How can I remove papilloma

Most people in their lives at one time or another are faced with the formation on the body of papillomas, which are benign skin growths caused by the papilloma virus. And it is transmitted as a household, and sexually.

Can I remove papillomas?

The papillomas themselves do not pose a particular danger and are merely a cosmetic defect. However, with excessive growth there is a risk of their degeneration into malignant neoplasms. Therefore, if you find a similar phenomenon on your body, even a small size, it is advisable to visit a dermatologist, who will give recommendations on whether to remove the papilloma and choose the best method for this.

What are the methods of getting rid of tumors?

The papilloma can be removed in several ways: by cauterization, by surgical intervention, cryodestruction and electrocoagulation. We offer a more detailed understanding of each of these methods.

Removal of papilloma with moxibustion

This method is the simplest and consists in cauterization of the tumor with chemical means, which entails its death( necrosis).After the procedure is completed, a crust appears on the site of the removed papilloma, which in no case should be ripped off, as this can lead to scar formation. The crust itself will come off within a few days, and in its place there will be only smooth skin. It is possible to remove papilloma by this method even at home, but it is recommended to consult a specialist so as not to provoke an atypia, which is an abnormal development of skin cells, which can lead to the formation of a malignant tumor.

The removal of the papilloma by surgical method

This method involves cutting the papillomas with a scalpel, after which a pressure bandage is placed in place of the removed neoplasm. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. This can also be done with a laser scalpel. It is much more preferable to remove papillomavirus by a laser than an ordinary medical scalpel, since as a result of such an operation, hemorrhage stops simultaneously. In addition, this technique is characterized by a low probability of postoperative complications, a short recovery period and the possibility of removing tumors of any shape and size.

Cryodestruction method

It is also possible to remove the papilloma in a way that involves freezing the neoplasm with liquid nitrogen. This procedure is simple and painless, and in most cases is well tolerated by patients and does not require additional anesthesia of the treated areas.


The electrocoagulation method consists in local exposure to high-frequency papillomavirus. This procedure is carried out using special equipment that produces alternating and direct current.