Krasnoyarsk: Institute of Cosmetology. Kirova, 19( Krasnoyarsk) - address of beauty and health

Not in vain, most of the ancient goddesses of beauty in combination were also patrons of love. Aphrodite, Bastet, Freya, Lakshmi and even the Slavic Lada. Beauty and love always go hand in hand. Woman - the earthly embodiment of any of the goddesses. She wants to love and be loved, strives to be the most beautiful of the beautiful.

Institute of Medical Cosmetology

Institute of Medical Cosmetology Krasnoyarsk For more than two decades, the Institute of Cosmetology has been guarding beauty and health( Kirov, 19, Krasnoyarsk).It was established in 1993, since that time thousands of Krasnoyarsk residents and visitors of the city used it. In the arsenal of highly professional specialists the most advanced equipment and technologies. This is one of the leading institutions of its kind in the country and the only one in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

The team of specialists has been working in the clinic for more than one year. The structure includes doctors of the first and the highest category with vast experience in the spheres of their activity. Many have doctoral and candidate degrees. Staff regularly improve their skills. On a regular basis, prestigious scientific events are held in Russia and abroad, contributing to the acquisition of new skills and the introduction of modern medical technologies.

Surgical cosmetology

The Institute of Cosmetology( Kirov, 19, Krasnoyarsk) offers a wide range of services. Starting from massage, finishing with complex surgical operations. One of the most demanded areas is surgical cosmetology.

For one reason or another, women are rarely satisfied with their appearance and often turn their attention to the possibilities of plastic surgery. The most common in our country is plastic surgery of the chest and face. The Institute of Medical Cosmetology( Krasnoyarsk ) offers a variety of procedures, from allowing to slightly adjust the desired zones to produce cardinal changes.

The beauty of a woman's breast is sung by poets and writers. The specialists of the clinic will bring it to perfection.

  • Breast augmentation. The most common direction of plastic surgery. Specialists at the preliminary consultation will not only familiarize themselves with the stages of the conduct, pre- and postoperative actions, but also help determine their desires. Often, clients themselves do not understand what result they want to receive. There are also cases when for one or another medical indication the procedure must be carried out under the control of a group of specialists or it is generally contraindicated.
  • Mastopexy. The operation will restore the original form of the breast if its loss occurred during pregnancy and lactation, with weight fluctuations or during age changes.

Plastic facial correction in the clinic is represented by such directions as:

  • blepharoplasty;
  • otoplasty;
  • rhinoplasty;
  • of the chin plastic;
  • braces and contour plastics;
  • thread lifting;
  • lipofilling;
  • eyebrow plastic.

cosmetology in krasnoyarsk Each of the procedures is performed by a highly qualified specialist. It is very important to get a preliminary consultation. She will give an understanding of the necessity of carrying out such procedures, will orient in reality the desired result, psychologically prepare for the very intervention.

In the framework of surgical cosmetology, also plastic correction of the body, liposuction and vascular surgery.

Aesthetic cosmetology

Aesthetic cosmetology, as well as hardware and laser, will grind the image and bring it to perfection. The specialists of the clinic are able to completely rid or greatly remedy any defects of the body at the request of their clients. The most demanded procedure for rejuvenation. The consultants will determine the cause of the deterioration and advise the most suitable of the cosmetic services.

aesthetic cosmetology The clinic performs diagnostics of skin lesions. Modern equipment helps very quickly to recognize, predict the risk levels and start the necessary treatment at the earliest stages.

Gynecology and intimate surgery

The popularity of intimate surgery is related to the fact that every year more people realize the need to adjust the genital area for one reason or another. Pathologies in this area significantly reduce the quality and frequency of sexual activity, and often self-esteem. Thanks to such procedures, discomfort disappears, pain and discomfort.

Cosmetic massage

Cosmetology in Krasnoyarsk provides quality cosmetic massage services. At the heart of the skills is the Spanish chiromassage school. During a pleasant and relaxing procedure, muscle tone increases, fatigue is removed, puffiness is eliminated, regeneration of skin cells is accelerated. Programs for the body using this technique contribute to the fight against excessive weight and cellulite.

Explorer to beauty

How to find the Institute of Cosmetology? Kirov, 19, Krasnoyarsk - that's his address.

The Institute has an official website where all types of services are provided. The pages of the resource give a brief information about the ongoing procedures, you can get acquainted with specialists and their track record. Very detailed pricing offers. Consultation on the issues of interest is possible to receive through the form of the site and on the specified phones, while the call can be ordered.

Price policy

Initial consultation of cosmetologist 500 rub.
Initial consultation of the dermatologist 700-1200 rub.
Initial consultation of the trichologist 1300 rub.
Initial consultation of a dermatoonologist 1000 rub.
Initial consultation of physiotherapist 500-1000 rub.
Primary consultation of the surgeon 700-1200 rub.
Initial consultation of plastic surgeon 600 rub.
Initial consultation with gynecologist 800 rub.
Initial consultation of gynecologist-oncologist 1600 rub.
Initial consultation of gynecologist-endocrinologist 800 rub.
Primary counseling of one of the specialists: mammologist, immunologist, oncologist 1000 rub.

The cost of maintenance is the same as in most similar institutions in the region and Russia. Institute of Cosmetology( Kirov, 19, Krasnoyarsk) holds periodic actions. During such offers, discounts are offered for a number of procedures, bonus programs and some types of diagnostics for free. The system can be used not only by regular customers, but also by anyone. Institute of Cosmetology Kirov 19 Krasnoyarsk


The web contains various kinds of feedback. Mostly positive and thankful to some specialists of the company. Most clients complain about the high cost of procedures, the arrogant attitude of employees in the registry, the queue and the imposition of certain drugs during the procedures. As a rule, most often after the provision of services reviews leave people who for one reason or another did not like something. Acknowledgments are rarely written, they often express themselves directly to a specialist.