How to make a gauze bandage yourself?

General information

In the Soviet Union, every schoolboy knew how to make a gauze dressing, although he doubted the need for such knowledge. It was assumed that such a remedy would be needed only in the case of the Third World War. In the 21st century, it turned out that there are other threats to human life, such as new influenza viruses and other infectious diseases. In this regard, already millions of people during epidemics do not hesitate to wear a gauze bandage, as pathogens are transmitted by airborne droplets.

In many countries, disposable protective equipment is produced, which only take a few hours, and then discarded. The cotton-gauze dressing, which can be bought in our pharmacies, is quite expensive, so not every family will be able to provide itself with this means of protection during an epidemic in sufficient quantity. What to do in this case? More and more people are wondering how to make a gauze bandage on their own.

Necessary materials

If a person already knows how to make a gauze dressing, he can only visit the pharmacy to purchase a wide bandage or gauze, as well as sterile cotton wool. As this is an individual remedy, it must be made for each member of the family according to previously removed sizes. Do not buy too much cotton, because its layer in the bandage should not be too thick to prevent normal breathing. In the absence of cotton wool, the gauze layer should have at least 4 layers.

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How to sew a gauze dressing

The most simple mask can be sewn from a wide bandage( 14 cm).It is unfolded and a strip of the necessary length is measured( it depends on the size of the head).Bandage is folded into 4-8 layers and cut off excess. The edges of the mask are sewn together. For strings, you can use pieces of bandage rolled into a tube, or elastic bands that are sewn to the edges of the resulting rectangle on four sides. The mask should cover your nose and mouth well. The upper ties should be placed above the ears, and the lower ones under them.

More reliable is another bandage, which is made from a piece of gauze( for an adult person the size is 60x50 cm) and a thin layer of cotton wool. How to make a gauze bandage with cotton wool? A rectangular piece of fabric is folded several times, placing a thin layer of cotton in the middle of one of the long edges. The width of the mask is 10-15 cm. Folded gauze is folded in half. From its center, lay in both directions the same number of centimeters and designate the edges of the mask. The ends of the workpiece are cut in the middle to the notation. Thus, on both sides you will get 2 strips of gauze. Their edges are sheathed in any way. The top strings are tied at the back of the head, and the lower - at the neck.

Rules for using gauze mask

Even if a person knows how to sew a gauze mask, do not forget about the rules for using it. The simplest means of protection, consisting of several layers of bandage or gauze with sewn on elastic bands, should be changed at least 4 times a day. It is best to replace the bandage every 3 hours. With longer use, the gauze mask will become a source of various microbes, and not a means of protection. It should be used in public places, transport and premises. If a person still does not throw away, but erases the gauze dressing, it should be periodically treated with antiseptic means and ironed with a hot iron to kill the microbes.