagnosis and treatment of various dermatitis, dermatoses, skin diseases with oral cavity damage, destruction of benign neoplasms. This is not the whole list, but for more detailed information it is better to contact this specialist for an appointment.

Judging by the opinions of the patients who applied for help, this is an excellent doctor, competent and attentive. Therefore, if you need a paid children's dermatologist, then feel free to contact Medsi. dermatological clinic

Polyclinic "Markushka"

Do not forget that the children's skin is very different from the adult. This is the thickness, and structure, and metabolic processes. Only by the age of seven can one begin to go to a regular specialist, but it is advisable that before adolescence, a children's polyclinic leads and supervises. A dermatologist working in the center "Markushka" is first and foremost a good specialist, a professional who, in addition to practical activities, constantly learns additionally.

Sometimes parents go astray, so that the baby is diagnosed correctly. This is the main problem, since skin lesions can be the result of an autoimmune, hereditary or infectious disease. Therefore, the dermatologist of the center always performs diagnostics together with allergists, pediatricians, neurologists, urologists and gastroenterologists. This approach allows you to achieve incredible accuracy in the diagnosis. Therefore, the dermatological clinic "Markushka" is popular among parents and has good reviews. Many people say that it was here that for the first time they could determine the true cause and offer treatment. family doctor moscow

Center "Family Doctor"( Moscow)

It is located at: ul. Bakuninskaya, 1-3.Children's doctors work with such problems as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and mycosis. Diseases are complex and require a systematic approach to treatment. The equipment of the clinic allows you to diagnose any level of complexity. The "Family Doctor" in Moscow enjoys exceptional trust. Each of the doctors working here is a qualified specialist who values ​​his reputation and simply loves his work. Children's dermatologists operate in contact with pediatricians and allergists to exclude errors in diagnosis and to prescribe the right treatment. pediatric dermatologist

We are registering for the reception of

Today Chirikova Tatyana Grigorievna is taking a reception here. This dermatologist with more than 37 years of experience, a doctor of the highest category. She dedicated all conscious life to the treatment of children. A kind and considerate woman, she will find an approach to every baby. Parents in their reviews emphasize that at the reception of this specialist it is always felt that the doctor is busy with you. Each patient is the most important, unique and unique. Even after years, coming to the reception again, they are surprised to note that the doctor still remembers them by name.