Vaccine "Sovigripp" from influenza: instructions for use, contraindications

So, today we have to find out what the vaccine "Sovigripp" is. In addition, it would be nice to understand how to use it, why it is needed, what contraindications to use can be. Maybe it's just some new and untested remedy for all diseases? Then it is better to refrain from this kind of vaccination. coagulation vaccine


What will we be dealing with? Vaccine against influenza "Sovigripp" is a physiological solution that is suitable for vaccination against certain diseases. More specifically, from different types of influenza. This is a relatively new domestic drug.

The product is available in the form of ampoules with a clear liquid, sold in packs of 10 ampoules. There is "Sovigripp" with a special preservative, and also without it. In general, this is the most common vaccine that is used to protect against influenza. But is it worth using? After all, most of the population simply does not trust domestic medicine, but this is the vaccine "Sovigripp".


To understand this in full, you need to first know when to inject injections with the drug. Maybe this vaccine is really extremely useful? Or are people able to do without it?

The vaccine "Sovigripp" is used to develop immunity to various influenza viruses, in other words, for regular( annual) immunization of the body. It's no secret that such vaccinations help people not to get sick during dangerous periods of life and prevent outbreaks of diseases. This means that the vaccine against influenza that we are considering is not so useless( "Sovigripp").But is this the basis for application and trust? What can be its contraindications? How to properly use the product? What side effects are expected after use? vaccine against influenza

Important: during breastfeeding, as well as during pregnancy, you can use Sovigripp for vaccination. The experiments showed that the drug does not bear any negative effect on the woman and the fetus, and this can not but rejoice.


Perhaps you need to start with a number of contraindications to the drug. It is not enough to know what this or that medicine is for. In order not to harm the body, it is also necessary to be aware of who and in what cases the injections are simply prohibited.

Of course, the first thing you can imagine is a negative reaction to the patient's vaccinations in principle. That is, if a person has a variety of negative reactions to injections, it is better not to use "Sovigripp".The contraindication vaccine has different, but this is one of the most important.

Further, the presence of any disease or ailments during the vaccination period. Temperature, colds, runny nose, feverish conditions - all this can become a hindrance to injections.

Allergic reactions to chicken protein and other components contained in the vaccine - also a contraindication to the introduction of the vaccine against the flu "Sovigripp".In addition, the introduction of this drug to children under 18 years is prohibited. Only in exceptional cases is it possible to vaccinate in high school. vaccine against influenza

Learning to use the drug

It now remains to learn how to properly use the medication, and then look at the reviews of doctors and patients regarding this drug. Before us is the flu vaccine "Sovigripp".Instructions for use it is more than simple.

The matter is that the vaccination is carried out in the autumn-winter period or during the epidemic of flu diseases. Nukes are injected into the upper muscle tissue( in the shoulder) once. The vaccine dose for the patient is 0.5 milliliters of the drug.

Please note that during the injection, it is mandatory to follow the sanitation rules. The preparation with the changed color, transparency and other physical properties is not suitable for use. Take care that the vaccine "Sovigripp" is not introduced into the body in cases when it is stored in an open or damaged ampoule. The violation of the shelf life and storage period also places a taboo on the vaccination.

Side effects of

The flu vaccine "Sovigripp" has some side effects. Fortunately, there are not so many of them as it could be. Most of them differ little from the reaction of the body to other injections. vaccine against influenza co-infection instructions for use

First, the patient may have a fever or jump in pressure. If these symptoms appear, consult a doctor immediately.

Secondly, after vaccination a person is able to catch a cold. This is an easy disease that does not cause any harm to health. This is due to the fact that the organism throws all the forces into the fight against the foreign body( in our case with weakened influenza bacteria).

Thirdly, there may be general malaise, nausea, vomiting, apathy, fears, panic attacks, as well as dizziness and headache. In any case, the first side effects should be addressed to a doctor. Maybe the vaccine "Sovigripp" does not suit you for injections. Only a doctor will help to find out.

Opinion of the society

What does the population think about this Russian preparation? Can I apply it? Is it safe?

According to numerous reviews, it can be said that "Sovigripp" is a new remedy for influenza, and that's why it does not inspire confidence among the population. Patients say that in many cases they have a fever after injections, and there is a general weakness in the body. But there are no serious consequences after the injections.

If judged by the effectiveness of the drug, the vaccine "Sovigripp" really does produce immunity to various influenza viruses. Patients who have been vaccinated are calmly experiencing even the most dangerous and large outbreaks of the disease. No contact with an infected person will prevent you from getting sick. co-virus contraindications

Doctors, by the way, often advise "Sovigripp" as an injection from the flu. This is an affordable domestic tool, which, as you can see, can be trusted. The main thing is to follow the instructions for using the drug.